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The Doctor was extremely bored. He was locked in a cell, as usual, and separated from Rose. So all he could think about was Rose, and how to get her back. He had tried every possible way to escape, but got nothing, so all he could do was sit on the cold floor as his backside slowly went numb.

After about two hours, the Doctor was still sitting in the same spot, with a numb backside and still feeling really, really unbelievably bored. And he still couldn't stop thinking about Rose. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to finally clean out his pockets, he started pulling out all the bits and bobs that he'd been hording.

It took him half an hour to get everything out of his pockets. Every time he thought he'd gotten everything, he would pull something else out. The Time Lord looked through the contents of his pockets. There wasn't anything particularly entertaining in the rather large pile. Dangerous? Check. Life-threatening? Present. Life-saving? Sure. But entertaining? Missing in action. Typical.

"A notepad and a pen. That's the best I've got out of all that junk?" The Doctor asked his empty cell, as he picked up the offending items and started making a list about the one thing on his mind.

The Alphabet Of Rose Tyler and me.
By the Doctor-
The Oncoming Storm.
Location: In a cell that is in serious need of some redecorating. Maybe a shop…
All right, I'll stop trying to waste time now.
It was worth a shot,
But it's not really distracting me from Rose.
So here it is-
The Alphabet Of Rose Tyler.

Because boy does Rose Tyler have it in aces. I don't even want to think about what she would have been like as a teenager, it would have been a challenge worthy of a, well, something big. It almost makes me feel sorry for Jackie. Almost. Rose has even gotten us kicked (and chased) off a few planets because of what she said and whom she said it to. We even got tied to a horses back legs once, with my head, not Roses, right under its… Anyway, when the horse had to, how can I put this? Dispose of the waste? Well, you get the idea. On one of my favourite suits! That was because she accidentally told the king that his wife looked like a Slitheen's…Worst angle. The king didn't take too kindly to that, it was probably my fault, I didn't teach her the language properly, but I still didn't talk to Rose for two weeks after that. And believe me, it was hard not talking to her, it took all of my will power, but gave up after two weeks. Mostly because I was bored, and sick of having conversations with myself. I was only talking to my self because the TARDIS was being petty and stopped talking to me after a week. But I never did manage to get that brownish stain of my suit.

Rose sees the beauty in everyone and everything she meets. She saw it in that Dalek, back at Van Staten's museum, and she sees it in me, even if I'm not sure if I deserve that or not. But I don't think she truly sees the beauty in herself. Inside and out. And that's my job. To show her and tell her how beautiful she really is. You'd think all the kings, princes and even some queens, and all the rest (Bill Gates, Casanova, even good old Dr. Seuss had a go.) that have flirted with her and tried to court her, would make her see it. But Rose Tyler really is blind when it comes to that topic. In fact, I don't think she actually believes them when they tell her she's beautiful. She blushes and says a shy thanks, but I can tell by the look on her face that she doesn't believe them. I wonder if she would believe me when I tell her? I say when. Not if, because I will tell her. I hope so, or I'll just have to keep telling her until she does.

For some reason, chips just became our food. Whenever we have a hard adventure, we go and get chips, and they always seem to make everything alright again. No matter what the problem is, chips'll always fix it. It's always the same little place as well, the place we went for our 'first date'. Back when I was all grumpy, big eared and serious. Rose reckons their chips are the best in the world, and I have to say, they come pretty close. We always sit at the same table next to the window, we go there so often that the staff know us by name, well sort of, they know Rose by name, I'm Doctor John Smith to them, but I still get greeted with a sunny smile from Andi, the waitress and a nod from Gary, the cranky cook. We sit at the table and look out to the street with all the people rushing about and laugh about how much people worry about the ordinary things. Human things.

Doctor number 11.
The next me! Now I'm not saying that I want to regenerate, but it's bound to happen, and the way I'm going, pretty soon. Now, I hope I die a brave and heroic death, and knowing me it'll probably be saving the Earth. Yeah, that'll be about right. I know what I'll do, I'll write this to my next self! Okay here we go. To me, Doctor number eleven. If you're reading this, I'm already gone. I bet you're even younger than me, right? What age do you look? Twenty? Fifteen? Twelve? Anyway, not important, down to business- don't throw out my Converse! They're still good! Okay, now the important business is over, on with the less important stuff. 1. Look after the Earth, we've put a lot of effort into it, and I would hate for all that to go to waste. 2. Don't let the Time War take over you, let it go. I'm not saying you should forget, or not to morn, but just don't let it take over, because once it's started it's hard to stop, I know. 3. If Rose is still with you, look after her. And if she's not, firstly, give yourself a slap across the head for either not looking after her or letting her go, but let her move on, two regenerations was probably too much for even her. 4. Find someone you can trust and hold onto them. I did. 5. And this is the most important yet, even more important than the one about my Converse. Don't forget everything she's done for us, or even better, just don't forget Rose Tyler.

