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"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly..." Mara whispered softly, slowly tracing the etched words with her fingers along the marble wall. It was just another boring day in her dull life. School, work, chores, homework, and bed. It was the same routine, every single day, and she was sick of it.

She traced the words again, her fingers lingering on the word 'love.' Love. Happiness. Comfort. Where had it all gone? When had she started feeling so alone, so empty? Was it when Mick and her had broken up or was it even before that? Perhaps it was when Nina moved in and one by one she started losing her friends. Not that it was Nina's fault or anything, but it just slowly started to happen.

First it was Amber, who she had lost over Mick, and ever since that day and now, four months later, the rift between them never fully healed. Next it was Patricia, who gradually became distant to her; spending most of her time hanging out with Nina, Fabian, Amber, and surprisingly Alfie. All five of them had formed a close nit club of some sort and refused to let anyone else in or know what went on in it.

Then it was Jerome, who technically really wasn't her friend, but they had bonded for a short period of time while Mick was away in the states. He had shared with her private tid bits about his life, about his parents, and mostly importantly, a glimpse into his real self. She'd seen him genuinely smile, laugh, and enjoy himself around her without putting up any self closing barriers. But that too had changed in a short while. During the campaign run, he had suddenly gone cold towards her, ditching her for Amber and ultimately causing her downfall. She had never understood why then, but now, looking back, she probably had a good idea why. It was because of Mick.

Mick. Mara closed her eyes sat down on the nearby park bench. Mick, he had been the best and worst mistake of her life. He had been her very first crush and boyfriend but in many ways he had been the one who spiraled her life out of control. Maybe she should have listened to Patricia's waring about him or even Jerome's. But had she? No. No, Mara, like many other teenage girls who were hopelessly smitten with their crush, had blindly refused to listen to her friends' advice and follow her girly hormones.

Look where she'd ended up now. Alone, sitting in a quiet park on a Friday afternoon. It really was pathetic. Kids her age were suppose to be out partying, hanging with friends, just having a good time; not sitting alone in a goddamn park thinking about their depressing life.

Mara shivered. The crisp April air had suddenly chilled, indicating that it was time for her to head back to the Anubis house. Casting a final look back at the marble memorial, Mara slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way out of the park.

"Mara," Trudy's voice greeted her as soon as she stepped into the Dinning room "there you are. Thought you'd be out with someone. Everyone's skipping dinner today."

Mara shook her head. "No Trudy, I was actually-"

"Really? Mara out on a date? On a Friday? That's got to be the funniest thing I ever heard." Jerome's voice rang out, cutting her off in mid-sentence "After thing's went down in Micksvill, poor Mara can't seem to get any boy's attention."

Mara stiffened at his words. He had hit the nail on the head. After her break up with Mick, she really hadn't payed attention to anybody and vise versa. It was as if she had once again blended into the crowd, just another silent face.

"Jerome!" Trudy exclaimed, catching the look on Mara's face "That's quite enough."

"Sorry, sorry," The dirty blonde haired boy answered, stealing an apple from the fruit bowl "that was very insensitive of me. How are Amber and Mick doing, since we're on the subject? They seem to be going out almost every day. Very close."


"It's alright, Trudy," Mara quickly said "do you need help with dinner?"

"Yes, love. Would you mind setting the table? That would be lovely."


"Alright, I'll be getting the food ready then. Jerome, you help Mara too." Trudy advised before popping back into the Kitchen.

"But of course." Jerome muttered, taking a bite of his apple and staring at her with those piercing blue eyes. She suddenly felt very uncomfortable under his steady gaze and busied herself with setting the silverware out. She was plainly aware of the chair scraping back and soon another presence joined her.

"You know, you really don't have to help me set the table." Mara said, placing a fork on a plate "I can do it myself."

"Nonsense. Here, hand me a spoons." he answered, reaching forward from behind her and trying to pick up the pile of spoons. Their fingers lightly touched and Mara flinched back. She was very uncomfortable with their close proximity. She could feel him staring at her and she quickly tried to put the last of her forks down.

"Mara," she heard Jerome's voice from behind her "do I make you feel uncomfortable?"

Her heart slowed. "Of course not." she quickly injected, trying to change the subject "don't get any strange ideas."

"No," He murmured moving forward and bracing her between himself and the table "I think you're lying. I think you're afraid of me."

