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Most of you are probably wondering about my absence. There was a fire... and all the notebooks containing the information was lost. I was left to wonder whether or not to even try and continue, before I remembered the words the Father said at the ceremony. He is gone, and will not be forgotten. And, I will honor him by carrying out as he did. If he can write and please so many people, then I may try and honor him as well.

Here, is chapter 13. Thank you for your words, from here on out, I would prefer not to regard Kai in any other ways. It has been said it is unhealthy to continuously trifle over the deceased, and if you decide to continue a legacy, you take on the tasks and all that comes with it. I am not A Cursed Monkey. But this account is mine as per a note he gave me... so, I will treat it with the most eloquent respect, and honor.


"Yes King Tawaba?"

"Have you seen Modu around? It appears I have lost him."

The young green lad cocked his head, before turning in a 360 degree circle to locate the short witch-doctor.

"I haven't seen him, but I'll help look!" Garfield said with enthusiasm, and stood up.

Weeks had passed, and Garfield was restored to a healthy state of physical condition, much to King Tawaba's pleasure. The youth was still sad during the days, specifically when he thought he was alone, but when people were nearby, he was full of energy, causing smiles and laughter. The King, nor any villager, could determine what the drastic mood change was caused by, and only Garfield knew.

However, even as everyone laughed, and smiled, and throughly enjoyed his presence, there was still Modu whom held a distinguishable dislike for Garfield. Although it was quite noticeable by King Tawaba, there was little thought from him in Modu's bitterness. He merely thought it was jealousy- which in fact was a side of it. The other side was completely unknown, and most likely highly irrational.

Even as Garfield look, it was in vain. With his heightened senses, he expected a simple task in finding the stout witchdoctor. However, he was hidden from smell and sight, as Garfield was unable to find the missing man. Undaunted, Garfield continued his search, as did King Tawaba.

However, Modu was far away from their location, and was not going to be found- easily. He was a good 3 miles from the village, and covered by the trees. Nor did he want to be found.

"You speak English, right?"

Modu turned to face a large, burly man in a snake-skin jacket. He was holding a rifle, and smoking a cigar. Next to him, stood another man with a goatee, and a leather jacket with tears on the shoulders. He was sporting a shotgun, and grinned as he towered over the witchdoctor. Modu stared at the two men, before slowly opening his mouth.


"Good. I'm Mark, and that," The leather jacketed man said, gesturing to his partner, "is Jake. Now, you want us to kill the um..." Mark took a picture out of his pocket, "the green skinned child?"

"Yes." Modu replied, fire in his eyes.

The two men glanced at each other, and Jake shrugged.

"Why?" Jake asked. Although they were both hired hit-men and preferring to get up-close and personal with their targets, they'd never been hired to kill a child. Especially a green one.

"He a curse. He need die." Modu said shakily, his English being difficult to understand. Both men looked at each other again, before turning back to Modu.

"Alright, we'll do it... but we heard rumors of a burial chamber?" Mark said, stroking his goatee. Gold shone in his eyes, displaying his greed.

"Yes. I show." Modu said happily, not even questioning the men's loyalty.

"Lead the way lil' man." Mark said, an evil grin plastered on his face.

A picture fell from Marks' pocket, invisible to either men. It floated down to the moist, leaf covered ground, and the sun reflected off a picture of Garfield... after his transformation.


The small green child halted his investigation, and peered up from behind a moss-covered tree. He had been in human form, unwilling to change forms, but had his nose plastered to the rainforest ground, trying to detect Modu's wooden scent. A few days after regaining his strength, Garfield found he had a strong sense of smell, along with his other senses, and could use that to his advantage.

Modu's scent was old wood, whilst King Tawaba's was the smell of rain. Preferably, Garfield would choose the rain scent anytime.

"Yes King Tawaba?" The King sighed in relief, seeing Gar's small head.

"I thought I'd lost you too." Gar 'ohhed' and smiled. He shook his head frantically, and crawled under the fallen log. Popping back up, he looked into King Tawaba's eyes to show he was still there.

"I'm here! Did you find Modu?" Garfield asked sincerely. Although Modu had a fierce disliking of Garfield, that feeling was far from mutual. Garfield DID like Modu, and actually was willing to be his friend if the short man allowed it.

"No, I fear he has gone far into the jungle. There is no way we can find him tonight. It's best we rest, and resume the search tomorrow. I have called back the villagers. Now come, it is time to eat." King Tawaba's frown turned into a smile as he watched the young boy bound with glee.

"Okay! Let's go!" Garfield shouted happily, and quickly began to lead the way back to the village. About halfway, he paused.

"Garfield, is something wrong?" King Tawaba asked as Garfield crouched down and covered his ears.

He groaned, unable to form words. The King, unable to understand the grunts and groans, asked him to try and speak. "Hurts..." he managed, before whimpering. The King looked around, but saw nothing. He closed his eyes, and focused only on his hearing. Very, very quietly, he could hear something falling apart.

"Garfield, do you hear something breaking?"

The small boy winced, but nodded in confirmation. King Tawaba stood up tall, and turned towards his village. His eyes widened as he saw smoke rising from the horizon- right where his village was located.

"Garfield, we must go! Now!" King Tawaba watched in the utmost alarm, as the smoke became thicker, and more distinguishable. Not waiting for Garfield to rise, the King took off toward his village. The King's eyes got wider with fear with every step he took. Finally, he approached the forest clearing, and fell to his knees at what he saw.

The village, his home, was in cinders, bodies everywhere. They littered the ground like leaves in the forest. Houses that hadn't already burnt to the ground continued smoldering and smoking, cinders flying from the foundations as the supporting bamboo weakened in the heat. It was a nightmare to see, and King Tawaba felt his heart shatter.

"W-who would do such a thing?" He asked aloud, and heard a click, and cold metal being pressed against his head.

"We would."

The world went black as the gun went off, separating King Tawaba's body and soul. He was sent to live in peace, but not before muttering a curse on the two men.

"Let greed be your downfall..."

The two men laughed, and that laugh echoed all the way to Garfield's frozen body. Moments after the King had went off, Garfield rose, and gave chase. The young boy didn't wish to be left alone, but once the smoke became overwhelming for his nose and eyes, he was forced to stop and get lower. Even though the smoke rose into the air, it still swirled around Garfield's vision, and mouth, choking him.

He coughed, and fell to the ground in a fit. His body thrashed, his mind no longer controlling his actions. He felt his eyes tear up, and began to close, his throat tighten and thicken with smoke, and he thought he heard two sets of footsteps.

"Well, looky here. Some kid's a bit misinformed of skin colors." A deep, rough voice spoke from above Garfield's wreaking body.

"Seems so. Let's take 'im home and try to fix him. Who knows? He may be worth a lil something..."

Garfield didn't feel a bag slide over his head, nor a bullet go through his foot, because all he felt was the pain of knowing everyone he knew, was dead.

He was truly... alone.