Roy sighed, it was another long day in the office for him, he could already tell.

He'd just gotten word that Ed had completely destroyed another city. Now he was supposed to report to Roy as soon as he set foot in the building, but knowing Ed, he'd try to sneak around it. He hated getting in trouble…which if he didn't cause so much trouble…he wouldn't have to deal with the consequences.

Roy did have a heart, he knew that some of the missions Ed went on got more complicated than planned and it wouldn't be a big deal if there were some damages…that is if it didn't happen every time.

"I'll kick his midget head in…" Mustang grumbled earning a look from Hawkeye.

"Sir?" She asked respectively, even though her eyes were chastising him.

He sighed,

"Yeah, yeah I know…" He said apologetically knowing that he was out of line for saying it but…

Agh! the shrimp broke everything!

"Sir, if you don't mind me saying, you should go easier on him." She said gently setting his coffee mug down on Roy's desk. He took it and swallowed silently, after a moment he asked,

"What makes you say that, Lieutenant?"

He was curious. This was the sort of reason he kept Riza around. Not only was she an amazing sniper…but she had incredible insight. The sort of person who could point out the inner details that Roy may have missed.

"He really looks up to you, sir." She said quietly, "Even if he doesn't show it."

He paused, trying to soak in what she was saying. He normally didn't feel like this…vulnerable. He could tell now that this was no longer in military terms…this was relationships. He was dealing with Ed as a person instead of Ed as a soldier. He sighed and said slowly, accepting his inadequacies,

"And how would you suggest I handle the situation then? He's to report in to me today."

She gave him a gentle look, a look that made his heart warm. It was maternal and understanding. A look that he cherished when she occasionally gave it.

"I would calmly explain to him how vital it is that he not create so much damage and relate it to how it will delay progress with him and Alphonse the more it occurs…" She said quietly, she then smiled, "Then I would let him pick a reasonable punishment."

He grinned at her, she really was something.

"Thank you Lieutenant." He said smiling at her. He then decided he would go for a quick stroll and as he opened the door he froze. Outside his door was a small Edward Elric, his hand outstretched, as if trying to reach for the handle but halted midway.

He looked nervous, Roy could see that right away. He knew he'd be in trouble when he reported in…but Roy never knew that it affected him so much…as if Ed had read his thoughts his façade was back in place,

"Watch where you're goin' Pops!" He said irritably, "Some of us are trying to walk, you know!"

Roy smirked at the comment. He loved that about Ed, his fire. He took what Hawkeye said to heart though, he realized she was right when he saw the poor and nervous blonder afraid to open the door to his office. He smiled,

"Right, come on shrim-"

"Don't say it!" Ed growled.

"We have to talk…" Roy finished calmly, walking back from the door and into his office. Ed was confused he knew and it took him a moment to begin following as well…He knew Ed wouldn't really take to heart anything Roy said today…not really…but it would be a step forward in the right direction at least.

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