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Never leave the TARDIS unattended.
I decided to go out to the shop one time, only for an hour or so, and I left Rose in the TARDIS. That was a big mistake. When I got back, (okay, maybe a little bit more than an hour, weeellll, I say a little bit, but by that I actually mean a lot. Five hours maybe?) Half the TARDIS walls were painted pink! (Half of Rose too. It made her look very cute. Ah, nice. Yeah, that's what I meant. Nice. ) I knew the TARDIS could change it back to the way it was if she wanted to, but apparently she didn't. So I was stuck with embarrassing pink walls. I don't know how long I stood there staring at the walls, but I do remember Rose laughing at me. A lot. And I also remember glaring at her, and telling the TARDIS to change it back. I had to wait three weeks before the TARDIS got sick of pink I got my normal walls back, and in that time I didn't let anyone except me and Rose in the TARDIS.

Old me.
Rose didn't like it too much when I regenerated. Not that I blame her, I didn't exactly explain regeneration very well. Although I do have to admit it hurt a little when she said she wanted me to change back. I could see that she was scared of me, the new me, and it broke my hearts. But she called me a Slitheen! Me! A Slitheen! That was just… Insulting. And even though I know she loves the new me (as a friend), just as much as she loved the old me (as a friend. Can't stress that enough,) sometimes I can see that she's remembering something from before I changed, because she gets a sort of, sad smile on her face. And I'll admit it- it sometimes makes me a little jealous. Then I tell myself to get a grip because I would just be getting jealous of myself and that would mean I'd be going insane. And I'm pretty sure Rose wouldn't like an insane me as much as she likes the new me or the old me. Not that I think about what Rose would like. Not a lot anyway. Just sometimes. When I'm bored. Blimey, I think I might quit while I'm behind on that one.

Pigeons! No, I'm just joking.
I don't really have anything for this one. I know there are so many things that I could put here, a genius like me and a brain like mine, I could have at least a hundred words to put here, but I'm not going to say any of them. I could say planet, plants, people, polarity, picky, perfect, panic, puzzled, pessimistic, Pete, I could even stick with Pigeons! But I won't. I'm not going to say any of these things, want to know why? Because all those words are just average, normal Earth words. And Rose Tyler is so much more than average or normal, she deserves so much more than those boring average normal words. Because she's Rose. And she's brilliant. And that's all there is too it.

Quantum Leap Marathons.
Sometimes we sit and we watch Quantum Leap. Lots of it. Well, Rose watches it, and I try and point out all the mistakes to her, until she gives me the 'shut up before I make you' look, and I stop talking. She usually lasts about half an hour to and hour before giving me the look, although, her record is three hour before she yelled at me to shut up. It was pretty scary, not the yelling itself, but the fact that she sounded way too much like Jackie for my liking. I promised myself that I would never push her to that point again. I don't know why she likes that show so much though, honestly. She says she watches it because it reminds her of home, and because the lead guy's hot. I'm quoting her there. Then she said it was mostly for the guy. But I think she just watches it one episode after another to try and make me like it. It's a good plan, because when ever she's watching that, I'm usually tinkering with the TARDIS, that is until I get all lonely and pathetic, as I usually do when Rose isn't around, (if she ever finds that out that I called myself pathetic I don't know what I'll do, she'll be insufferable). So I have to watch it if I want her company. Which I always do, (not that I'll ever tell her that). Or I have to at least enter the room where Quantum Leap is playing, and it's surprisingly hard to ignore. Speaking of company, it would be so much nicer in this cell if I had Roses…

That was the first word I ever said to Rose. When she was nineteen and I was newly regenerated and honestly, I didn't have much of a clue what I was doing, or why. I was angry, so very angry, and sarcastic, I was also the one who blew up her job, so she had no reason at all to trust me. The most impressive part was, she didn't have a clue who I was, but she trusted me enough to follow my instructions, not knowing if I was just getting her into deeper trouble, or if I was actually there to help. Well, I guess it could have had something to do with the living plastic that was chasing us. I might have just been the lesser of two evils. But I prefer to think that it was because she trusted me, even if it makes me slightly deluded, after all, I wasn't exactly my good-looking, trust-worthy looking self that I am now, but never mind why, my point was that it was just one word, one word that would change both our lives forever. I grabbed her hand and told her to run. And that's exactly what we did. And do you know what? We haven't stopped running since.

I love my sonic screwdriver. And I don't let anyone touch it. Ever. But I let Rose use it, and do you know what she did? She just about blew the TARDIS up. I love the TARDIS too. Its pretty hard to blow the old girl up, after all, she's been through a lot. Anyway, I fixed it, and I turned around to see Rose rolling on the floor laughing. Turns out it was a joke. She'd switched my sonic with a fake, pointed it at the TARDIS and then she let me do the rest. I have to admit, it was pretty good, and before long I was laughing on the floor beside her. I felt so happy then. Rose made me feel happy, even if it was just for a while, even if she had done it by pretending to blow up my ship. I didn't care, because when it comes down to it, the TARDIS or Rose, that's the hardest choice I'll ever have to make in my long life. But that doesn't mean I wont get her back for that prank, because I will, and when I do it will be huge!

