A/N: I recently decided to get back into writing and this idea came to me. I was always fascinated with the Totsuka when they showed it in the Manga and I had many times wondered what it would be like if Naruto wielded it. Though this fic won't be all about the Totsuka and how Naruto uses it, I want to explore what it would be like if he had it.

I also wanted to try out a time-travel fic. And so I decided to simply combine my ideas. This is the result. I hope none of you guys are too annoyed with me for abandoning my previous story, Hiraishin Reborn, but I just can't come up with more for the story. I also think I kind of rushed it so I feel like it's a lost cause. I suppose it can be put up for adoption, but I would like for whoever decides to continue it to get my permission and consult me first.

Summary: Naruto gets sent to the past after a battle with Sasuke and ends up in a cave. He finds the legendary Sword of Totsuka in the cave and later learns that he is stranded in a time during the Second Great Shinobi War! Spoilers.

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Chapter 1: Dazed and Confused

Naruto shifted slightly, his no longer unconscious form stirring awake. His tired eyes opened slowly and he looked at his surroundings unhurriedly, his body still sore from his fight. Suddenly his memory of the fight came back and he bolted upright despite his injuries. He groaned as a sharp pain in his side revealed itself. He again looked at his surroundings, this time with caution. Had he been captured?

He supposed that wasn't the case as he likely wouldn't have woken up if he was. His mind whirled with possibilities as he slowly got up, ignoring his body's protests. It seemed he was in a cave of some sort. With nothing else to do, he cautiously crept through the cave, trying to expand his senses to see if Madara or Sasuke were nearby. He knew he couldn't fight in his current condition so he had to be careful.

Sasuke was likely in a worse condition, he noted with some pride. The young Uchiha and he had been fighting what Naruto had hoped would be their final battle. Madara was their, Naruto knew, but he had been occupied with Sasuke. Madara had probably set up the entire fight, Naruto surmised.

Sasuke had been desperate at the closing of their battle and had tried to grab him and teleport him somewhere, or at least that's what Naruto assumed. Sasuke had ended up grabbing onto one of the arms of the Jinchuuriki cloak. Naruto had pushed as much of the Kyuubi's chakra into that arm as possible at the last second. He hoped Sasuke hadn't managed to teleport him to some void dimension.

As he walked further into the cave, he noticed an area further ahead that emitted a light source. He crept a bit faster, excited that he may not have been transported to some void world. The room that emitted the light source was large. It turned out the light was natural as Naruto could see it shining out from the many turquoise crystals embedded in the walls all around him.

Something in the back of the room caught his attention. Naruto walked closer and saw that it was a beautiful katana that laid on a slab of rock. He looked it over and couldn't help but marvel at its beauty. Its sheath was a pure, shining white. Its guard was rectangular with small holes on each edge. In one of the holes, a string was knotted and connected to a white sash that led down to a part near the end of the sheath.

Naruto grabbed it but froze as his fingers touched it. This was no ordinary sword. He could feel chakra running through it. It felt almost neutral and he was suddenly much more interested in this blade than he thought he would be. He grabbed it fully and was immersed in the feeling it gave him. It brought a calming and powerful sensation over him and he knew he had to keep this sword.

He wondered if it was semi-sentient like the late Kisame's old weapon, Samehada. He gripped the smooth hilt that had what looked like a small version of the bottom of Gaara's sand gourd attached to the end of it and slowly began to pull the blade from its sheath. He again marveled at the beauty of it. It was skillfully crafted and the actual blade was a bright silver color with black markings swirling around the entire length. He knew it had something to do with Fuuinjutsu but he couldn't make heads or tails of it, even with his moderate understanding of the complicated art.

Naruto saw some small kanji near the hilt and took a closer look. He gasped and nearly dropped the blade as he read what it said: Totsuka. Of course he had heard of this weapon; Jiraiya had once told him about it and two other fabled and legendary weapons. Jiraiya had said that they were pretty much 3 mythical items of great power.

