Frenchies Vs. Brits



Disclaimer: The idea for this fanfiction is mine. I think the rights to Worms 3D belong to Sega.

"Test the wind," said One looking back at his team. Two happily obliged and got out the mini flag to test the wind. That is why Two was his second in command, the only thing he liked better than killing Frenchies was testing the wind. A weird hobby? Probably, but it was helpful when you were holding a rocket launcher pointed at Frenchies and didn't want to miss.

"It's a little to the North-East boss," Two replied when he had finished checking the direction. "Should we get Three and Four out to their positions now?" He inquired. "Sure Two, let's get them moving out as soon as possible." He turned to Three and Four, the silent twins. "Alright boys let's get you out to your positions and make sure to collect any drops you find on the way." They nodded simultaneously and headed out.

"Alright Five get those positions plotted out and prepare for airdrop calls." Five happily went about his duties and started typing calculations into his laptop. That was why Five was here after all, he was the numbers man, that and he just loved seeing Frenchies blown sky high. Or anything else for that matter. "I'll be ready in five boss," he said.

Content with what was happening with the rest of the team he turned to the newest member of their little squad, Six. He was apparently part Frenchie himself but as long as he likes blowin' up the other Frenchies it doesn't much matter what he is. The only problem was that he didn't know what Six could do. Better to bluff, he thought. "Alright Six you are going to go around the edge of their caravan just out of air strike range. Then you are going to help distract them with gunfire until the bombs drop. You think you can do that?" He asked. "Yes sir!" He eagerly responded. Good, he thought. That's a start.

The time had finally come to begin the strike and get this Frenchie squad out of his sight. "You got the airstrike ready to go yet?" One asked. "Yes sir," Five replied. "Good, I'll radio the men." He took out his radio set. "Alright men it's about time we gave these Frenchies a one way ticket to the grave! Get ready to fire on my command." Suddenly he heard a commotion near the enemy encampment. "Tuez les Britanniques!" He heard a Frenchie yell. "Watch out!" He yelled into his radio. Then the gunfire erupted.

He saw the twins open fire into the enemy group. They looked like they had the same amount of men as he did but probably not a prepared airstrike. "Get the airstrike off! Now!" One yelled at Five as an explosion went off in the distance. When he looked out he saw that an airplane was dropping bombs off onto the area where Three and Four had been. "Oh no! It's heading straight for us!" Two yelled. "Quick! Get to cover!" One called out before diving to the side. Suddenly the bombs hit and the world went dark.

One woke up in intense pain. He looked down at himself and noticed half his body was gone. At least my arms are still here, he thought. If the Frenchies come anywhere near me they're going to be eating lead! He looked around and noticed that he couldn't see Two or Five. He grabbed for his radio only to find that it was no longer there. He started looking around for that and saw it lying at the top of the hill he had been hiding on only a few minutes earlier.

He started to drag himself up the hill toward the abandoned radio set that may prove to be the only chance for him and his men to get out of this alive. After he finally reached the top of the hill he grabbed the signature Brit radio piece and desperately tried to make it work. He finally got to the secure channel and started listening for chatter. There was only static so he tried talking to his troops.

"Three are you there? Three? How about you Four?" He called into the radio. After getting no response there he decided to move on to the next trooper with a set. "What about you Six? Are you still alive?" He waited for a few seconds. "Talk to me Six, are you OK?" Still no response. He heard a noise behind him on the hill. He turned around gun raised to see Two making his way up the hill. He put up his hand to wave him over.

"Watch out boss!" Two called. One didn't even get a chance to look behind him before the Frenchie shot. His lights went out and he didn't see anything more.

End of Chapter One