Dear Readers,

I'm sorry if I got anyone's hopes up that this story had a new chapter added, first of all.

Second... it's been a long while hasn't it? Heh, I know it has. This story was actually going well in my mind, but I've gotten distracted from it. Don't get me wrong, I have done some writing for the next chapter but I haven't actually gotten anything done for this story (or my Pokemon and Glee story...). Oblivious had been resurrected after it's passing months ago, but as you can see, I haven't been keeping up with the story as I had said.

Well then, since I haven't updated in a while, I am going to...-

Wait, what? You think I'm ending this story? Oh, no no no no no no no, I am not! Geez, what'd make you think that? I was just saying I am putting this story on- WAIT FOR IT...


Yes, that's correct. This story is going to be on Hiatus.

Sorry to say that, but I am currently focused on my The World Ends with You story, Memories of My Friends. I know, it sucks that I am doing this to this story despite it's resurrection this year, and things have probably actually gotten interesting in the plot. But I have chosen to get the TWEWY story finished first since I have my attention on it the most, as well as on the game itself that I own. I will continue this story when the TWEWY story is finished, but for now, THIS story is on Hiatus.

No not just this story. The Pokemon and Glee story are on Hiatus as well! And they have this same Author's note inside now.

I hope to see the TWEWY story completed, and then return to this story as well as the other two.

Until then-

This story is asleep.

Goodbye for a long time, Readers! If you still want something to read from me, read Memories of My Friends. And if any of you have actually played The World Ends with You and are Players, you SHOULD SO check out Armeria's TWEWY stories: How could you, Neku? and For Shibuya's Only Composer. I'm just saying, they are the best TWEWY stories I've read that made me cry by the end! Especially For Shibuya's Only Composer, that made me cry so much. You can also read the other stories Armeria has written as well, and I do hope Armeria is doing alright.. However, still, those two stories... they make me cry... I LOVE THEM!

*Ahem* Any ways, I shall see all of you later in the future with an update.


*That's right, I changed my pen name! :)

~Sore wa subarashī sekaida, sore wanaidesu ka?~


~It's a wonderful world, isn't it?~