His former teacher had explained the legend of each weapon to him as a means to pass the time during their training trip. He'd said that if one was pierced with the Totsuka, they would be thrown into hell, or something similar. Jiraiya had said that if the sword was actually real, it probably had sealing properties and would force its victim into some kind of torture genjutsu. Naruto hadn't really understood much of Jiraiya's explanation at the time but had still been awed by such a powerful weapon, even if it was said only to be a legend.

Looking at the legendary weapon now, he knew it was anything but a myth. He didn't know why or how but he could just tell it was the true Totsuka no Tsurugi. Thinking of the powers the sword held, Naruto couldn't help but wonder just what or how much it could seal. He assumed it could probably seal a human soul or mind based on the legend. He probably had to pierce someone with it while channeling chakra into the hilt and blade. It would be seriously helpful with much of the dead ninja army still opposing the allied forces.

He was definitely keeping this sword and he was going to find a way out of the cave he'd been conveniently transported to. He already assumed he wasn't captured but he knew something pivotal had happened during that last moment of his and Sasuke's battle and he intended to find out what.

He walked back in the direction he came from as he noticed the area he had found was closed off on all sides. His trek back was exhausting and dangerous. The path he had to follow split into all different directions and he lost count of how many treacherous drops there were. Naruto had to use chakra to stick his feet to the distinct path he was traveling. He estimated it was over ten miles to where the sword was formerly located.

As he squeezed out of the small opening of the cave that led to the outside world, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been afraid it would go on forever. Looking back, he almost fell over as he saw only a large boulder and no opening. He felt around the boulder for where the opening had disappeared to, but it seemed to be gone.

He frowned and tried to sense if this was some kind of genjutsu but couldn't detect a thing. He sighed and decided to enter into Sage mode to see if it could reveal the secret of the boulder. Five minutes later, he opened his eyes and breathed in the feeling of nature as he had finally entered Sage mode. He tried expanding his senses around the rock and smirked as his suspicions were proven true.

It seemed to be some kind of complex fuuinjutsu/genjutsu combination. He had to say he was impressed. No one would notice this unless they perhaps possessed a powerful eye-based bloodline, such as the Sharingan or Rinnegan, maybe even the Byakugan. It seemed someone went pretty far to protect this sword.

Naruto stood up from his meditative position and was surprised at how much better he felt. He almost forgot about the fairly powerful healing properties of Senjutsu. With his faster-than-normal healing rate and Sage mode activated, he could actually feel his four broken ribs mend themselves back together. He was still fairly low on chakra and a bit sore but still felt refreshed, and that brought his mood up.

He looked at his appearance and sighed. His clothes were pretty messed up. He would need to henge and get a new set of clothes at the nearest shop. That is, if he could find the nearest town. He was in a forest, but there were forests all around the continent. He sighed and picked a random direction. Hopefully, he would spot some human tracks to follow.

He was lucky as he managed to find signs of a settlement further ahead. He ended up arriving at a small town that he supposed could have been within the Land of Fire. Everything looked old-fashion though so he guessed it may have been a fairly old town.

Naruto used a henge to hide his new sword and appearance and stealthily snuck into the small town. There were very few people walking around and Naruto was confused by some of the much older-styled clothes he saw those few wearing. This town really was old-fashioned, it seemed.

After further sneaking, he managed to find a secluded tavern. Changing his henge, this time into an ordinary looking man with old-fashioned clothes on, he quietly entered the bar. There weren't many people in the bar but he could hear a low murmur from two men talking in the back. After informing the barmaid of his order, he walked over to where he could hear the two speaking.

Naruto had quickly left after the two had finished their conversation, his eyes wide and his breathing uneven. He'd almost lost it in there, listening to what those two completely sane-looking men spoke of. He quickly hid himself in a small alley and sank to the ground, his expression still filled with shock.

The two men had spoken of how the war was reaching the Land of Grass. That had confused Naruto as he hadn't heard that Grass country was still left unaffected by the war, but he wasn't in total shock. At least, not until one of the men mentioned that the Nidaime Tsuchikage was fighting for lands to the north and how the Nidaime Mizukage was getting fed up with the Tsuchikage's recent actions or something.

