"Pretty much. Nobody tells you anything because A. you're a blabbermouth and B. we all just pretend to like you."

There was a moment of silence. Puck started to say something, but he got cut off. Rachel just... exploded.

"You've got to be fucking KIDDING me!" She screamed. Everyone stared at her in shock. Did Rachel Berry just curse? They briefly heard Puck say it was hot and Lauren say "Best. Greenroom. Ever." before Rachel continued.

"This is you pretending to like me? Really? Yelling at me, putting me down about every single thing possible, lying to me, keeping secrets from me? Wow. If this is how you guys pretend to like me, then I would hate to see you actually showcase your true feelings for me. I don't understand why you guys hate me so much. All I ever did was try to make this team the absolute best it could be. Sure, sometimes I may have went about it wrong, but still, each and every one of you have been-"

Mr. Schuester came into the room "ENOUGH!" he shouted. Everyone expected Rachel to quiet down, and for him to give one of his lectures that simultaneously makes them feel like shit and want to go out and do amazing. But, again to their surprise, that wasn't what happened.

"NO! No, that is not enough. Not even close. I make a slight comment after everyone being rude to me and I'm 'selfish', or 'controlling', or 'not being a team player.' All of these people, every single one of them in here, make comments to me every single day saying every single thing they don't like about me and you, you let them! You hate me for some reason and you let everybody put me down because deep down you want to be the popular quarterback that everyone likes. You want to relive your glory days. You want to be Finn, but you know what Mr. Schue? You're a Goddamn TEACHER. So, you need to start acting like it."

Suddenly she stopped. She took in nice, slow, even breaths and smiled. It was a brilliant smile. Not her "I'm-Rachel-Berry-and-I'm-A-Star" smile. Not her "I-won't-let-you-see-me-cry." smile. No. A real, genuine, "I've-finally-made-a-choice-and-I'm-happy-about-it." smile. None of them have ever seen it before.

"I am truly sorry to leave you with only 11 members, and thus unable to perform, but I simply cannot remain with you any longer. Goodbye, fellow glee club members."

Then, Rachel Berry made the most epic diva storm out of her life.

And she never looked back.