The Fox and the Sloth

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Kim opened the door to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of coke. It had only been a few days since she and Ron had made their way back from the mission to Turkey. Covington and several analysts were going over the data that she had taken from Big Daddy's computer. There were little in the news over the incidents only that some sporadic gunfire had been heard off the cliffs of one of the large estates in the area. Anna had delivered them to the HMS Gloucester and the crew had taken them onboard for a quick medical check and a very long debriefing. After what seemed to be several hours they were released to get a shower, eat and get some rest. They stayed aboard the Gloucester until it was back into Mediterranean Sea, then a short helicopter flight into Rome and then back to London. Covington gave them a couple of weeks off dependent on what the data she had downloaded showed. They had been laying around the flat for the past couple of days letting the stress of the mission wear off. Now both of them were getting itchy to do something. Ron stepped into the kitchen area with the local paper.

"Hey look at this. One of the art museums in Paris is holding a show of new artists. There are artists from the U.S. and around the world displaying their works. I thought we could shoot over there, taken in the show and maybe let you do some shopping."

Kim thought for a moment and smiled.

"Sounds good to me Henry, let's get packed for a few days and catch a normal flight. I don't see the need on bothering Wade. Maybe we can catch a show or something too. I promise that we can go by your favorite cooking shop and have dinner on the Eiffel Tower."

Ron's face broke out into a big smile.

"That is so cool Karen. Let's get going."

Kim stopped for a moment. Ron glanced over at her.

"Something wrong?"

Kim shook her head.

"No, not really. It's just the way you just said "That is so cool." It reminds me of…."

Ron stepped over and put his arms around her. While it had been over four years since they had "died", they could not completely forget their past lives. Sometimes the most innocent things would bring those memories ever so painful back into their lives. Kim held on to him for a few minutes then pulled away.

"Why don't you go ahead and get online, get our tickets and reservations. I'll pack while you are doing that. Do you want to stay in the same place?"

Ron thought for a moment.

"I'll look around and see what I can get the best deal on and let you know."

Kim nodded as she headed for the bedroom and he turned to sit down at the computer.

There was a cool breeze blowing across the balcony to their room. Kim rubbed her arms slightly as she looked out over the city. They were staying in the Hotel De Crillon, which is a little pricey but not out of their range. Ron had gotten a good deal on the rates and it was one of the nicer hotels in the city. Ron's voice came from inside the room.

"Hey Karen, come on. The doorman is calling us a taxi so we can get to the museum. The concierge got the tickets for us and reservations for dinner on the tower."

Kim turned back into the room and closed the door to the balcony behind her. Ron handed her the jacket she had chosen for the evening. It was not exactly elegant but went with the dress she was wearing. Ron was decked out in a very nice suit and settled on his frame very well. She was sure that he would be catching several female eyes over the evening. Ron helped her into her jacket and picked up her purse and handed it to her.

A short taxi ride later they were handing their tickets to the person at the door of the museum. Both of them picked up guide to the exhibit and made their way inside. Soon they were making their way through the displays of the up and coming artists. The works were impressive from sculpture to modern art. Kim and Ron made their way through the works when Kim came to an abrupt stop. Ron bumped into her from behind and was going to ask what was going on until he got a look at the picture she was just starting to point out. It was a picture of the fountain in Middleton Park, the same fountain that bore the name of the Team Possible fountain and was in front of a bronze statue of the two of them. Kim looked up at Ron almost in a panic. They had not even been back to the U.S. They looked around the rest of the exhibit of this artist. Some of the works were from different sites in Middleton. But the one that REALLY got their attention was a work that appeared to be the center of the exhibit. It was a picture of the two of them, just before the incident that so completely changed their lives. In the picture they were standing side by side in their mission clothes. A voice that was vaguely familiar came to their ears from nearby.

"Oh yes, my husband and I grew up with Kim and Ron. He was dating Kim when she and Ron were killed on that last mission. Kim and I were on the cheer team together with Ron who was the school mascot. I SO had a crush on him."

Kim and Ron turned to see Tara standing about 20 feet away talking to some people looking at the picture. Tara turned at that moment and looked at them. The three of them looked at each other for a moment. Before Kim and Ron could move Tara's eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted into the arms of the people around her. Kim and Ron spun and ran from the room as several people screamed. A blonde haired figure ran past them into the room as they left. They walked quickly back through the exhibit and out the door. They found the nearest metro station and hopped on the first train they could get on. After making a number of changes of trains they left the metro station and took the first taxi back to the hotel.