Naruto had almost choked on his sake. Listening even more intently, he heard of how Kumogakure was now entering the war because Konoha had. They spoke of how—what Naruto supposed was the Second Great Shinobi War—the war was escalating and how their whole town would probably need to leave before Konoha and Iwa started really fighting it out.

His mind brought the pieces of this puzzle together and he was stunned; the old-fashioned town and clothes, the conversation about the beginnings of the Second War, and of course, the start of all of this, Sasuke's jutsu. It was not what he expected at all. Was he truly somehow in the past?

If the war hadn't hardened him and his brash attitude a bit, he knew he would have probably been screaming his head off right now. The impossibility of his situation pushed at him, but he couldn't just disregard what he had heard. He knew something pivotal had happened at the end of his battle with Sasuke, and now he was regretting it.

Space/time ninjutsu was dangerous and unstable; Naruto knew this. He himself had tried his hand at it but hadn't been too successful. He'd heard of how his father had used it as well as the Nidaime Hokage and just had to give it a shot. Of course, that had led him to studying fuuinjutsu. It was a complex art but Naruto surprisingly enough hadn't been too revolted of it.

He had been studying it while still trying to help through the war. Even with the use of many Shadow clones, he was only able to reach an intermediate level before his big battle with Sasuke. Space/time ninjutsu though was a long ways off and he couldn't begin to understand how the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan utilized such techniques.

Naruto sighed and stood up. He needed more crucial information and he couldn't get it while in this small town. He snuck back out from where he had first entered the town and made his way south. He first needed to find a place that sold ninja equipment and get a change of clothes. He knew there were places like that in the border towns between the Land of Grass and the Land of Rain. He could also travel further to the border towns between the Land of Fire and the Rain, but for now he wanted to get things over with quickly.

His journey to the border between Rain and Grass took only about two hours. It seemed he had been transported to a place in southern Grass country. Naruto managed to find another town, though this one was larger. They did in fact have a place that sold clothes for ninja but what they had was all a bit bulky and actually looked more like body armor.

Naruto scowled as he looked at the odd ninja apparel. He'd forgot that ninja back in the day used to wear this stuff before speed started to be more crucial and they had gotten rid of this style for the more commonly used small flak vests and limb guards. He sighed and decided the stuff they had would be better than nothing.

After pick-pocketing a few wealthy-looking people, Naruto went back to the shop to buy a change of clothes and some of the equipment they sold as well. He decided on getting something that would go with his new sword. His clothing was therefore mostly white.

He had white forearm guards, what he supposed was a flak vest of this generation that was also white and covered his entire torso along with his shoulders, a pair of white Shinobi pants, a long sleeved, white turtle-neck shirt, and finally white tape to cover the bottom of his shins as well as the bottom of his face in a style similar to the late Momochi Zabuza. Well, Zabuza wasn't even alive yet so maybe 'unborn' was a better word.

He did all this for more than one reason. He knew him being in the past could radically change the future and so the first thing he wanted to do was make himself a separate entity. He couldn't have anyone connecting the dots between him and his future self, or even his past family. Also, the shop had nothing orange, so…yeah.

He definitely looked odd wearing all white like this. The only thing that stood out was his bright blonde hair, his bright blue eyes and his blue Shinobi sandals that were luckily still intact. He sighed as he remembered his blonde hair. It was a distinguishing feature in that very few around the elemental nations had blonde hair as bright as his. His father had it and if Naruto had to assume, his grandfather or maybe grandmother had it as well. That and his piercing blue eyes were too much of a resemblance.

Luckily, he knew a jutsu that could change his hair's pigment. It was one of very few medical techniques that required no great chakra control. He had convinced Sakura to teach him some first aid and had tried to learn some medical jutsu but he had only ever managed to master a few, this one included. It was one of the more entertaining, if a bit useless, medical techniques he'd learnt. And so, his hair, just like his clothes, was now white.

Naruto finally decided to do what he had been putting off by keeping himself busy. He finally decided to ponder upon what he would do now that he was trapped in the past. He had no idea how to get back to the present, and if he had to be honest with himself, he wasn't sure he wanted to go back. So many had died during the Fourth Great War and this time traveling incident gave him a chance to stop certain things.