One of the things I will always remember about Rose Tyler is the way she likes her eggs. She's very fussy about how her eggs are cooked. I found this out after I made the mistake of offering to make breakfast one morning after we hadn't eaten for two days, because as usual, we were running and locked up, not necessarily in that order either, I may have preformed a jail break that day. The eggs need to be put on the oven top with it turned on to 76 degrees, then after two minutes the timer needs to be set to go off in another minutes and a half. When the timer goes off, the right amount of spices need to be sprinkled on, but only on the yolk, not the white, then the timer needs to be set for another two minutes, when that two minutes is up, the egg needs to be taken out of the pan, put on a plate and then sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt and pepper. It took me four tries to get it right! That was not good for my ego. I have to admit though, it makes one brilliant tasting egg, but don't even get me started on how she likes the bacon.

Fight Or Flight.
Rose and me, we run into a lot of these situations. Its not something I'm proud of, I'm meant to be keeping her out of trouble right? After all, Jackie would have my head if I didn't. And if something happened to Rose because of me, I'd deliver myself to her mother. But we've been through a lot, and we're still alive and kicking. Weeellll, technically, I did die that time on the game station, but that wasn't such a bad thing, I mean regenerating didn't exactly tickle, and Roses welcome back was a bit of a surprise. She accused me of being a Slitheen! But I did do much better this time around, and I know Rose likes it, Cassandra told her, while she was in me. And that sounded so much worse than I meant it to. But back to (pretty much) alive and kicking. We've faced down some pretty dangerous things, werewolves, Daleks, Gelth, Slitheen, Cassandra (twice), we've been back in time, forward in time, and to whole different planets, but the most dangerous thing I've ever faced are my emotions. And at this very minute they pretty much consist of a strong liking for Rose (in a friendly way of course), and a huge amount of boredom. Didn't anyone ever tell these guys it's dangerous to lock a Time Lord up?

I've told Rose bits about home and my family, and I know she's curious to know more, but she doesn't push me for it. I'm grateful, because sometimes I feel like I just need to get it out, and when I feel like that, Rose is there, ready to listen. But other times, I just want to bottle it all up and never even think about it, let alone talk about it, again. She understands that, and I don't know why, but I like talking to her about it. She doesn't judge me. We were sitting in the library once, and I was reading a book of Gallifreyan bedtime stories that I used to get read to me. Rose asked me what it was and I told her. She sat down next to me, and I asked if she wanted to hear one. I don't know why I offered, but I don't regret it. She nodded, I think she was too surprised to talk, and I started reading. Native Gallifreyan sound beautiful when its spoken aloud, I could have yelled curses at the top of my lungs, and it still would have brought tears to her eyes. That would have to be my favourite moment of this regeneration, probably one of my favourites from my whole life. Just us two, sitting in front of the fire in the library, Rose lying across my lap listening to me tell her my favourite story, with me stroking her hair. We sat like that for most the night, until Rose fell asleep, and I picked her up and gently took her to her room.

I try to tell myself that they don't mean anything. That it's just a hug between friends, but I know it's not. It turns out, when you're as brilliant as I am, it's pretty hard to lie to yourself. I think Rose notices it too, that little spark whenever we save the world or whenever she needs comfort and I pull her in for a hug. I seem to like hugging people this regeneration, my other selves would be horrified. Sometimes I could swear at least one of my hearts are going to blow up because they're going to fast, and then I sometimes feel Rose smile into my chest, and that doesn't help slow them down. We both know that the spark's there, but we ignore it. Not wanting to ruin what we've got. Honestly, I wouldn't mind ruining it, as long as I had the promise, or even a chance, of something with Rose. I figured out a while ago, well, not actually a while ago, about two minutes ago, that maybe I would be able to pretend that pesky human thing called aging didn't exist, (although a look at Jackie and I might remember it. Yes, I know, that was mean, but as they say, prison changes a man.) And I could have my Rose. She'd keep me out of trouble, metaphorically speaking; after all, she is the one who usually gets me into it.