After they reached the room they hurriedly started to pack. Kim picked up her phone and dialed a very seldom used number. So unused that only four people in the world knew what it was. Those four people were the two of them, Covington and the driver that helped them on occasion. They were only to call that number under certain circumstances and this was one of those circumstances. They had been briefed about what to do if by some incredible circumstance that they ran into someone from their past. The first thing would be to get out of the area. The second would be to call that number. Covington's voice came over the phone before the second ring.

"What is the problem?"

Kim took a quick breath.

"Broken camera, we have a broken camera."

Kim heard the muted curse over the phone. There was some muttering on the other end and a muted answer, and then his voice came back.


Kim composed herself.

"Henry and I are in Paris. We wanted to take in some shows and have dinner. We also wanted to take in an art show that I had heard about. We did the normal checks before we went in. As we were going through the show we noticed that one of the artists had painted scenes from our hometown. One of the works was a portrait of the two of us in high school. Before we even realized what was happening we heard a familiar voice. We both looked over and saw a girl we knew from home. She saw us and apparently recognized us. Before we could move she apparently fainted. We used the commotion to get out of there. We used the standard procedure to get out of the area. We are back at the hotel right now."

Kim looked over at Ron as he brought their bags back into the main room. He was already changing into street clothes. Covington was silent for a moment.

"Did she ever say anything or call out your names?"

Kim shook head.

"No sir, at least not while we were there. We didn't wait. We just followed procedure."

Covington was silent for a moment.

"Okay, get out of there right now and get back to London. Keep doing what you are doing. Just get out of there."

Kim whimpered.

"I am so sorry sir."

Covington's voice softened.

"It's okay Karen. We can't anticipate everything. Something like this can happen whatever the odds. You did what you were trained to do. Now just get back here. Just check out and leave. Report to me the minute you get back."

Kim sighed.

"Okay sir. We will see you back in the office."

Kim snapped her phone shut.

"He said to get out of here and get back to London by the earliest transportation."

Ron nodded.

"I thought so. While you change I'll call the desk and explain we have an emergency and have to leave."

Kim nodded as she walked into the bedroom as she pulled at the straps to her dress.

Josh held onto to Tara's hand as she lay on a couch in an office to the museum. The security and museum staff had handled the situation quickly and efficiently. Tara gazed into her husband's eyes.

"I saw them Josh! I would SWEAR it was them. I know that they are supposed to be dead but I KNOW what I saw. I grew up with both of them and I KNOW Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. They were both standing there at the entrance to your exhibit."

Josh brushed the hair out of her face.

"Honey, I knew I should not have brought that piece of the two of them. It seems to cause problems every time I bring it out. Either it brings up some bad memories or something else happens."

Tara sighed.

"Josh, I KNOW what and WHO I saw. I know it has been over four years but it had to be them. Kim looked…she looked like she always did just older. She was beautiful! Ron…at first I wasn't sure it was him but he was…."

Josh put his finger on her lips to silence her.

"Now, we both know what happened to the two of them. Maybe it was someone dressed like them. You know people have tried that before at one of my shows. Besides, you need to calm down. You are carrying a little passenger."

Tara smiled wanly and placed her hands on her stomach.

"Yeah, you are right. Maybe this was one of those things that happen when a girl is expecting. I knew the morning sickness was coming but I didn't think I would start seeing things."

Josh leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"Yeah, I know. I think I'll leave that painting behind next time."

Tara shook her head.

"You will do no such thing. It honors them every time you bring it out. Let's just keep it a part of the exhibit. It means everything to me and I know it does you. Don't lie to me that you still have feelings for Kim. You two were hot and heavy when you lost her."

Josh bowed his head.

"Yeah, you are right there, just like you were holding a flame for Ron so let's put all this behind us and chalk it all up to your hormones."

Tara giggled.

"Just remember buster it was YOUR hormones that got me into this."

They burst out laughing as a couple of EMTs entered the office.

Kim and Ron sat in front of Covington's desk in his office. They had arrived early that morning after flying in from Paris that evening. Neither one of them had had much sleep. Now they waited for Covington to arrive. He was talking with a number of people just outside of the door. After a few moments he came into his office and sat down at his desk.

