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Take What Is Yours Ch 1

…Of Deception.

Aono Residence.

It didn't ring.

No matter how hard she stared, no matter how long she waited, and no matter how much she willed it, the phone she had been sitting anxiously by for the last week and a half, remained inactive and silent.

Aono Kasumi had kept an unbending vigil next to the phone; eating, hovering, picking it up and placing the speaker piece to her ear to make sure the dull drone of an active line had not gone dead. This was the duty given to her since the time she had shared that magical moment when her husband had witness the results of their romantic tumbles.

She was a mommy.

Now, her only child was out there in the world somewhere without her, some how suffering who knows what.

A broken heart? A heated spat with an unfaithful wife? A fistfight with someone who used to be his friend? A long couple of days binging on sake or who knew what else?

She was pretty sure her son was alright, but she just needed to make sure. Moka hadn't called back to let her know they were back together, they had separated, they were working on things still…

Anything would have helped to alleviate her fears that something was wrong.

"He'll call."

Her husband, Tsukune's father spoke, towering over her from behind with his hand resting on her shoulder.

Kasumi just nodded, her unwavering duty to keep an eye on the phone taking precedence over everything else.

"You need to eat," her husband spoke softly, glancing towards the untouched plate on the table.

She simply shrugged. It was unimportant compared to what she needed to do.

Something viscerally clenched her guts, alarming every motherly instinct that she had, that something was wrong and her baby needed her.

"If he was to call right now and said he needed you to rescue him from the end of the world, you would be too weak to do so."

Her soft brown eyes that were rimmed red from lack of sleep and blinking decided to close wearily and concede to the voice of reason. Angling herself just a little bit off center from the phone, she picked up the chop sticks and began to nibble out of necessity instead of desire at the cold food in front of her.

The phone would ring.

It had to.

In The Snow Village

Mizore was lounged on her bed assigned to her with the other four snow women of her village deemed to receive 'donor' help from the Snow Priestess's selection. Each one of the selected receivers were chatting together of some of their lost loves, how they were selected when their partners were unable to do what was needed or had became part of some tragic accident that resulted in their arrival here.

It was for the good of the village.

She had told herself that same line when she realized her and Tsukune were not going to happen. Hutaro Mizore remembered that night so long ago when it was just her and him in the snow flower field, acres upon acres surrounding them with their euphoric and hypnotizing scent, drowning out most people senses and making what should have been an overwhelming need to copulate become a moment of sheer intimacy that nothing her lawful husband or any other man she ever met could equal.

There wasn't a day, at least several times an hour, when that moment of 'what could have been' played in her mind and how wrongfully fate and prophecy had snatched away her happiness.


Mizore's half yukata was opened at her front, her obi untied and her body, smooth flawless skin exposed with her young supple breasts for him to see, was straddling him as she shivered…

…and not from the cold.

She was so scared.

Of what?

Her inevitable fate?

How her friend would receive her?

If her friend would deny her?

Would this change things between her friends and things between with Moka?

She didn't know, but right now, at this moment, Shirayuki Mizore was being selfish.

It was her only chance, she was sure of it.

Then her silly, fumbling and nervous friend Tsukune looked up at her, stupefied and confused, worried and protective of the woman who had pushed him down, expressing her hope and desire to do what came natural in all creatures to create life with her. She begged him, exposed herself to him in her finest yukata and prettiest sandals, praying desperately in her mind and soul that he could take her away from her fate that was about to come by doing something as simple as have sex with her. While he had not told her no, he watched the woman who was as bare to him and separating them was a small piece of white panty.

Her friend, Aono Tsukune, treated her how she had hope he wouldn't: As a very precious friend.

"Why is your face so sad?" He reached up, lovingly, tenderly traced her face with the palm of his hand. "Look how you're shivering. It's like you'd shatter if I touched you."

And that was all he had to say to complete her love for him.

Her body was ready, her heart, her mind, her spirit…everything was there…

For him.

Only him.

Before she knew it, Fate, Prophecy, the snow priestess and all the hell that followed afterwards had snatched her away from what could have and should have been the moment where she made a bond with her passionately humble and cherished friend.

End Flashback.

It was gone and now here she was. Three children later, married and ruined in her eyes…

She was no longer pure.

Yet, that didn't stop her from hoping, from praying, from…from…

From what? It was done.

