Heart of the Wolf

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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*Another note: All the other Remus/Lily Luna stories posted before this are, in fact, Remus/Lily Evans fics; their authors just made the mistake of putting down Lily Luna's name instead of her grandmother's, so this is the first Remus/Lily Luna. Let the Remlilu commence!

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Someone once said the heart wants what the heart wants. It's a saying Remus Lupin knows well. How else would he have reasoned his love for Nymphadora Tonks?

Yet he hates the saying, too. It—in a way—dooms him to care for that which he ought not. It marks him as a different kind of beast he's sure other people would see him as if they knew what name set his heart pounding. It condemns him to a lonely life, as he survived the war and Dora didn't, and his son is the one with all the luck.

Lily Luna Potter has tried her damnedest to charm Teddy Lupin off his feet, and Remus must admit the pair is most amusing. But Lily's an adult now, and the stars are almost gone from her eyes, because Teddy never would give her the time of day. No, Teddy fell for another Weasley-Potter girl...not even Victoire—she's with Neville, of all people—but Roxanne, George's daughter. And Teddy is head-over-heels for the joker, but Remus can see Lily's starting not to want Teddy's attention anymore... She's started to realize that love is futile.

Remus hurts for her. He's known such pangs of love and pain before. He knows where she's been. She may be all lipstick&tomboy actions&I don't give a damn attitude, but Remus wonders if for every wild heart there's a safe soul to tame it.

Lily can look into his eyes and Remus can turn away, thinking she'd never accept his scarred wolf's heart. But—really—he the one with his job cut out for him:

Can Remus heal her heart and tell her she can be so much more than a lone wolf?


Yeah, he hopes so, too.

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8D PLOT BUNNIES HAVE LANDED! I have so many ideas for them! I don't care that this had to be AU-ish just to have him alive! I lovelovelove 'em! X3 Another fav M&MWP of mine, methinks. B3

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