She might not have ever finished school or gotten her A levels, but Rose Tyler is smart. She probably doesn't think so, but I know it. She deserved so much more than working in a shop. I caught her in the library once when I had only been in this regeneration for a couple of days. Well, I didn't really catch her, the TARDIS told me (ordered me) to talk to her, so I did. Not that the old girl gave me much of a choice. Anyway, I found her in the library reading a thick book. It was huge! When I asked her what she was doing reading a book that size on such a boring topic, she gave me a look that just about broke my hearts and she told me, that maybe if she was smarter, I never would have had to regenerate. If the look didn't break my hearts, that would have done it. And I told her 'Rose, you are already smart, and reading this book's not going to change anything. And besides, I didn't mind regenerating, I saved you didn't I? And, I got rid of those awful ears.' I could see she was about to start crying, I don't think she was quite used to having a new me, so I gently pulled her head into my suit, rubbed soothing circles on her back and let her cry.

The only thing that I would change if I could would be Jackie Tyler. The woman ranges from slapping me into my next regeneration, to giving me a sloppy kiss. I'm not sure which one I have a problem with the most! Rose says we have to go visit her mum once every two weeks at least, so she can do her washing, I guess that's my own fault for blowing up the washing machine, and catch up with her mum. And for some reason I always seem to get dragged along. I don't think Rose trusts me on my own, not after last time. So I get to sit at the table and listen to Jackie go on about her favourite soap, and Howard, and how the prices at the local shop have gone up. It's enough to make me want to bang my head against the table, and I can tell Rose feels the same way, because of the way she keeps looking at me and smiling, then drinking her tea. That reminds me, I can say this: the best thing about visiting Jackie Tyler- she makes a brilliant cup of tea.

Rose mentioned once that she'd always wanted to go to Australia, so I took her there. We landed at the top of Uluru, but I decided that it probably wast a good idea to try and climb down it, so I re-landed the TARDIS in a more ideal spot and we started walking. We saw kangaroos, koalas, emus and kookaburras, but the most brilliant thing I saw that day was the look on Roses face. It was the look that a child gets when they see a huge chocolate cake right in front of them. The look of pure amazement and awe, (not the other look, that would be greed, and that's something that I'll never see on Rose Tyler's face.) Rose liked the kangaroos the most. She told me that when she was little, her friend had gotten her a toy kangaroo when they had gone to Australia and she had taken it everywhere she went for a whole year, but Jackie took her to the zoo one day and the kangaroo never came back. So when we went to a souvenir shop in the middle of a small town, I bought Rose a toy kangaroo. She laughed, gave me a hug, took my hand and pulled me along to look at the next shop.

Yeah, I know, London doesn't really have much to do with anything. At first it was just to fill in this letter, because I didn't know what else to put here. But then I thought about it for a bit. London was where I met Rose. London was where it all started. London changed everything. It was all because that's where the Autons were. Now I think about it, why is it always London that gets invaded? Seriously, it's never America, or Russia or China. The countries that you would think would be first choices, it's never Antarctica, where they could go pretty much undetected, and it's never Australia, where- No, who would want to invade Australia? I mean its beautiful and everything, but, well, not really much good for anything else. Compared to all those other countries. I love Australia! But a fleet of aliens aren't going to enjoy the beauty of it when they're invading Earth. Again. Why is it always Earth? No! I'm just going to get back to London now. London! As I said, it all started with London, and a plastic arm. And as I said back then, it was just because Rose came blundering in and got in the way that we ever met. And I, personally, am very glad she did.

Rose insists on getting a sample of the music from everywhere we go, from every time and every planet. So in her very pink room she has a huge shelf, thanks to the TARDIS, lined with all sorts of music. Awful to brilliant, ear-splitting to beautiful, from Earth to Clom, from the 1860's to 5.5/Apples/25 and any time or place in between. And she has listened to all of them. Every single one. And I've had to listen to most of them too, okay, so it was partly my fault for not fixing her CD player sooner, (I'd been busy. The TARDIS had been playing up.) but after listening to the Raxacoricofallapatorian opera, I did fix it, and I don't think I've ever been so glad to fix something in my whole life. She even managed to find some Gallifreyan music at a market somewhere; it must have been from before the war. The owner didn't even know what he had, so Rose bought it. But she didn't play it. She gave it to me. I remember giving her a smile and pulling her in for a hug, so that she wouldn't see the tears in my eyes that I was trying to control.

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