Summary: Dean finally has what he wanted. NOT WINCEST! Just Dean missing his bro.

Challenge WOW: Square. I also wrote this without regard to anyone outside of myself. Double Challenge, I suppose.

Word Count: 100

What a Wonderful World

He had his baby brother back.

Old hotel, rock-paper-scissors for the shower. Sam sat on the couch, losing on purpose, laptop open. Just like old times.

Dean showered quickly, afraid he'd disappear.

Sam was sound asleep when he came out, laptop folded on the floor.

Dean smiled softly. He sat beside him, pulling him to him.

Sam turned his face into his big brother's shoulder, sighing. Dean leaned his cheek against the top of his head, softly kissing his hair and closing his eyes.

He had his life, his world, his square, bitchy, whiny world. He had his Sammy back.