Challenged by: Jenna-McCoy

Rose walked through the hallways not acknowledging the other people, especially the slytherins coming up behind her.

Feeling a force smack her arms, Rose notice that Notts had knocked her books right out of her hands. She examined her wrist finding little red marks were he had hit.

"JERK!" Rose yelled after him, while just getting laughs in a response. "Whatever, you'll be laughing the day I'm your boss." She mumbled to herself.

She knelt down to her knees, picking up her books slowly.

"Hey, do you need help?" Rose lifted her head and saw the boy she would never think in a billion no trillion years would help her.

"Why do you want to help me Malfoy?" Rolling her eyes, attempting to ignore him but she saw him go to the ground picking up her books. Looking at him in surprise, Rose was absolutely speechless.

"Here you go." He smiled getting up then handing her the books.

"Uh...well...uh thank you." Rose grabbed them quickly, hurrying off. What was that all about? She asked herself.

"Rose!" She heard him call her. "Rose!" Turning on her heals.

"What?" She asked rudely.

"You forgot this!" He handed a paper over to her; it was a poem that she had written earlier. Rose snatched it away quickly.

"Okay, why are you helping me?" Asking with her hands on her hips. "It's not like a slytherin to do so!"

"What, is it wrong to help a fellow classmate?" He asked offended.

"Well, you're a Malfoy and I am a Weasly." Scorpius laughed.

"Rose, it's not like it was before! Times have changed and people have changed." He smiled. "Now how about you let me take you out for a butterbeer?" Rose felt a hot blush appear on her cheeks making her face redder then it already is.

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