He probably couldn't change too much in Konoha though. Actually, he probably couldn't go there at all now that he thought about it. The consequences in the future of him even just being there now could be severe. He sighed and wondered what he could do to stop certain bad things from happening without him accidentally causing his younger self to not be born or something.

Should he enter the war? Create a counter-organization to Akatsuki? Kill Hanzo of the Salamander before he could kill Nagato's friend that had fought for peace? There was so much more to consider. Naruto sighed. He just couldn't decide what to do.

There were also other things to consider; like if he could still summon toads or if the Kyuubi had traveled to the past along with him. He quickly ran through the hand signs for the summoning technique and slammed his hand to the ground. He smiled as markings spread across the ground. His smile faltered and he felt dread when no puff of smoke appeared to signify a successful summoning.

This was not good. He supposed it made sense that he wouldn't be able to summon the toads as his name and blood technically weren't on the contract yet. Still, he thought there would be some kind of bond that would stay with him and allow him to summon them or something. Well, at least Sage mode seemed to still be an option, though he wondered if he would still share any toad-like qualities while Sage mode was activated now that he was no longer aligned with the toads.

He took a breath and activated the Jinchuuriki cloak. He gasped as he took in his appearance and the feel of the cloak. Instead of the cloak being yellow, it was now a whitish-blue and the seal that was supposed to spread across his torso was no longer there. He could also actually feel the significant drain on his chakra. Naruto estimated he could probably use the cloak for roughly an hour before his chakra was completely drained.

This was also not good. After further inspection, he found that the seal that had been with him for all his life was nowhere to be found, and that there was no Kyuubi in his mindscape, not even the beast's old cage was still there, though it was still a sewer.

Naruto stared ahead of him with a stunned and terrified expression on his face for about five minutes. He couldn't fathom what was currently happening. He couldn't think of what needed to be done now that one of his world's most powerful beings was no longer trapped inside him. What really could he do?

And then it came to him. The fox was sealed inside Uzumaki Mito! He sighed at that. He really hoped the Kyuubi didn't suddenly get a load of new memories while still inside her from the future though, or that Mito didn't suddenly have two Kyuubi's inside her. It would be a problem no doubt but he would have to deal with everything eventually. His life definitely wasn't getting any easier.

Naruto was currently walking through Earth country on his way to a settlement near Waterfall Country. He wanted to gain entrance into Takigakure to see if they had that hero's water stuff. He had an idea on how to use it and he only needed about 6 ounces. He wouldn't drink it all in one go, but if he were to drink just one drop, perhaps every two weeks, then he might just be able to expand his reserves significantly over time without risking his life.

Now that he was without the Kyuubi, he didn't know if he would last in a fight against someone truly powerful. Sure, his reserves currently were still beyond massive, but he wanted to be as strong as he could be. Besides, he'd already decided he was going to enter the war as some mysterious and unknown warrior to try to bring it to an end peacefully, and that wouldn't happen without a fight or two.

Naruto also had plans to start training more. He intended to travel to the Land of Iron in awhile to get training in Kenjutsu. He didn't know where else to go besides Kirigakure, and that just wasn't an option. He hoped to find a decent Samurai willing to train him in the art of the sword now that he had the Totsuka. Of course, the Totsuka would stay a secret, even to the Samurai that would train him.

Naruto looked behind him at the large scroll strapped to his back. He had a few Shadow clones in a hidden area that were gathering natural energy, ready to be summoned at any moment through the reverse-summoning seal he'd drawn on the scroll. One could never be too careful during wartime after all. Besides, it was refreshing to just enter Sage mode at any time. Thinking of doing that exactly, he walked over to a nearby tree, relieved himself of his scroll and sat down to begin the process of becoming completely still.

His appearance in Sage mode was only slightly different than how it used to be. The color above his eyes wasn't orange anymore but completely red. His face seemed to become narrower as well and his eyes were still blue but now became distinctly slit. Naruto was unsure of what the change meant, if anything, but he didn't particularly think it would change something significant.

