A/N: The law states that for a year the ministry will be marrying of a pureblood to a half-blood or muggle-born spouse. The ministry doesn't want people to know that they really are only doing this to repopulate the wizarding community and are covering up as an 'inter-blood marriage' law. To get this to work they have enlisted Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger as their 'spokes-couple' and neither one is too happy about this. But when a series of terrifying events lead to Hermione's capture and Draco must rescue her will they discover that they have true feelings for each other?

Written for the Dictionary Challenge on HPFC by Cheeky Slytherin Lass.

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Chapter One:


Hermione grabbed her toast out of the toaster and started buttering it, just as an owl flew through the open window of her upstairs flat in Diagon Alley. She took the post from the bird and paid in two knuts. She finished spreading buttering on her toast, poured herself of orange juice, sat down at on one of the stools at the island and began rifling through her mail. Most of it was just junk mail and she sat it aside to throw away later. Hermione smiled at the postcard of Ginny and Harry running down the beach; the two were currently on their honeymoon in Australia and it looked like they were having a splendid time.

She frowned at her next piece of mail; it was a letter from the ministry and was stamped urgent on the envelope. Hermione tore it open:

Dear Miss Granger,

Your presence is requested immediately at the office of the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Hilda Clarke

Secretary to the Minister of Magic

She furrowed her brow wondering what was so urgent that she had to be at the ministry right away. She started to panic hoping that nothing had happened to anyone, she shook her head brushing those worries away. The war is and Voldemort is dead, she thought to herself, everyone is perfectly safe.

But then why did Kingsley make it sound so urgent? Hermione shook her head and grabbed a handful of floo powder, stepping into her fireplace, "Kingsley Shacklebolt's office!"

She arrived within seconds and stepped out of the fireplace brushing the dust off her clothes, "Good Miss Granger, you're here. If you would please take a seat." Greeted Kingsley motioning to the un-occupied chair in front of his desk.

In the other chair sat a very confused Draco Malfoy who appeared to be very inconvenienced by this impromptu meeting. Hermione took her seat beside him very curious as to why the Minister had called them both there.

As if he knew what she was thinking Kingsley said, "You are both probably wondering why I asked you to be here on such short notice?" they both nodded. "It has been three months now since the war came to an end and it has come to my attention that purebloods such as yourself Mr. Malfoy still will not coexist or marry anyone outside of their 'class' so to speak. So the Ministry has decided to enact the Marriage Law. For the next year we will be arranging marriages between witches and wizards who are not already married; with one being a pureblood and the other either being half-blood or muggle-born.

We needed a spokes-couple so to speak to encourage the wizarding population that all is well and that if they co-operate we will eventually retract the law. I thought of you two; Hermione Granger best friend to the Chosen One and Draco Malfoy from a well known pureblood family."

Hermione sat there shocked, "But Minister this is like going back to the middle ages. There haven't been arranged marriages for centuries. Do you honestly think that if Malfoy and I even agree to this that people are just going to go along with it?"

"I know this might seem like an age old practice Miss Granger but it is for the good of the wizarding people. Not to mention that after the Final Battle there was a great loss of life and the wizarding population has diminished considerably."

A look of comprehension dawned on Malfoy, "I understand exactly what you are trying to do. You are trying to turn us into baby-makers so you can re-populate the wizarding world and you are just covering it up as some inter-blood marriage rubbish. Well I'm sorry but I refuse to participate in this repulsive scheme." He stood up and was half-way across the room before the Minister's voice stopped him.

"Mr. Malfoy I would think about this for a second before storming out. If you were to co-operate those charges against your family could be easily dropped."

"That's blackmail!" Hermione said in disbelief.

"You're surprised Granger?" sneered Malfoy, "The government always has under the table deals going on right under everyone's noses. You know what Kingsley I will go along with this stupid 'Marriage Law' but I want every single charge against my family dropped and I want us to be left in peace, understand?"

"Deal." Draco strode back over to the Minister's desk and the two shook hands. Kingsley turned his attention to Hermione, "What do you say Miss Granger?"

Hermione was shocked. She couldn't believe what was happening, but she really would rather not anger the minister, "Alright but on one condition."


"Any couple who after a year is still unhappy with the marriage that they were forced into is allowed to get a divorce and marry who ever they like." She stated, she needed a loop hole and knew that this was her way out. All she needed to do was stick out a year with Malfoy, she sighed inwardly.

"Nicely played Miss Granger." He thought about it for a moment, "You have a deal. Now you to will be getting married tomorrow we want to make this a quick and quiet as possible. The papers will be fed a story about how you two were willing to comply to this you law because you had already fallen in love."

Malfoy snorted, "Yeah and they'll all believe that."

Kingsley decided to ignore this comment, "I would suggest that the two of you go for lunch and work out where you will be staying together."

"You mean we actually have to live together?" asked Draco disbelievingly.

"You didn't actually think we would let you live separately did you? It would look very suspicious if the wizard community saw you to leaving social events and going home to different houses." He scoffed.

"This is all a load of complete and utter rubbish." He sighed rubbing his hands through his white blonde hair. Malfoy put his head in his hands, "But seeing as I have to go along with it; Granger do you want to go grab a bite to eat at the three broomsticks?"

"Actually I just had breakfast do you want to come back to my flat and we can have tea or something?" she suggested.

He contemplated this for a moment "Yeah that's fine. Goodbye Minister." The three stood and shook hands.

Hermione and Draco walked over to the fireplace. Hermione grabbed a handful of floo powder she glanced sideways at Malfoy "You're going to have to hold my hand."

"I'm not daft." He responded curtly thrusting his hand into her empty one. Hermione sighed this was going to be a long year.