Failed Plans

I ran forward with my lightsaber in hand, flanked by three other Jedi who had been elected to come with me. Today, our goal was to capture Darth Revan, the main reason the Sith were winning the war against the Republic. It was no surprise to any of us that Revan was well guarded. He had control of the entire Sith fleet, so he obviously had many bodyguards.

The Jedi behind me slew the last Dark Jedi and we proceeded to the bridge to confront Revan.

When we saw him, we all backed up slightly at the sight of him. We saw a man dressed in frightening black armor with a hood over his masked face. The power he wielded echoed off of him like a sonic emitter.

"You cannot win, Revan" I said, stepping forward.

Under his mask, I am certain Revan was smiling. He obviously was amused by my resistance. But before we had the time to attack, I felt a surge in the Force.

Both, the Jedi strike team and Darth Revan looked out the window to see torpedoes coming from Malak's ship. I knew the end was near for all of us.

But to my surprise, the shields of Revan's ship absorbed the impact of the torpedoes, leaving us all unharmed. At the impact, I was thrown to the side, causing the rest of the Jedi strike team to look down at me.

Darth Revan took advantage of the distraction to lunge forward, past me and into the middle of the other three Jedi. He ignited his lightsaber and defeated them all easily, driving his lightsaber into their midsections.

I attacked Darth Revan out of anger and I still was no match for his skill. Our blades met, yellow to red, but he pushed me back before using the Force to cause me to tire. The only thing I thought was to lie down and go to sleep, which I did. I went to sleep on the bridge of the Dark Lord's flagship.

I do not know how long I was asleep, but when I got up, two Sith guards were in my prison cell when I woke up. They pulled me up and drug me back to the bridge where I saw Revan standing over Malak. There were many Dark Jedi standing around the two Sith, and I was thrown right into the front. Revan was still wearing his mask and Malak looked like he was scared to death.

"You tried to kill me again, Malak" Revan hissed through his mask.

"I was just trying to stop the Jedi. I heard that they had infiltrated you ship so I tried to eliminate them for you" Malak pleaded.

"Your excuses are meaningless. I would have thought that you had remembered what happens when you betray me" Revan snarled. Malak whimpered a little and rubbed his jaw.

"Once again, you leave me no choice but to leave you yet another reminder as to what happens when you betray me. Every time you betray me, you will lose yet another limb" Revan said as he ignited his lightsaber. Revan swung and cut off Malak's right arm at the wrist. Malak screamed and grasped his stump of a wrist. Revan signaled for some soldiers to take Malak to get the proper treatment for his injury before turning to look at me. The guards pushed me toward him and he looked at me.

"Hello, Padawan; I would call you youngling due to the skills you possess" Revan said.

"I have skills you could never know, Revan" I replied back.

"Ah yes, I know of your marvelous talent for battle meditation" Revan said. I guess I looked shocked because Revan laughed.

"I know who you are Bastila Shan. I know what you have learned and what you have not been taught yet. I can teach you, but you have to join me" Revan said.

"Petty knowledge will not be sufficient to turn me, Revan" I spat back.

"You are very daring, Bastila. Most others would not defy me after what they had just witnessed" Revan said.

I glanced down at the hand at my feet and I realized that he was right. I was brave to defy him. I knew what disobedience could bring me, and it would most likely be worse for me, because I was not his apprentice.

"Your words impress me, but you will see how persuasive I can be" Revan said.

"Promises and power do not impress me, Revan" I said in return.

"We shall see" he said, turning away from me. With that, my two guards returned and I was returned to my cell.

After meditating for several hours, a meal was delivered to me in my cell. I was amazed at the quality of it. At first I expected poisoning, but Revan wouldn't gain anything by killing me.

But during those thoughts, I heard the door to my cell open. I ceased my meditation and looked up to see Revan standing in the doorway.

"Do you like your accommodations? If you are not pleased, I can move you" Revan said. His voice actually sounded sincere, as if I could believe it.

"What kind of trick is this? I hope you know that being nice will not turn me to your side" I replied coolly.

"You have said that before, but perhaps time will change your mind" Revan replied casually.

"Do you really think that I will turn? You say those words with covered eyes, is this because you cannot meet mine? You keep a mask over your face, is this because your evil ways have twisted you into a monster? Men won't obey you if you unveil yourself because they would turn to run from the beast that is you" I said, not knowing how I mustered the courage to say it.

I thought he was going to kill me after that, but he coolly turned away. He brought his hands his face and removed the mask that was covering his face.

When he turned back, my jaw fell open. I had expected a man with pale white skin glued to bone, but he was the exact opposite. I really saw a handsome man with long brown hair, dropping down to his shoulders. He looked back at me with beautiful blue eyes and smiled back at me with a perfect set of white teeth. I gazed at him for several minutes; he looked like a god that my father had told me about when he returned from his expeditions before I left for the Jedi Order.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked, smiling.

"Well yes, I can't say that I don't like it" I replied.

"As you can see, I am not a monster" he said.

"Then why do you hide behind a mask?" I asked.

"Men fear what they can't see. It is how I earn their loyalty" Revan said casually, looking down at me.

In my mind, I realized that he was right. His men would not respect him as much if they didn't fear him.

"Then how are you going to earn my loyalty, fear?" I asked.

"Fear is an excellent way to achieve someone's obedience but it will often lead to hatred. I can tell you now that I will not hurt you. When you do join me, it will be from trust" Revan said, causing me to laugh.

"I am a Padawan of the Jedi Council and you are the Dark Lord of the Sith. I follow the light side and you follow the dark side. How could I possibly trust you?" I asked Revan.

"You will see; you do intrigue me my dear" Revan said.

"How so?" I asked.

"You see my mask and you step forward where most other people turn in fear. You are brave, Bastila" Revan said.

"Well, thank you" I said, completely taken aback by the compliment.

"See, I am already gaining your trust" Revan said.

"I will never serve you, Revan" I snapped, enraged at him.

"We will see" he replied as he put his mask back on. He cast me a bow as he exited my cell, leaving me to my meditation. The only thing I knew was that I hated this Dark Lord of the Sith with everything I am.

Author's Note: I got this original idea for this from reading the Tinuviel Undomiel fic, "Captivated" and I have decided to take the fic and revise the original chapters of the story. My goal is to improve the original story and finish it. I would like any tips that would make my job easier and make the story better for the readers and I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the support everyone