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Rating: K+

Summary: A tearful lament to the Gods for all that has befallen Troy. Focus on 3 women during the war.

O immortal Gods shining in the heavens above, why do you bring us such sorrow? What have we, the miserable wives of our fallen soldiers, done to anger you so?

See Andromache, the beautiful, kind, and faithful wife of the mighty Hector. See how she wails for her dear husband. See how she tears at her hair and screams with anguish for her darling son, thrown like garbage from the towering walls. Cruel, deaf Gods! Do you not hear her pleas, her outstretched arms towards you all, pleading for death? Watch with your ever impassive eyes as she, dearest of all to our once fiery protector, is dragged off into bondage.

Look at Cassandra. Graceful and fair she was: the damned beauty of Apollo's lust. Foreteller of our doom. Why did we not listen? Cursed from the start, she screams of fire, anguish, and death. She clung to wise Athena's sacred statue, praying for peace, and instead was ripped from her home and taken like some common slave girl. First that brute Ajax, then the commander with the fiery temper, Agamemnon. Does no one see her head hanging in despair at the sight of her family being traded like cattle. Did Apollo's revenge ever cease? 'My destroyer' she cries and hears no answer. 'Mercy' she screams, and receives the final strike of the ax.

And watch Helen. Did she not walk away without a single scar on her ivory skin? Did the Gods command her to laugh in her hand at the chaos she brought? Do you not see her pretty, pale veil gently blowing towards the ashes of that poor, love-struck fool and his doomed home? The face that launched a thousand ships, and the temptress that burned Troy to with that sweet, coy smile that no man can help but fall for. She'll return home and forget this whole chapter, like Troy was nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Terrible beauties, lounging in the golden clouds of Olympus, did you laugh at our pain? We stood in the shadows, watching our beloved city burn to ashes while the proud Greeks marched off with everything we held dear, killing and slaughtering innocent children. Blood stains the shining temples we dedicated to you. You! The ones who were supposed to protect us! Mighty Zeus, ruler of all the deathless Gods, did you not see our tears?

Laid in the ground, fire consumed us all. The men are dead, the women are taken, the children have vanished, and the streets are filled with tearful, singing ghosts.

Was this final justice, or another game to be gambled? Lives, hearts, deaths, souls, honor, and fate that all intertwined in your ghastly destinies for us. But we must ask one last question, before we quietly fade away into the silent pages of history and tragedy:

Was one mistake worth all of this?

Hey everyone! Yeah, it's definitely been awhile. I hope you enjoyed this short piece. I've kind of been adding on to it and trimming some things off for the better part of a few months now. So hopefully it paid off Review please!