Five Years Later

Hermione sat on the edge of the bed in her hospital room holding her newborn son waiting for her husband to come back from the healer's desk after filling out the paperwork so that they could take the new addition their family home. She ran a finger down the side of his cheek and he opened his eyes and studied her face intently, at least intently as a newborn baby could. Hermione smiled, he had his father's eyes grey as a goose, but beautiful just the same.

She thought about everything that had happened over the past five years. After Draco had asked her to 'stay married to him' Hermione had decided that she wanted a real wedding with all of her friends and family. The wedding that had originally made them man and wife had seemed cold and unfeeling to her. They had been forced into that wedding and besides the kiss they had shared it wasn't at all close to the wedding she had imagined as a little girl. A little less year after they were 'officially' married- at least in Hermione's eyes- Hermione got pregnant with there first child and nine months later they welcomed their daughter, Andrea Jane Malfoy, to the world.

Hermione smiled. Her daughter was probably at home right now bugging Harry and Ginny to death anxiously waiting to see her little brother. At three and half years old Andie could be quite the little chatterbox, but Ginny had insisted on babysitting her, she had said that it would give her practice. Just a few weeks ago Harry and Ginny had found out that they were expecting their first child and Hermione had been ecstatic for them. Although her excitement was not even close to Molly Weasley's who had been completely over the moon about having another grandchild added to the family.

Hermione sighed, even with all the children and grandchildren in the Weasley family there was still one person missing and he was currently sitting in Azkaban prison. Ron had been sentenced to twenty years for what he had done to her and as justified as the sentence was everyone missed his presence. When everyone had found out what he had done they had been furious, but after five years most, if not everybody, had forgiven him, including Hermione. And although Draco said that he didn't hold a grudge, part of her still thought that given the chance he would beat Ron to a pulp.

Hermione looked down at her son smiling, "I know boys will be boys, but can you promise me that you won't have a temper like your father?" He made a small gurgling sound and she laughed taking it as a yes.

She heard footsteps and looked up to see her husband, "You two ready to go?"

"Most definitely, right Wyatt?" she asked her son. He was fast asleep and didn't so much as blink. "I think he's ready." She laughed. Hermione stood up and Draco strode over to the bed and picked up the diaper bag.

He leaned down and kissed her, "Thank you."

"For what?" she asked.

"For giving me a beautiful son." He replied planting a small kiss on Wyatt's forehead.

Hermione grinned at this small exchange between father and son. "Not a problem there. Now I suggest we get going or your daughter will be very angry with you for delaying her meeting her little brother."

"Why is it that when Andie is in a fit she is my daughter?"

"Well where do you think she got the temper from to have those fits?" she questioned in response cocking an eyebrow at him.

"Oh bother, you know what I mean." He said defeated.

Hermione gave him a peck on the cheek, "Cheer up love, Andie will be too preoccupied with Wyatt to be mad at you."

"Alright but I agree we shouldn't keep her waiting any longer, just in case." Draco took Hermione's hand.

"And you're sure the Healer's said that apparating was ok?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, Hermione, I tripled checked." Draco assured her smiling.

"Ok go ahead." She held tight to Wyatt as they disapparated to their small cottage on outskirts of Oxford. Hermione checked her son over to make sure that he had all his fingers and toes.

"See he is still as perfect as ever." Draco said knowing exactly what she was doing. She had done the same thing when they had first brought Andie home. He opened the front door and walked in surprised not to find Andie tackling him to the ground. "We're home." He called.

Ginny came around the corner and rushed over to Hermione, "Oh he is just perfect." She cooed.

"Gin you saw him yesterday he wouldn't have changed much." Harry commented following behind her.

"Where is Andie? I would have thought she would have been waiting by the door as excited as she sounded over the phone." Asked Hermione looking around for her daughter and he mess of blonde hair.

"You know how when you eat a load of sugar and then you crash? Well it was basically the same, except she was hopped up on excitement." Harry explained.

Draco chuckled "I should have known." He said shaking his head.

"Well thank you for watching her. We'll see you tomorrow at the Burrow for dinner right?" Hermione asked.

"We wouldn't miss it." Ginny said smiling down at Wyatt.

After they said there goodbyes Hermione and Draco quietly walked upstairs and down the hall to their daughter's bedroom with Wyatt still sleeping in her arms.

Hermione sat down on Andie's 'big girl bed' and brushed her curly blonde locks out of her face, "Andie. Honey wake up. There's somebody we want you to meet." She whispered.

Andie slowly opened her chocolate brown eyes and scooted over to her mother, "Is dat my wittle bruder Mama?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes baby, this is your little brother Wyatt." Hermione answered smiling.

"Hi I-att." She greeted him. Draco and Hermione both laughed at her pronunciation of his name. Draco sat down on the bed and wrapped his arm around Hermione, watching his children interact.

"You know I should really thank the minister."

Hermione looked up at him, "Why is that?"

"He gave me you and this family."

She kissed him, "No, you gave yourself this family, and you won me over not him. We made this happen he only gave us a nudge in the right direction."

"I guess you're right."

"I always am." They kissed again. "I love you Draco Malfoy."

"I love you too Hermione Malfoy."

"What 'bout me?" Andie asked looking up.

Hermione grinned, "We love you too baby, more than words."

"I wuv you too Mama."

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