This is a fanfiction my friend seriia (on deviantart) and I are working on. She isn't on here, but I'm on here so much, I figured "What the hell?" and put it up here. Her story is through Percy's POV and mine's through Annabeth's, but mine are a bit more descriptive. If you wanna check hers out, here's the link: .com/gallery/?q=percy+jackson+17

We wrote this before The Lost Hero, so it takes place after The Last Olympian. Has anyone else noticed that all Riordan's books start with "The"?


Today was going to be awesome. It was Percy's seventeenth birthday, one year later from when we saved the world from the Titan Lord and first got together. Everyone had brought really cool gifts, but I knew he would like mine the most, and I had a plan on how to deliver it.
Then, Percy stepped out of his house and we all cheered as I slipped my invisibility hat on. His big grin made me smile to see him so happy, but as he scanned the crowd of almost every camper from Camp-Half Blood, even the Ares cabin was here, his face shadowed over when he couldn't find me. Excellent.
Percy walked around, saying "Hi" to many people, growing even more sullen as he went through the crowd and didn't find the person he was looking for. I stayed about five to seven feet away from him, until he left the crowd and went over to the built in swing set far in the back of his yard across from the built in trampoline.
I got too excited and stepped too close to him on the swing. The one next to him moved slightly and he noticed it before some one called "PERCY!"
We both looked up as Rachel ran up to him.
"Hi," he mumbled.
She sat on his lap, kissed his cheek, then ran off just as quickly.
Now! I thought.
I stepped in front of him and sat on his lap, pushing my legs in the space between his side and the swing rope then wrapped them around his waist.
I kissed him.
Percy looked surprised, then realized what was going on. His fingers traced lightly up my spine sending a volley of electricity through my body. He grabbed my hat and gently removed it. He could finally see me, then kissed with more passion now that he could see the object of his affection.
My plan had worked. He liked my present.
My hand clutched his hair as the other one smoothly traced his face and neck hungrily. He parted his lips slightly, allowing me entrance. I could've stayed like that forever, and from his actions, so could he, but there was a flash off to the side and a faint "click." Our lips retracted to see what was going on. Percy's mom was standing there with a camera and giggling campers behind her.
"MAN!" Percy screamed.
He tried to pull away, but I hugged my legs around him and my arms became restraints, refusing to let go. He gave up and held me tighter.
I couldn't help but laugh, and neither could he.
"Presents!" his mom laughed.
The cabins all lined up in turns. Most of it was candy, cards, blah blah blah. Yep, my present was definitely the best, until it was the Hermes cabin's turn. As Percy opened it, his face looked confused, then bright red.
That's when I saw what it was.
It was a bra, white with red polka-dots. I could feel my face pale and my hairs stood on end. Then I was red with rage.
I snatched the bra out of the box while the Hermes cabin snickered off to the side. They took off as I ran after them and screamed "You perverts! I've been looking for this!"
I caught up to them and smashed their heads together. I jogged back to Percy as he opened his mom's present, $300, and Poseidon's, 50 gold drachma. Percy had on a devious expression that then turned dreamy that made me wonder what was going on in his head.

Like it? Love it? Hate it with a burning passion? That would be okay though, 'cause I don't really like it either. It's old (like August 7th, 2009 old), and my writing skills have improved, but it's imperitive to the story, sooo. . . *shrug*

REVIEWS make Hermes Cabin steal undergarments.