Track: Swerve Shot

There were five cars, and worms in each and every one of them. Jack was in a Purple car. Heather was in green. Marie was in a white car. Blackie was in a black car. Jeffrao was in an orange car.


They all raced off!
1st Jack, 2nd Jeffrao, 3rd Marie, 4th Heather, 5th Blackie.

Blackie pulled out a Banana bomb, and threw it. He completely missed, and it blew up the 8 Ball. "Drat!" he said, and he remained fifth.

Jack laughed, and left behind four mines. Jeffrao bumped into them all.

Jeffrao got out the car, and brought out a spanner. He began to fix the car.

Marie braked, and fired a Dragon Ball at the car. She got back in, and she got back in. She used Super Gas Burst, and sped to the first.

Heather, and Blackie rode past Jeffrao.

1st Marie, 2nd Jack, 3rd Heather, 4th Blackie, 5th Jeffrao.

Jeffrao fixed his car, pulled out his Minigun, and jumped into the car. He sped up to 523MPH, and sped up to Heather. She was surprised, and Jeffrao shot up her car. Wheels and engine parts flew everywhere.

1st Marie, 2nd Jack, 3rd Jeffrao, 4th Blackie, 5th Heather (Exterminated Temporarily).

Jack, who was now annoyed at being second, pulled out a cluster bomb, and threw it backwards. It exploded, and sabotaged Jeffrao and Blackies cars.

Heather, rather annoyed, got out a Homing Missile. She fired it at Marie.

Marie's cars wheel got blasted off, which slowed her down. Jack overtook her.

1st Jack, 2nd Marie, 3rd Jeffrao, 4th Blackie, 5th Heather.

Blackie picked up his car, tied it to a bazooka, and put the Bazooka Launcher in Heathers hands. "Fire when I say so." he said, and he climbed into the car. "GO!" shouted Blackie, and Heather fired. He sped over to Marie.

1st Jack, 2nd Marie/Blackie, 3rd Jeffrao, 4th Heather.

Jeffrao watched as Heather repaired her car, and rushed off. He

then summoned up an Airstrike, and it landed on everyone except him! He got a reserve car(Same colour), and he sped to the the front.

1st Jeffrao, 2nd Marie/Blackie/Heather/Jack.

Marie got out, put on a skateboard. She then began to skateboard towards Jeffrao.

Jeffrao turned around, and was alarmed at the sight of Marie. He jumped out, and used Fire Punch on Marie. He watched his car drive over a card. Then, a red pool ball rolled over them all, and they ended up as worm pancakes.

Blackie got up, and put a Dynamite on them all. He got a jet pack, and flew all the way to the finish.

The End.

P.S. Do you want to know what happened to the worms? Well, one of the worms got up and threw the Dynamite away. But then a human thought it was a ball, and knocked it into the pocket. The pocket exploded, and the table cracked up. It cracked to pieces.