He sensed the area around him and was shocked when he felt something slowly approaching north of his position, about sixty yards away. It wouldn't have been shocking if the thing slowly approaching him wasn't a human that, from what Naruto could tell, had no chakra. It felt like any human would and yet it seemed not to have chakra. It was impossible to live without chakra and so Naruto was accordingly confused.

Naruto sensed further ahead and found about six other people a few kilometers behind the approaching figure. They thankfully did have chakra, and from what Naruto could tell, they were Shinobi, but it seemed they were following the person with no chakra from a distance. Naruto was confused at what exactly was going on now. Surely he couldn't have been sensed?

He knew he was close to Iwa but he had hoped to simply pass through undetected. It would be a hassle to have to try to evade or incapacitate a patrol team, but he supposed he had no choice now. It would be better to leave quickly and utilize his speed, but the border to Waterfall country was still about two hours away. He supposed he would have to take care of this quickly, though he would have to be careful of the one who seemed to emit no chakra.

As the person came into the clearing, Naruto made sure to appear calm, as if he was simply resting against a tree. He looked ahead of him and saw nothing, but he knew the person was there. The invisibility technique this person seemed to be using was flawless; that along with this person's chakra masking ability and they were probably one of if not the stealthiest ninja in the world.

The person seemed to be observing and assessing him, as if they thought they had not been sensed and thus were in no danger. Naruto would take pride in dashing those thoughts.

"Are you just gonna' stand there all day?" asked Naruto casually, looking straight ahead to where he was sure the person was standing.

The surprise and shock from the Shinobi was almost palpable and they quickly jumped back about twenty feet without a sound to make distance from the man who'd managed to sense them. Naruto didn't blame them. There were few people in the world with the ability to sense this person and they unfortunately had the luck of meeting with one of those few.

"I'm impressed," said a calm, male voice.

The invisibility technique dissolved to reveal a man wrapped in bandages from head to toe with a flak vest similar to Naruto's. The man had two swords strapped to his back and an Iwagakure headband.

"You should be proud," continued the man, "to have somehow managed to sense Muu, the Nidaime Tsuchikage."

Naruto's eyes widened as the man revealed who he was. It was no wonder the man had managed to sense him. Naruto remembered leaning about how this specific individual had chakra sensing abilities that were second to none during his time. It was just his luck to end up in a situation like this. He instantly wondered though why a Kage would be on patrol. Wasn't that left to ANBU or Chunin or something? He really didn't need this.

"Why would the Tsuchikage himself be attending a patrol mission?" Naruto asked in response.

The Tsuchikage decided to answer the question. "Normally I wouldn't, but it just so happens that I am my village's best chakra sensor. I decided to make new secret patrol routes because of the coming war and just recently brought a team of chakra sensors out of the village with me to show them my secret routes personally and to demonstrate how to better utilize their abilities."

Naruto nodded in comprehension. It did make sense but they had decided to do this at a seriously bad time. He wasn't sure what to do now that this situation involved a Kage. He was confident that he could escape without dying but he didn't know what the consequences of that would be. He knew the Tsuchikage would want to take him in for questioning but Naruto couldn't allow to divulge his secrets.

The Nidaime Tsuchikage's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Imagine my surprise when, a few kilometers south, I sense a huge source of chakra traveling toward Taki no Kuni within my borders. So, from which village do you come?"

Naruto sighed and stood up slowly. The Tsuchikage tensed but Naruto held his hands up in a placating gesture. "I belong to no village. I am simply traveling through. I would appreciate it if I could just be on my way."

The Tsuchikage chuckled. "I know you are powerful because of your chakra capacity, and that you managed to sense me is amazing; your appearance also intrigues me. No, you won't be 'going on your way,' you are going to come with me for some questioning."

"I am afraid that isn't possible, Tsuchikage-san," replied Naruto as his eyes narrowed.

The Tsuchikage smirked under his wrappings and pulled one of the swords on his back out of its sheath. "I thought you'd say that."

-Contrary to what some of you may believe, this is not a cliffhanger; well maybe it is, but I simply don't know enough of how the Second or even the Third Tsuchikage fight to write further. I am waiting for the next chapter in the Manga to get some insight first before I write the second chapter.

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