When we're winding down, just sitting in the vortex, sometimes we play Twister, Rose likes it because its an Earth game, and it's a game she said she used to play all the time with…Mickey. I don't want to think about that; it's not a nice mental image, and once some things are thought they can never be… Unthought. No matter how much you might want to. I think this cell is affecting my ability to think properly. Anyway, I didn't even know I had Twister, but then again, I didn't know I had a giant stingray in one of the TARDIS' cupboards until last week, so not knowing I didn't have a little game's not really saying much. But I wish I didn't have it, or I wish I had of given Rose some impressive sounding reason for way we couldn't play it, then thrown it into a supernova. Because as it turns out, Rose is really good at Twister, and won't give up. For anything. Which means we get in some really awkward situations. It's very distracting when you have certain body parts in your face, that's all that I have to say for that game, it's no wonder I always lose. And because of that my vote is always for Chess.

Unusually Jeopardy Friendly.
I've had a lot of companions over the years, but Rose, as I told her once, she's just setting new records for being jeopardy friendly. There was the time when I first met her, the time the Gelth tried to kill her, the time I thought she was actually dead because of that Dalek, the time she met Jack in the middle of World War Two, of all times, the whole Time Vortex incident, Cassandra on New Earth, the clockwork clowns that took her and Mickey, the whole thing with the Cybermen AND Pete twice, (weeellll, that one was sorta my fault a bit), the wire, the nice business on Krop Tor. And I'm sure I've missed some, but blimey, it's getting hard to remember them all. But I don't hate her jeopardy friendliness as much as I pretend to, (apart from the whole her being in danger thing. That I mind.) Because when I save her, I get to hug her. Purely out of gratitude that she's alive, of course.

Very Human.
Rose sometimes does things, and thinks of things that I would never be able to, because she's human. It's been happening for a long time. Before I regenerated even. Saving the Dalek, Pete, Jack. And me. She saved me- literally this time. I wouldn't be alive if she hadn't come back to me on the game station, after all, for me to regenerate, there has to be something left. She wouldn't let me hand the bodies over to the Gelth, she said it 'wasn't right.' That was such a human thing to say. Rose really is the very best of humanity, with all her human emotions and thoughts and needs. I used to call them 'stupid apes.' And now, looking back at that, I don't know what I was thinking when I said that, because the human race (Rose) is amazing. Fantastic! (Note: that word doesn't even look right anymore.) Brilliant! (Much better) And they (she) are anything but stupid.

Rose sees the universe with so much wonder, like a child staring at Christmas lights, so innocent. It almost makes me jealous. I don't see it like that anymore; I've seen too much death and destruction to ever be able to see it that way again. But the way her eyes light up when we go to a new planet, or even when we're running for our lives, it makes it all worth it. As much as I would love to be able to see the universe through her eyes, I wouldn't want to miss out on watching her, because Rose Tyler herself is a wonder, and when I see that, I forget everything for a while, there's just the Doctor and Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler and the Doctor, with nothing to worry about. Until something goes wrong, and trust me, something always goes wrong, and we're running back to the TARDIS while being chased by the natives. Then there's usually something to worry about.

Xavier- the dog from Barcelona.
Rose picked him up when I took her to Barcelona, not long after I regenerated. Of course he had no nose, but she fell in love with him anyway. That's Rose. I told her over and over, I said, 'Rose, I'm sorry but we can't keep a dog on the TARDIS.' But then she used those eyes, and I caved. I always cave when she uses those big brown eyes. So now Xavier has the TARDIS to himself. He's probably found his way to my room by now, but if he goes anywhere near my Converse, he will be locked in Roses room for the rest of his natural life. The poor TARDIS has probably had most of her wires peed on by now, the good thing is, despite my protests, the TARDIS seems to like the dog, so she doesn't mind as much. That doesn't mean she likes being peed on, but she doesn't electrocute him at least. But it's okay having Xavier on the TARDIS, because Rose loves him. That's what I keep telling myself when ever I find one of his landmines. It's all for Rose, and I would do anything for Rose. I would even put up with a dog from Barcelona. It could have been worse I guess. He could have been a cat.

That's what life with Rose is like. Up and down, then back up and back down again. Get out of trouble and back into it, then out of it and in to it again. Well, that's pretty much my life anyway, but Rose has just added to it and magnified it by one hundred. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but a lot. She is unbelievably jeopardy-friendly. Maybe even more than me! It's possible I'm exaggerating that too, but that's what you get for spending the last four hours in a cold cell, it makes you go a bit insane, and they say exaggeration is the first sign of insanity. Wait, no, sorry, that would be talking to yourself, which I already do. Its good to know it's not the cell that's making me crazy. I was already like that. Anyway, back to yoyo-like. Like a yoyo Rose is quite amusing. Especially when the TARDIS and I are a bit bored and we spend a good half an hour or so moving doors around and watching Rose try and found her way out. Okay, I know that's probably not very nice, but would she rather I blow something up to amuse myself?

She sleeps, and when she does she looks so peaceful, like she hasn't got a care in the universe. I can't sleep like that; I can't sleep at all, really. Not because I don't want to, or because I physically can't, but because what I did in the Time War always comes back when I do, all the screaming, Time Lords, Daleks and a planet on fire. There's always fire. And occasionally, I have nightmares where I've lost Rose for good, and that's almost unbearable, that's when I realised that losing Rose would cause something very bad to happen to me. I've never told her any of this; I just hope she knows before- No. I can't think like that. So I don't sleep, but sometimes, I watch her. I asked her if it was okay, and she said it was, (as long as I didn't use any of her sleep talking against her), I'm glad she said it was all right, because it relaxes me, calms me down. Rose has that affect on me, even when she's awake, and I love her for that and so much more… Wait, what?

The Doctors head snapped up as an idea hit him. Yes! A way out. Brilliant! "Allons-y!" the possibly slightly crazed Time Lord yelled to his empty cell as he stuffed his pen and paper into his deep suit pocket.

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