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So, this will be about Beast Boy's life before the virus, after the virus, the boating accident, after the accident, the robbers, Nick Galtry, The Doom Patrol, and the Titans, then life after the Titans. It sounds short, but your looking at 30+ chapters. So, please, review and No Flames. Thanks.

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"You all packed Garfield?"

"Yes mama."

"Long and short shirts?"

"Yes mama."

"Toothbrush? Socks? Underwear? Pants?"

"Yes mama." The blond haired boy responded to his mother. His innocent blue eyes were without any traces of lies. Marie Logan smiled, relived that he packed as told.

"Good. I suppose you can go and play before we go." The blond boy, known as Garfield Logan, smiled widely and thanked his mother.

"Thank you mama!" He said, and ran outside to play one last time with his friends. Marie watched him through the window as he joined his friends in hop-scotch. She smiled as he joined the game. She felt a hand being placed on her shoulder.

"So, are you all packed?" She asked her husband, Mark Logan.

"What do you think?" He said in a playful manner. She rolled her eyes, but turned to face him. He had a grin on his face, and looking at it, it was hard not grin alongside him.

"It's amazing that our 6 year old son is more mature then you. He's all packed." She taunted, and he laughed.

"Yes well, we'll see how long that lasts." He said back.

"Well, you should go pack. We're leaving soon." Marie said, and Mark nodded. He began to go upstairs to the master bedroom to finish his packing when Marie asked a question that was on both of their minds.

"Is what we're doing... is it the right thing?" Marie asked quietly. He stepped off the stairs and walked back to her.

"Leaving him in someone else's custody certainly isn't. Besides, this is a good opportunity for him." Mark said, trying to find a defining reason in bringing their son along with them.

"Yes, but being cut off from other children..."

"There are other children in the village." Mark countered. Marie sighed, and he saw he was beginning to win the doubts.

"Not going to school?"

"We can teach him what we do. He's always been interested." Marie sighed again, knowing that she'd lost this doubt fest. She looked back out the window, and watched him. Now, he was involved in a jump-rope contest. He was always so hyperactive...

"Well, I guess I'll go finish packing. Wanna' help?" He asked her, suggesting something only she could know. She raised an eyebrow, but didn't move.

"Maybe later. For now... I just want time."

"I understand. Take your time, but just remember. We have to leave by 3:00." Marie glanced over at the clock. 12:51.

"Okay. You remember that too." She teased lightly, and he grinned again. But he said nothing as he jogged up the stairs, leaving Marie to think.

She'd called this her home for more then 20 years. At 31, saying good-bye to this house was hard. She'd lived here most of her life. She walked around the house a bit, reminiscing about little things.

In a few hours, she'd be saying good-bye to everything.

"Okay. Bags in the trunk?" Marie asked, making her final check. They had a rental car, having to sell theirs. The move would be continental. Meaning, cars couldn't be brought.

"Yep." Mark responded.

"You guys didn't forget anything?" Marie asked, referring to Garfield.

"No mama."


"Good." She said. Mark turned the car on, and pulled out of the drive-way. A few neighbors had come out to wave adieu, and Garfield waved enthusiastically to his friends. He was sad to say buy, but couldn't wait to meet new people. It was just his nature.

"Alright. Let's go!" Mark said, and pulled onto the highway. Marie turned to face her son, who was staring out the window with an amused face. He was fascinated at everything passing by the car. Then, she noticed something peculiar.


"Yes mama?"

"Where are your shoes?"

After a mishap, involving Garfield's forgotten shoes, they arrived at the airport. They got in line to check in. After a good 45 minutes, they got to the front. The person at the counter greeted them with a smile.

"Hello. May I see your tickets please?"

"Yes, here you go!" Mark said, with a smile just as big. He handed her the tickets, and she checked them. She then handed them their boarding passes.

"One last thing. May I see your passports?"

"Here you go." Marie whipped them out like she'd practiced it before coming. She checked them, and nodded, handing them back. She looked at Garfield, who was trying to pull himself to the counter.

"Hello there sweetie. You excited?" She asked him, and he practically bounced up and down.

"Yeah! I can't wait!"

"Well, you're good to go! Have a nice flight." She said, and the family of three walked onto security.

They quickly removed all the metal, and passed through the metal detectors with ease. They put back on their shoes, Gar's newly bought ones, and finally made it to the waiting area. Just in time too.

"Flight 104 to Windhoek, Namibia Africa now boarding"

The Logan's boarded the plane, and settled into their seats. Even Garfield.

Who was still unable to sit still.

Well? How was that? Good? Bad?

Short, that much I know.

I know that some info will be incorrect, but bear with me. It's almost accurate. If you know that location of where the village in Africa is, please let me know. Thanks.