Author's Note: These all take place inbetween the time Sam left for Stanford, and the beginning of my normal story. I included Sam leaving, even though I put it in my other story, just to refresh your memories Enjoy

I was twelve, in sixth grade, and utterly pissed at my math teacher for giving me extra homework. Just because I had to worry about my brothers fighting off a freaking poltergeist and couldn't finish my geometry problems. Stupid Mrs. Worthington. Dad was in the kitchen, polishing some of the guns. I watched him for a second, seeing the care he took to wash off all the grime and oils. "Alexis, if you want to help on the next hunt, your eyes should be on that math paper" my father remarked, looking down at me.

"Yes, sir" I replied, my robot response. I went back to triangles when Sam came out of his room holding what looked like a letter. I wanted to ask him what it was, but I knew he would just ignore me, and then I would get yelled at again. So I kept my trap shut. Because that was what a good daughter did, according to my dad. Pretended like everything was okay, and just did what I was told.

"Dad" Sam sighed, walking up to him. He held up the letter. "I got the full ride. To Stanford. And I'm going"

That caught my attention immediately. Stanford? I thought Sam wasn't allowed to go to college. I thought dad told him no way in hell. I looked up. Dad looked like he was ready to blow a gasket. "Sam…"

"No" Sam interjected. "Why don't you want me to go?"

"You know why" Dad scoffed. "We have a job to do. And you don't just get to leave your family like this"

"I'm not leaving you" Sam shouted at the top of his lungs. Dean walked in the door. Dad slammed the gun down on the table. "It's college, dad"

Dean looked at me, setting the groceries in his hands down. "Lex, go to your room"

Scared, I headed to the back. I didn't close the door. I wanted to hear what was going on. "Sam, you will not do this to me"

"I'm all packed, dad" Sam remarked, and I heard him drop a bag on the floor. "I'm going"

My heart stopped as I realized finally what was really going on. Sam was leaving us. Sam was going to go to Stanford and leave us here all alone. He couldn't do that could he? He couldn't just leave me here alone with dad and Dean? Right?

I ran back out into the living room. "Sam, if you walk out that door" my father warned, watching Sam open it. "Don't you ever come back"

Sam put one step out as I watched. He glanced at me, then Dean, and finally back to dad. "Don't worry, I won't"

I stared at Dad, then at Dean, and then ran out the door after him. "Don't go, Sam" I shouted. "Please" Dean came out after me.

"Just go back in Alexis" Sam said coldly. "I'm not staying just for you"

That hit me like a slap in the face. I turned around, to run right into Dean. "C'mon" he said, glaring at Sam as he led me back in. "Let him go"