"Karen, Henry, you did a good job clearing the area and getting back here. Our other agents have checked on a number of things. One, the young lady who fainted was one Tara Matthews Mankey, wife of one Josh Mankey. Now I don't have to say much more than that because I know both of those names are very familiar to you. Now, I have found out that Mrs. Mankey is expecting and the doctors believe that the vision she thought she saw was just a wild side effect of being pregnant. Now, I obtained a brochure from the museum. I wanted to see if you had checked the list before you entered the museum."

Kim and Ron looked at each other and sat up a little straighter in their seats. Kim's eyes lit up with fire.

"Sir, we followed protocol and…."

Covington held up his hand.

"Karen, it is part of the investigation. You two would not be the first agents to let something like this slip. BUT, as I was saying BEFORE I was interrupted."

He paused for a moment as he stared at Kim. She stared just as hard back but didn't say anything.

"I checked the list on the brochure. It appears that Mr. Mankey was a late addition to the show and was not added to the list until after the brochure had been printed. There was no way that you could have known that he was there. As it was, when you realized what was happening you immediately vacated the area AND you took all the necessary steps to cover your steps. You notified me as soon as you were clear of the area and followed through with your orders."

Covington closed the file that was on his desk.

"This was an event that I feared would happen sooner or later. You two cannot be hermits when not on the field. You have normal lives to lead and in doing so there will always be a chance that something like this will happen. We can only hope that with time, memories of those who knew you will fade and you will not have to face something like this again. Now I believe that your vacation was cut short by this incident. I have set up a trip for you back in Paris."

Covington held up his hand before either one of them could say anything.

"Don't argue with me. I want you to go back and finish what you started. The information you retrieved on your last mission is still be analyzed, but what we have figured out Mr. Brotherson is working on something very important. We have had our eyes on this gentleman for sometime and will continue to watch him. When you get back I want you to come back by here and we will discuss what steps we will need to take from here. So, go back to your flat, get your stuff and finish your trip. The Mankey's are being watched and we will let you know if they are near to you. I hope that your trip will go better than this last one."

He stood up signaling that it was time for the two of them to leave. Kim and Ron stood up and left his office. Covington waited until the two of them had left his office and were on the elevator before pressing the button that summoned the driver into his office.

"So, they reacted well and did as they were trained. I don't like it but there is nothing that I can do about it. Not something as random as this. However, we will need to follow the Mankey's for sometime. If they start talking about this then we will need to make plans to remove them from the scene."

The driver looked at Covington.

"Are you sure about that sir? I mean they are American citizens and the young lady is pregnant."

Covington handed a set of papers to him.

"I can't allow a simple meeting to destroy the investment that I have in the Fox and Sloth project. Sometimes, I really hate this business. I mean their friends and family went through hell when those two "died". Now, they themselves may have to die simply because they ran into two people that they used to care a great deal about. I am sorry but that is the way it is."

Covington shook his head.

"Like I say, sometimes I really hate this business."

Kim and Ron didn't waste time getting back to their flat. They didn't want Covington to change his mind and put them on a mission. As they made their way through the front door and up the stairs the door to the front apartment opened. Mrs. Wiggins, the elderly lady who lived there waved to them.

"Oh Karen, it's so good to see you. I was so sure that I had met your mother the other day while you were gone."

Kim stopped on the way up the stairs.

"What makes you say that?"

Mrs. Wiggins smiled as she walked out to chat.

"Oh, this happened last week while you were gone. It was getting ready to rain when I looked out the window. This nice couple was standing out on the street like they were lost. The woman could have been your sister or your mother. She had beautiful red hair just like yours except hers was a lot shorter, just above her shoulders and her eyes were a beautiful aqua blue. Her husband was a tall distinguished man with just a slight streak of grey on his temples."

Ron stepped behind Kim and placed his hands on her shoulders. He could already tell that she was trembling. Mrs. Wiggins continued talking.

"I asked them in for a spot of tea while it was raining. I asked her if she was your mother but do you KNOW who she was? Her name was Mrs. Possible. She was the mother of that wonderful little lass who died trying to stop those terrorist. I told her she needed to meet you so you could talk to someone from the states. But they were on vacation and they had to leave. I am so sorry they missed you. Are you okay dear?"

Kim had turned pale as Mrs. Wiggins had told her story. Ron held onto Kim tightly and stepped down beside her as she slid into his arms. He turned his head toward Mrs. Wiggins.

"It's okay Mrs. Wiggins. She just ate something that didn't agree with her. I'll get her upstairs."

Mrs. Wiggins watched as Ron scooped Kim up and carried her to their apartment. She shook her head as she turned back to her apartment.

