The Nightwhat Sandapile

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon

Author's Note…Please Read:

In February of this year (2011) I was stationed in Norfolk, VA for training. I was stressing over school and money issues, when I got a call from my mother in the middle of the night. My Dad had been in an an ATV accident – a bad one. There I was, stranded in Virginia, while my family dealt with this crisis in Florida. I don't think you can understand how horrible of an experience that was for me.

I love my father so much. For him, my mother, and my little brother – I possess a great deal of affection. I love my family to death, and I am to this day, a Daddy's girl. Needless to say, I was a wreck – crying, sobbing, breaking down in my hotel room all by myself. I could do nothing. I couldn't go to him. I couldn't do anything.

I was practically having panic attacks in my room. The phone call I had received from my mother was vague, something along the lines of: "Your Daddy's been in a bad accident. He flew off of a 6 foot bank on a 4-wheeler going 60 mph and landed in the mud. He's alive, but he's hurt really bad. The ambulance is on the way. I'm going there now. I'll call you when I know more." All of this was said around my mother's sobs.

I found out many hours later that he was in the hospital. Practically the next day, I found out that he had broken half of his ribs, shattered a shoulder blade, and broken several parts of his spine. I finally got to talk to him a few days after that, but I could barely understand him. Hearing his voice, I could tell that he was really drugged up and in a lot of pain. They said he kept thinking I was there, hallucinating because of the drugs. I cried every time I spoke to him until about two weeks after the fact, when I finally got to go home and see him. By that point he was out of the hospital, but he couldn't walk on his own. I couldn't even hug him. He was in pain the whole time I was there.

I got to stay for about 10 days, and then I had to fly here, to Okinawa, Japan for work. I'm happy I got to see him. I so happy that he's alive and moving again. That was the most terrifying time of my life, and every time I sit down to write this fanfiction, I remember that feeling…that horrible, painful, helpless feeling. It is terrible when someone you truly care about is hurt like that – when you fear for that person's life. You die a little on the inside, and I mean that. You really do.

So please understand, until I get past Vlad's predicament, writing this isn't like writing any other fanfiction. It's personal. It's painful.

But it's something that I feel I need to do.

.Chapter Two.

Six months. It would take Vlad 6 months to heal…that is, if he were a normal man. Of course, Vlad Masters was nothing of the sort. By day two of his time in critical care, the doctors were already fawning over how quickly he was recovering. Undoubtedly, if Vlad didn't get away from there soon, someone was going to get suspicious. Danny was, as far as teen knew, the only other living person who knew that Vlad Masters was also Vlad Plasmius, and that his recovery time would probably be closer to two months than six.

Panicking, Danny found himself sending a clone to overshadow the man again in attempts to figure out what the hell they were going to do to get him out of there.

Vlad, Danny said urgently. Vlad, can you hear me? Are you conscious?

Yes, little badger. What is it?

You're healing too fast. I'm worried. The anomalies in your blood are bound to be noticed. What can I do? If we're not careful, they'll figure out your secret!

Calm down, Vlad insisted, and Danny felt the older halfa mentally writhing.

Shit, you're in a lot of pain, aren't you?


Stop trying to move! Danny growled through their mental link. What's hurting?

Everything, Daniel. It all hurts, Vlad responded weakly. And it's hot. My ghost core is overworking itself, trying to heal me too fast. We need to figure out a way to slow it down.

If I can get them to let me in the room, I can cool you down with my ice powers.

Then get your ass in here! Vlad's voice growled through Danny's mind.

right. Danny broke their connection, returning to his own body. He would get in that room…somehow. Lifting his head, he walked proudly up to the main desk, and said briskly, "I want to see Vlad."

At this point, the nurse had lost a lot of patience with the teen, having dealt with his antics when he first entered the hospital with his family.

"Sorry, Mr. Fenton. It's not gonna happen."

"Look," Danny snarled, slapping his hand down on the desk violently. "I'm the only one who really gives a shit about him. Just let me in there for ten minutes. I'm not going to hurt him."

The woman stared thoughtfully at him for nearly a minute before finally giving in. "I'll make a few calls," she informed. "Go sit down until I call you up again, okay?"

Danny smiled gratefully. "Thank you."

She nodded, frowning, and picked up the phone. Danny went to sit back down until she finally called his name. He returned to the desk with gleaming eyes, and she spoke exasperatedly.

"Ten minutes. Don't be too loud, don't touch any of the medical equipment, and most importantly, don't touch him."