This was her last year. Actually, it was not even that. She had months left till she could conceive another child for the sake of the village and she had failed to reach out and get the blessing of the one man who mattered in her eyes.

The Snow Priestess had denied her.

Even when she put in the request, she was told that Aono Tsukune was told of what Mizore had requested of him but had been denied.

It didn't bother her, though. She knew that her Tsukune was considering what she was asking a breach of his marriage vows.

Chuckling in her simple clothes of oversized shirt and simple skirt, she glanced down at the scrap book she had created out of all the newspaper clippings her and her friends had made during their time at the Newspaper Club with some of the previous entries she had of just him.

Tracing her fingers over the faded script, she sighed dreamily around her lollipop.

Oh, how she missed him.

Now, she knew of her fate and everything didn't matter anymore. Gin was to be the donor of her child and everything would be settled. She was informed that there was going to be an insemination process that could ensure fertilization of her eggs and that was how she had wanted it to be.

Smirking to herself, she was sure her old Newspaper sempai would have preferred to do it the old fashion way. The option was available for some of the Yuka-onna, but Mizore wanted nothing to do with the irascible pervert other then receive what was needed to get the process over and done with.

He had more then taken his fair share of 'feels' and inappropriate touchings while her and Kurumu had trained with him.

No more of that, thank you very much, Mizore huffed in thought.

Looking down at the wrinkled and well worn pages of her scrap book, she fingered a picture of all of her friends together with the shy and admired Aono Tsukune in the middle, his arm wrapped around Moka's waist in possession.

Every other girl was there, in some way or another silently wishing for their separation so that they could have their chance with the one boy who broke all barriers between monsters and humans.

She had been one of them.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, she saw she had about a day till Gin would be by to do what was needed. Sighing in frustration, she decided it was no use in worrying about it. Three kids were born from her womb from a man who didn't love her but respected her.

Would it matter so much that the fourth would be from someone who had shared a friendly history with her?

As much as she didn't want try and think of becoming linked by flesh to a man who seemed to loathe decency with women, she realized she was doing all she could for the same reason she had married Siiko in the first place.

"It's for the good of the village."

While it didn't give her any peace, she was able to find some comfort that between worlds and dimensions, her beloved friend Aono Tsukune was happy with his wife, enjoying a life she would never know.

A Bus Stop In Japan

"You're going to call me when you get back, right?" A pretty brunette asked as she kissed Morioka Gin at the subway leading to the outskirts of Japan to meet the Busdriver to take him to the Snow Village to seek Mizore.

"Of course, Aoi-chan." Gin touched her cheek, reflecting a promise he had no intention of keeping.

While it confused him as to why they would go so far to gather him, he decided to just take the long ride and just relax. Everything in his life was going good and he had no complaints that things were just smooth sailing from here to another one of Tsukune's little harem girls.

When the word came back that the snow girl he had touched inappropriately so many times was waiting for him, he sighed in delight. While she had already given birth to three kids already…


…he decided that this was more for fulfilling what he could not when Tsukune was still nosing around and stealing his thunder at the Academy.

Finding a seat where he could relax and kick his feet up, he felt the lurch of the subway and everything speed by the windows as it chugged along.

"Two out of five, two out of five," He chanted his little mantra.

Life was good and getting better.

At Youkai Academy Medical Facility

"Where is my daughter!"

"Ma'am, please calm down." The nurse tried to placate the, obvious, witch with the pointy hat and flowing cape, but it was a useless and stupid choice when the woman quickly whipped out her wand and summoned a basin out of thin air.

"If you don't answer me this INSTANT, I will make sure what falls on you is nothing short of a basin filled with Sulfuric Acid! Now you've got five seconds!"

"Okay, there's no need to-"


"Wait, just calm down!"


"What happened to four!" The nurse paled, and realized the copper basin on top of her was bubbling with a strong smelling liquid.


"Shit! She's in room 1402, section B!" the nurse ducked and covered her head with her hands.

"Hmph!" Mrs Sendo spun on her heel with her husband already running down the hall to the mentioned room.

Waiting till they were well outside of ear shot, the nurse quickly punched in a number for security. Mikogami was going to punish her if he found out that someone found Yukari without permission. There were things, very secretive things going on that she was sure with a witch's knowledge in things of a genius's level would be aware of …

…and they would not be too happy.


The two guards that were guarding Yukari's room were soon face down on the linoleum tiles, drooling unconsciously.