"She does look a lot like that lass Kim Possible."

Ron sat Kim down on the couch in the living area expecting her to let go of him. She had wrapped her arms around his neck as he had carried her up the stairs and didn't let go. She didn't let go now forcing him to pick her up again and sit down with her in his lap. He held onto her as she sat shuddering in his lap and tears fell from her face. He marveled at the odds of the past two occurrences in their lives. What were the odds? First, running into Tara and Josh in Paris, then her parents showing up on their doorstep literally by chance, their luck could not keep going as it was. Kim pulled back and gazed up into his face.

"We have to tell Covington. If Mrs. Wiggins talked to mom and dad then they may want to come back here someday. We will have to move."

Ron hung his head.

"Yeah, I'll call Covington."

Ron picked up his phone and dialed the same number again. He placed his phone on speaker and laid it on the table in front of the couch.

Covington answered on the first ring.


Ron swallowed before he started to speak.

"Sorry to bother you again so soon sir but we wanted you to know. Apparently by some wild chance Karen's parents were in London and somehow ended up here. We…"

Covington's voice came over the speaker.

"I am well aware that the Possible's were in London. That was one of the reasons we sent you on that mission. We didn't want you to chance a meeting them in London. It looks like we made the right decision. I had agents following them when they lost them in the metro. By some absolute oddity in circumstances they ended up in front of your flat. Mrs. Wiggins downstairs let them in when it began to rain. I can only assume that Karen's parent identified themselves. Apparently neither Mrs. Wiggins nor Karen's parents made any connection with your real identity. Agents caught up with your parents later and posed as an English couple. They discreetly questioned Karen's parents and deduced that they did not suspect anything. Your cover is safe. Karen's parents returned home a few days later. We are keeping watch over the matter and will inform you of any problems. Now I REALLY want the two of you to take that trip. With everything that has happened I think the two of you need to relax. If I need to contact you I will. Get going."

The line went dead as the two of them stared at the phone. Ron pulled Kim into another hug. They sat there quietly for a few moments then she pushed back.

"Well, I guess it was best that we were gone. It would have been furiously weird to have them show up at our door."

Ron giggled a little.

"Talk about 10.5 on the weird scale. Now how about we get moving? Let's go finish our trip."

Kim smiled.

"You still owe me dinner on the tower. Let's get our bags and head back."

The hulking body guard entered Big Daddy Brotherson's main audience room. Big Daddy was lying back on a number of cushions with several of his harem girls around him. One fed him one of his favorite nougat bars as the other lounged around him. He noticed his man standing in the room waiting.

"My dears, I have some business with my associate here. Please would you give us a few moments? I will call you when I need you."

The girls got up and left the room and the man stood to the side waiting for them to leave. After they were alone, Big Daddy turned to his silent man.

"Well my friend, do you have any answers for any of my multitude of questions?"

The man pulled a file out of the briefcase he was carrying and handed it to him. Big Daddy opened the file.

"I see that you were able to obtain the results of the blood test from the incident at Mr. Laurent's estate. Where are the results of the fingerprints from the invasion of my domicile?"

The man leaned forward and flipped through a number of pages and pointed to a number of pages. Big Daddy turned his attention to the myriad of reports within the file. He had been in business for several years with no incidents. Although many of his opponents, enemies and a few of his friends had attempted to infiltrate his home no one had ever been successful. He had personally questioned all of those who invaded his homes. His methods would be horrific but he always got results. His methods of removing the prisoners from the land of the living took time and were extremely painful.

Now in the middle of one of his greatest schemes he had apparently gained the attention of someone. He had his own sources within all of the major intelligence and law enforcement groups. His inquires to his sources had not yielded any results. This was not completely unusual as sometimes things were kept secret but he had increased his payments to his sources and he doubted that the secret would be kept secret for long. He was still frustrated; it was as if they really didn't even exist. One thing was for sure, the two agents who broke in were beyond the normal agent. They were entirely lethal and very skilled. They had killed at least two of his guards and the women had taken down his hulking assistant. Something that no one had ever been able to do.

Big Daddy's eyebrows rose for a moment when he saw the results of the blood tests from Laurent's estate and the fingerprints from Laurent's estate and his own estate. The blood type was common enough but it was the fingerprints that really seem to gain attention. When his agent had sent the request for matching the fingerprints was sent through there seemed to be a match at first then an error message was received. That had never happened before. The agent had been questioned by his superiors as to why he had been sending those fingerprints through the system. He had reported that he had reopened the investigation of Laurent's estate and added the fingerprints from the invasion of Brotherson's estate. His agent had been promoted and reassigned to another department after that. Later, the agent found out that all the evidence that he had used had disappeared. After that, his agent went silent. It was only later that he saw in the news that his agent had been killed in a traffic accident. Brotherson didn't believe that for a moment.