Mara glared up at him. "Am not. Now get off me, Jerome." When he didn't, she put her hands on his chest and gave him a little push. "I'm serious. Trudy will be out with the food any second now and the table's still not set."

"Really Mara. Are you just worried about Trudy or is there something else?" he whispered, leaning forward ever so lightly and pushing her into the table more.

Mara swallowed. She could feel Jerome's heart beating steadily through her right palm and she hazily wondered why she still had her hands pressed to his chest. And for some odd reason, she couldn't seem to look away from his eyes. They were hypnotizing. So deep, like endless pools of sapphire. And his lips...

"Oh my goodness. What are you both doing on the table?" Trudy's voice rang out, snapping Mara out of her trance.

She quickly shoved Jerome away and ducked out from under his arm. What was she doing, thinking such thoughts? Maybe she was finally starting to lose her mind, too much studying and not enough fun would do that to a person.

"Oh nothing, Trudy." Jerome answered coolly, running a hand through his hair " you know how us teenagers are, right? Always up to no good."

Trudy shook her head. "Well whatever you do, please not on the table. Mara sweetie, can you help me bring the food out please?"

Mara nodded her head. "Sure Trudy, be right there."

Dinner was very awkward. Not only was it just Jerome and her, but the way they were sitting didn't help lift the tense atmosphere. They were both sitting facing one another, and no mater how hard she stared at her mash potatoes, Mara could feel him staring at her.

"Can you please stop staring at me?" Mara said quietly, refusing to meet his eyes "It looks creepy."

"How can you even tell what it looks like when you refuse to look at me." Jerome answered easily, making Mara look up from her plate and glare at him.

"I can feel you're eyes boring a hole in me. And why exactly are you even here? Don't you and Alfie have some sort of prank that you should be doing?"

"Can't," He answered, taking a spoonful of mash potatoes in his mouth "Alfie's out with Patricia along with Nina, Fabian, and the rest of the lot."

Mara blinked. "Did you say Patricia?" she asked.

"Yes, I said Patricia. You're former best friend. Although if I do recall, she was Joy's best friend. Didn't you have Amber? Oh wait you lost her over Mick to Nina. Who do you have as a friend nowadays, Mara? I don't see you with anyone anymore."

That stung. It felt as if he had slapped her across the face. No one. She had no one. And he had to just rub it in more, didn't he? Make her feel more shitty than she already was. She shot out of her seat, startling Jerome in the process. She was surprised to find tears brimming her eyes.

"Yes, Jerome, I have no one. I am alone. Does it make you feel better now that I have admitted it?" She snarled, a few tears leaking from her eyes "Or do you still want to rub salt in my wounds? Mock me more about Mick and how he and Amber are so fucking happy and that I screwed up? Huh? Or do you want to twist the knife in deeper and say that all my friends are gone and I have nothing left? Do you get satisfaction from hurting me!"

"Mara, Mara calm down I didn't mean-" Jerome started, getting up but she cut him off.

"I hate you." she whispered stopping him dead in his tracks "I hate you so much, Jerome. I don't know even why I thought you were a good person, that you were my friend when all you do is constantly say things that hurt me. I was so stupid to ever think that. So stupid."

With that Mara turned and ran out of the room, or so she tried to, but a had hand clamped hard on her arm and made her forcibly stop. She struggled to get free but he wouldn't let her go.

"Let go of me!" She screamed, wildly thrashing around in his grip "Let go Jerome! What do you want from me?"

"I want you to calm down, Mara." Jerome answered evenly, turning her around so that she was facing him.

Mara furiously shook her head and tried to pull away from him. "No! Let go of me. Why the hell should I even listen to you? Who are you to me?"

"Who the hell am I? I am the one who knows you the best." Jerome hissed, pushing her into the wall as an attempt to stop her from struggling so much. "I'm the one who knows what you like and dislike. I'm the one who knows what you are feeling and where you are every afternoon. I'm the one who knows your strengths and weaknesses. I'm the one who cares about you. Goddammit Mara, look at me!"

She shook her head and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. No, no, no! She refused to believe a single word he said. Refused to believe anything he said. She just wanted to go up to her room, crawl in her bed, and just forget about everything.

"Listen to me," She heard him say softly and felt him gently grasp her face in both hands, forcing her to to lift her face up and meet his eyes "I'm the one that loves you."

And with that, he slowly brought his lips down to her's and closed the gap in between them.

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