Jenny stood at the entrance to the bullpen, taking yet another deep breath. She could hear Kevin and Javier talking about the case around the corner. She'd always been good at admitting when she was wrong, it was something she considered a virtue. She'd made a big mistake that morning, had judged too quickly, and now she was just hoping that Kevin would forgive her.

While she had been ignoring his calls, she'd also been contemplating her situation and wondering what she was supposed to do. After a while, she had come to the conclusion that she actually did believe Kevin. If he told her that he wasn't with the actress last night, then that was the truth. She could have looked for proof he wasn't lying (no doubt the paparazzi had been on Natalie Rhodes all night) but she didn't want proof. That was an upside of falling in love, she decided. Unfailing trust. (She'd work harder on that in the future.)

"Hi, guys," said Jenny, stepping out from her hiding place. They were all watching – Javier, Detective Beckett, even the writer. Before she could be embarrassed, though, Kevin wrapped his arms around her waist and told her how happy he was to see her. She guessed that he was opting for forgiveness. "I'm sorry about before," she said. "I made a scene-"

He tried to talk then, probably to apologize for something he hadn't even done, but she cut him off. "No, listen. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Kevin, and I want you to know that I love you and I trust you."

She could see the apprehensive look in his eyes, doubting that she really did trust him, and that killed her. After a pointed glance at Javier, who then walked away with an amused expression on his face, Kevin spoke. "Jenny, I lied to you," he admitted. "But I'm going to set the record straight." There were bubbles in her stomach, and she wasn't sure if she should be nervous. "Just wait here for a second."

Ryan ran to his desk and pulled out the soft black box he'd set in his desk drawer that morning. His fingers were shaking as he hastily shut the drawer. What if she said no? What if she left him? Somehow during the walk from his desk back to Jenny he had time to come up with about ten other devastating possibilities.

"I didn't play darts with Javier last night." So he had lied, but about what she wasn't completely sure yet. "I went to see your parents… because I had a question for them." And then she knew. Given the turbulence of the day, this was the last place she had expected to end up. Despite that, Jenny realized it was exactly where she wanted to be. She was so happy that she almost didn't hear what Kevin said next. She was glad she did, though, because they were the most important words to ever come out of his mouth.

"Jennifer Scout Duffy-O'Mally, will you make me the happiest guy in the world and marry me?" He was down on one knee, holding out the ring like they were in some kind of fairy tale. She was caught up in the moment, picturing her wedding, spending the rest of her life with Kevin, having kids, growing old with him, buying a house together out of the city after they'd retired with a glossy white porch swing and a rose garden in the backyard.

And then she realized that she still hadn't answered him. Words. Words would be good. "Oh my God…" she whispered. She spluttered, trying to say yes while overwhelmed with emotion.

"Yes," he supplied. She smiled, her eyes flooding with tears as he slid the sparkling engagement ring onto her finger. When they kissed, she swore she could hear dove wings beating.

No, not doves- applause. The entire bullpen was clapping for them. She felt like clapping, too. They'd made it. Finally, after everything they'd gone through, they'd made it.