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"You don't like me." Lila Archer stated simply, her eyes wide with little droplet of water dripping down her lips. The lips that were just previously on his.

"No! I do." He nearly shouted making the young woman in front of him blink. Once, twice, three times.

"I like you." She answered, her eyes lingering on him. He felt like he was being measured up and he essentially was.

"I like you too.. It's just, I'm a.. I'm a federal agent, you know? I'm supposed to protect you."

The next words she uttered, Spencer Reid would never forget. "Then keep me close." At that, he couldn't help himself as his primal urges set in and their kiss was reignited. He pulled back once again to try to argue his way out of what surely could land him in hot water (was it possible to get any hotter than this?) but she merely quieted him with a kiss.

Whatever this was, transference or real live lust, Spencer Reid wasn't accustomed to it and wasn't sure he could even fathom it at the moment. A little moan was tugged from her lips, cutting into his frenzied thoughts and finally, he just let go.

That was the night Doctor Spencer Reid became a man. Those lips would haunt him until his dying day, he was sure of it. He wondered if a certain Hollywood starlet thought of him in the same way and dismissed the thought quickly. There was no use day dreaming. It got you nowhere.