That bit of news really bothered Brotherson. That kind of pull was beyond what he was used to dealing with. This was beyond government pull but the dark hidden side of government's kind of pull. The kinds of pull that can make people disappear. Brotherson thought for a moment. This would require a different type of search. He motioned for his assistant to come over. The man bent over to listen. Brotherson pulled out the two pictures of Kim.

"Let's take a different approach. Use our other contacts to search for this face. Make sure nothing can be traced back to us."

The man nodded and stood up. He took the file from Big Daddy and left the room. Brotherson stared at the copies of the pictures before him.

"Oh yes Miss whoever you are. We will meet very soon and when we do I plan to make it very unpleasant for one of us. I will have some very important questions for you and I WILL get my answers."

Kim raised her wine glass to Ron. He raised his glass and clinked his glass against hers.

"Here's to a wonderful night."

Kim smiled and sighed at the same time. He had said the same thing she had been thinking. They had flown back into Paris and gone back to the same hotel. The staff had been very helpful and gracious. They had even been able to get the same room. She was so looking forward to this. He was looking particularly handsome tonight and had been going out of his way to make her feel better. The shock of their near meeting with Tara and the knowledge that her mom and dad had been so close had taken a toll on her. But Ron had been doing what he had always been doing throughout this entire sitch. He had been doing everything possible to support her and make her feel better. She started to stare into his eyes. He had the deepest brown eyes. Kim shook her head for a moment where did that thought come from? He was calling her name.

"KP are you okay?"

The sound of his favored name for her brought her back to the present. She smiled.

"Yeah, just a something in my face, must have been a loose hair or something."

She clinked her glass against his.

"To a truly wonderful night."

Ron tried to keep his composure. Kim looked so beautiful tonight. She was always beautiful but something about tonight was so special. She was wearing her little black dress. The one that she was literally poured into, every single one of her curves was accented by the dress. Her hair fell in cascades from her head and shoulders and her eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky above them. He knew that the near meeting with Tara and Josh and the fact that her parents had shown up on their doorstep had really shook her up. He had tried to do everything possible to make her feel better. He had taken her shopping of a number of her favorite stores. Now they were sitting at a private table on the Eiffel Tower. The lights from the city shone highlights on her hair. He forced himself to snap out of the trance he had been in and noticed that she seemed to be staring at him in a very intense way. The look on her face made him feel warm all over and warm in other places too. He called out to her.

"Karen, Karen?"

He thought for a moment then called out.

"KP, are you okay?"

She shook her head and the look cleared from her face.

"Yeah, just a something in my face, must have been a loose hair or something."

She clinked her glass against his.

"To a truly wonderful night."

The waiter came up with their dinner and started to serve them. He whispered to Ron that the chef had gotten his suggestion and would be creating a special dessert for Kim using Fudge Ripple ice cream. Ron nodded and made a mental note to himself to add something to the waiter's tip and to add a tip for the chef.

They both pulled her napkins out and started to eat. The stars seem to twinkle brighter as the two of them silently enjoyed their meal.

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Here is a quick summary to the story.

Kim and Ron went on a mission to Russia to stop some people from buying a nuclear weapon. They were able to stop the group from getting the bomb but were unable to keep it from detonating. The Russia government blamed them for the explosion. To keep from being sent to a Russian prison the U.S. government wanted to place a number of restrictions on the two of them. One of the restrictions was that they were to have no more contact with each other. Kim had gotten an under the table offer to keep doing what she had been doing and Ron got the same offer. However, to take the offer they had to disappear. They took the offer which happened to be with the British government. Their deaths were faked and they went through some intensive training to become superspies. Wade was brought in and is the only person from their past other than Dr. Director who knows what really happened to them. They have gone through a number of missions already. Big Daddy Brotherson is behind what is going on. Kim and Ron have spoiled his plans twice already and Big Daddy has two pictures of Kim in the act. He doesn't recognize her and is actively hunting for them. This brings you to the present point of the story. There is a lot of story in between this and I really hope that you will go back and look up the other chapters. Now go back to the top of the chapter and start the story.