The young witch woke up to the sound of her father pushing the door open and nearly weeping at the sight of his daughter tangled and wrapped up in tubes and IV's, beeping equipment and dripping fluids.

"Duddy!" Yukari's large violet eyes wept guiltily, her lips only parting with the wire holding her jaw in place keeping her teeth clenched making her words still slurred and broken.

Mother and Father Sendo approached their daughter with aching eyes and pain filled hearts.

"My baby!" Her mother came to Yukari's side and embraced her, weeping at the sight of her only child pierced and wounded in the medical bed. "What happened?"

As Yukari explained what had befallen her in the last couple of days, her father had snatched up the chart from her bed and blinked in disbelief.

"Paralyzed and your jaw wired?" After her father's soft growl, he dropped the chart as if it was garbage. "Who did this to you? I want their name and I want their ass!"

"Not until after I do my duty to do the same to them and the person they love the most!" Mrs Sendo promised vehemently.

"Itsh wash an ashident! I shwear, she didn'sh mean-"

"You can't be in here!" Some of the orderlies and a few nurses broke the witch's parents inquiries. "This room is under strict observation for the sake of the patient!"

Bolding to confront the nurse who had addressed them, Mrs Sendo decided to reply in kind.

Nose to nose with her wand in hand and a halo of tarot cards circling over her head, she asked, "And under whose authority has decided my daughter is to be observed?"

Taking a step back, the nurse glanced at the orderlies and found she was not prepared to receive the attention of an angry witch and warlock husband.

"Ahhh…The Headmaster Mikogami-sama. He states this room is to not have any visitors."

"I'm not a visitor. I'm her mother."

"Wait," Mr Sendo called out, glancing at the bags dripping into her daughter's arms. "What is the meaning of this?"

"What is it?" Mrs Sendo called out and circled the bed Yukari resided in to study what her husband was holding in his hands as if ready to crush it like a bug.

"Don't touch that! By the Headmaster's strict order no one is to do anything-"

When Mrs Sendo read the complex ingredients labeled on the bag and their properties, she presented them to her husband and shared a glance between her husband and her daughter. Taking the liberty to close the drip feeding her daughter and remove it from wherever they were attached to her daughter's limbs.

"You can't-!" The nurse began, but was silenced when the thick wand of Yukari's father slapped against the woman's neck.

"I would like for you tell me what I can and can not do to my daughter," Mr Sendo raised his own wand towards the group of people barring the door now. "In fact, I think I have something to say to anyone who would do this and feel it was necessary to administer an Immobility Paralyzer without the consent of her parents!"

"Mwhat?" Yukari screamed, her large eyes growing larger.

"What are you talking about?" The nurse gawked stupefied, "We've only been giving her the prescribed saline solution provided by-"

Yukari glanced down at her own body as if something snatched her attention. "My armths…Ah can feelth them."

Unable to say anything, they sat there and watched, like some kind of unexplained but explainable miracle when everything they thought was wrong with Yukari was incorrect.

Her fingers began to flinch and her toes move…

Reaching out her hand to scan Yukari's body, her mother flinched when she realized there were runes covering her in various places.

"Preservation runes?" Mrs Sendo asked incredulously. "Why would someone cast this on a wounded person?"

"She was badly injured and was given an infusion of blood from the vampire Aono Tsukune." The white scrub woman announced in an impassioned defense. "He saved her life! She was paralyzed and if it wasn't for him your daughter would have died."

Mr and Mrs Sendo glanced at the other and knew automatically what was going on.

"What are you, stupid? That's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard! We witches have incredible regenerative abilities! While they may not be on the level of vampires, they are enough to survive broken spines!" Mrs Sendo educated the nurse.

"And this preservation spell wasn't to preserve life or anything to Yukari from further injury or complication!" Flicking his wand at his daughter in a disgusted manner, the runes that were now visibly broke like fractured glass and light. "It's to preserve properties of a foreign DNA in the new host!"

When the parents and the wounded realize what was going on, it was the medical team who answered what they had been ignorant to.

"Mikogami didn't want to keep Yukari under observation because she was wounded, but to contain the samples of blood that Aono Tsukune gave her."

While the thought seeped into everyone's thoughts, one small voice brought everyone back to the center of focus.

"If dhat's brue, dhen kan I get mah jaw unwired, phlease?"