She walked down the street, everyone stopped and stared, who wouldnt? her magnificent red hair caught everyone's attention. Her dark mysterious blue eyes pierced into her surroundings. Her full red pouty lips were so kissable. Where would such a beautiful women be heading to? probably off to an expensive dinner, maybe a photoshoot for an important fashion company, but if you look closely, like, really looked at her, you'd see a worried face. you'd see that drop of sweat rolling down her porcelain face. She kept a quick pose, as if she would break into a run any minute. Her lips were frowning and her eyes were narrowed. As everyone stared, everyone wondered, where this mysterious girl was going, as she dissapeared behind a building no one noticed her reaching into her bag. If everyone wouldnt have been distracted by her beauty,then maybe they would have heard the gunshots.

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