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While There is Light, There is Hope

Summary: Lumen realized that her dark passenger didn't leave it was only resting. Now she was making her way down the coast back to the man that had given her, her life back.

Ch 1

The polyethylene sheeting encased the room tightly like a present waiting to be opened. Not a single surface left untouched by its wrappings. Clean, neat, nothing will touch the ground. The kill room.

The man named Cory James Roth lay on the dresser like a mummy in its tomb. He looked around with fear in his eyes, the same fear all of his victims felt when he had them tied down. Above him hung the names of the girls he killed, each one spins around from the slight breeze of the A/C. Both sides have the names written on them.

His eyes have been duck taped open so he can't close them and they fill with tears from the strain. His head thrashed around wildly. It's always different when you're the one that can't escape.

Cory James Roth brutalized the girls after he raped them. They are found with their throats slit and the word whore carved into their stomachs, then their ring finger was cut off and stuffed in their mouths. He said he killed them because of the way they dressed. The girls were always in their mid to late twenties, single and taken from bar or night clubs. He said they didn't deserve to live because no man would take a dirty woman for a wife.

He's confused and disoriented from the M99. He didn't know what hit him and then he woke up on the table. Now he's waiting, waiting for it to be over, waiting for it to end, waiting for death. When it's you, you beg for it, you pray for it. They make you wait, they like to draw it out, it gets them off. But she doesn't wait; she plunged the knife deep inside his chest and only waited for the lights to go out of his eyes.

The water droplets touch her skin cooling it as the black bag carrying Cory James Roth sank below the surface of the Atlantic. Lumen Ann Pierce sits on the side of her boat and enjoyed the warm night breeze. She looked through the darkness to see the light from the pier in Virginia Beach, VA.

She did everything he taught her, kept the room clean, left nothing behind. She followed the code, his code. She missed him, she missed him being there with her, watching her, smiling when they were done, then peeling each other's clothes off and falling into bed. She knew how fucked up that sounded and fucked up she was. Maybe she was always fucked up but now she felt like she was free from the cage her life had been before she met him.

He said he'd carry her darkness but he didn't need too, she still had hers and she felt at home in the dark, safe, alive.

Dexter Morgan threw the last garbage bag into the ocean and stared out at the horizon. It had been six months since she left, six months since he had to kill on his own. He found it funny how used to having a partner he had gotten. A partner that was different than the others. A partner that followed the code, a partner that trusted him and most of all he trusted, a partner that that made him feel.

He missed her, he missed watching her grip the knife like it was her lifeline, the thing that made her whole. He missed watching her chest rise and fall from the ecstasy after the kill and most of all he missed her smile that he knew was only meant for him.

No other person had known him the way she did, she knew everything and she didn't run, she wasn't afraid and she wasn't crazy. She wanted to learn and for the first time in his fucked up life he wanted to teach.

He wondered what she was doing now, was she living her life? Was she happy? He wanted her stay but he knew why she had to go, but even then she still understood his own need and no one else had. She still saw him as the man not the monster. She left him while still giving him something in return, something he would cherish forever, she had given him hope that he wasn't alone.

So wherever she was and whatever she was doing he hoped she living the life she wanted.