Danny nodded vigorously. "Right."

She waved towards the hallway and said, "You know which one it is. Your time starts now. I'll be checking on you in about five minutes, got it?"

"Yeah.." Danny whispered, already rushing towards the hallway. He quietly slipped into to Vlad's room, his throat going dry as his eyes assessed the man on the hospital bed. All of Vlad's wounds were wrapped in bandages, but bruises covered almost every bit of visible skin, including his face. Danny grimaced, letting the temperature in the room drop to a temperature to a dangerous level. He was afraid to actually touch Vlad in any case, despite the nurse's warnings.

"Fruitloop," Danny said, brushing his fingers over several strands of the mans silver hair that was spread over a pillow. "How did this happen to you? You're supposed to be invincible." The teen sighed as Vlad continued to sleep on, ignoring him. He's probably to weak to actually talk. "I hope the cold helps. It's the best I can do without actually touching you. I don't even know why I care, you know, but when I heard the news I really freaked out. I realized that I really don't want you to die."

"Danny…" Vlad's voice came out as a rasp.

Danny's eyes snapped open. "Vlad? You can talk? Can you open your eyes? How are you feeling? Are you-"

"Calm…down," Vlad said shakily, eyes still closed.

Danny actually felt himself tearing up again. Furious with himself, he though: what am I, a baby?

He took a long breath. "Are you okay, Vlad?"

The teen saw Vlad smirk a little. "Stupid…question."

Danny smiled as tears fell from his eyes, hating the saltly droplets with all his might. He sniffled, and said, "I'm so glad you're not dead."

"I know…" Vlad hissed, and winced, even though he hadn't even moved. "Hurts."


"Wasn't….y-you fault. This time."

Danny laughed weakly. "I'd never do this."

"I know." He paused for a long moment, taking care to breathe slowly. "Danny….my cell phone. Get it…call Greg. Tell him."

"Okay," Danny agreed quickly, wiping at his eyes. "But tell him what?"


Danny's eyes saucered. "He does?" An irrational swell of fury filled Danny's chest - Who the hell was Greg?

"Just….do it. Mmmm, sleep."

Vlad's breathing leveled out, and Danny realized with some small amount of horror that this meant Vlad had completely passed out again. Fighting off a fresh wave of sobs and still partially seething, Danny abandoned the room, still not able to stop the tears streaming down his face. He found the nurse at the front desk, and said: "Vlad's phone…can I get it? He said to."

The nurse's eyes were surprised. "He woke up?"

Danny nodded, and the nurse jumped into action. She raced across the room and down the hall, calling to doctors and nurses alike. She came back to the teen out of breath and brimming with adrenaline. Frowning at his expression, she gave him a box of tissues.

"Now, what happened?"

"H-he didn't even open his eyes," Danny whispered, cleaning himself up with tissues, but the tears just kept coming. "He said to call someone. Greg. On his cellphone."

"He's on a lot of morphine," the nurse said gently. "He was probably hallucinating."

"But…I need…can you just pull the number from the cell for me?" Danny asked desperately.

She bit her lip with a thoughtful look, then said, "I'll see what I can do. Please, go sit down with your family for a bit, honey. You look aweful."

Danny sighed and left the counter, swaying dizzily. He found a seat between his sister and his mom, who both looked more worried for his well-being than Vlad's. Danny had to swallow a fresh swell of anger at that, knowing it was irrational for anyone to feel any sort of sympathy for a man who clearly deserved any pain he got, but Danny couldn't bring himself to see it that way.


Danny eased himself into Vlad's mind.

Hey, fruitloop. You okay?


Yeah, it's me.

Why is Maddie eating that cat?

Whoa. Ummm, Mom's not even in the room Vlad. You're on like three different weird drugs that all make you hallucinate . Oh, and you're eyes aren't even open. You still can't talk?

I don't have chicken pox, Daniel.

I'll take that as a no, and, by the way, I have no idea what you're talking about.


Oh my God. You really are insane. Listen, I called that guy Greg. He's taking care of everything. They're moving you back to the mansion tomorrow.

You're staying with me?


Well, that's good. It freaks me out when Jack starts mawling the furniture.


What did you do with my carrots?

Vlad, I'm gonna go now.

Okay, Daniel. I love you.

what did you just say?

Bring carrots next time, alright?

W-whatever you say, fruitloop.

Danny pulled out of Vlad's mind again, utterly shaken by those three little words…

I love you.

Now he just had to figure out how he was going to convince his parents to let him stay with Vlad.