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I was freaking damn moving again.

I huffed angrily as I unpacked the last T-shirt and flung it into my dresser. How many times did a person have to move? Okay, I know that it wasn't my parents fault this time. How could it be? They were… dead. I choked back another sob as I threw myself onto my bed. I had to go live with Bruce Wayne, a close family friend and billionaire. I had to literally stop myself from asking him what was wrong with his head. Why would he want anger management boy? The boy who had so many problems that he had no friends? So maybe this was my chance to start over. If I wanted to.

But I didn't want to start over. I wanted my parents back. I wanted my dog back. And I wanted to go and live in my old house in Gotham. What kind of name was Jump City, anyway?

Maybe I should take a walk.

I walked outside, where a chilly wind was blowing across the street. Autumn leaves skidded down the road, and cars honked somewhere in the city. It wasn't a quiet city, not by far, but I had its perks. Like being able to walk down a street with out someone tapping your arm and saying they were sorry for your loss. They were sorry? They didn't kill them. And even if they were sorry, it didn't help. They couldn't bring back my parents.

I headed down the street, to the park where a few tell-tale kites soared out over the city. One was red, and the others were green and yellow. They looked likes street lights as they bobbed and flew.

When I got closer to the park, I saw who was flying the red one. Her hair was candy cane red. It was like a beacon in itself, that's how bright it was. She was laughing as a boy behind her was trying to keep his kite from blowing away. She playfully bumped him, and his kite twisted in the air. She laughed loudly. The boy didn't laugh this time, said something, and walked away. The girl caught up to him, not smiling anymore, and put a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off. The girl covered her mouth as the boy said something and ran away.

Did he just break up with her?

Well, it was no concern of mine. I had my own problems.



He just… broke up with me?

"Xavier! Stop!" I called, and ran after him, grabbing his wrist. HE flicked me off again, and I felt a surge of panic well up in my chest and I felt close to tears. He was leaving me. Again. Would I be able to handle it? NO, because last time… last time…? He left me already. I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't handle it, because, because I couldn't take being alone. Not ever.

I whirled him around, feeling fury rise up in me and I directed it at him like a knife, and I stared levelly into Xavier's icy green eyes. "If you leave," I snarled, "You better not come back." He smiled evilly. "Who said I was?" he laughed, and turned away again. Ouch. That had really hurt. I sank to my knees, feeling the first sobs gather up, and I wipe my face on my sleeve, sniveling. After a few seconds, after I've had time to pity myself, headed back home, trying not to think about Xavier. Had I really loved him…? NO! Kori, DON'T think about him, not about his eyes, or his hair, or…NO!

I fought with myself like this until I reached home and threw myself onto my purple bed, really sobbing now. I had banged the door shut, and I could hear Mom coming up the stairs to amend me. I buried myself under the covers, hoping that she got the message. The door opened, and there was silence and the door closed again. I huffed under the covers; feeling relieved and poked my head out.

Mom surveyed my shocked and tearstained face like an expert and finally settled onto the bed next to me, sighing. "We'll all have bad breakups, sweetheart. And that's part of life. But… at least you can find your true love now. Love is complicated. Try not to let it get you down." She said comfortingly. She kissed my forehead. "Do you want tea? I just made some mango tea." Mom was obsessed with tea. She had every one under the sun. She was almost as obsessed as I was with Young Justice*. She had blueberry, raspberry (I didn't even know they made that), mint, Earl Gray, and my personal favorite: Lipton. But I didn't want to disappoint her, so I just nodded. "Sure mom," I rasped. "That'd be great." She grinned and left the room. I huffed again, and cocooned myself under the blankets.

The next day, at school, I told Raven and Terra the whole sorry mess. Raven nodded sympathetically. "He was a jerk, Kori, don't worry. We'll get him for you." Terra nodded and punched the air. "We'll get that bastard," she growled, and I stared at her. Terra was, or rather, could be, the school bully. She got angry easily and loved fights, but only fought herself when it was serious. Or her level of serious, anyway (never cut her in line at lunch). Half the boys wanted her and the other half secretly did but no one knew, because their girlfriends would murder them. I smiled, touched. "Thanks guys." "Korianna, Rachel, Terra, would you mind paying attention now?" snarled Mr. Smith, and we turned to face the front. "As I was saying," he said, glaring at us, "there is a new kid in our class today, "he almost sounded like crying, "and his name is Richard. He just moved from New Jersey to our own Jump City."

As the kids in the class glanced around, confused, I looked into the back of the class and nearly fainted.

It was…?

He had almost melted into the wall, but when you looked at him, you couldn't stop. With icy blue eyes, raven black hair, and a perfect mouth, he was hot. Terra turned to look too and gasped quietly. "Wow," she hissed. "Richard's a god!" Rachel heard her and smacked her playfully. "Does he already have a girlfriend?" I wondered, and he looked right at me. I mean right at me. I blushed and turned my head away. Terra smiled like a cat. "Meow, Kori! A get over you recent breakup with Xavier new toy boyfriend!" she said in one breath, rushed and happy. "If you have that guy on you arm, you're granted jealousy." Rachel said thoughtfully. I sighed, liking the idea. "He probably has a girlfriend," I said, finally crushing the idea. "Maybe not," said Terra. "He's new… fresh. Kitten won't know about him until lunch. Plenty of time to make your move. She won't make hers until tomorrow. I'll make sure of that," she added, cracking her knuckles menacingly. I glanced back at Richard, who was staring outside. He almost seemed lost… I got the feeling that he hadn't wanted to move here. Or something bad happened. I felt sorry for him.

"Maybe we should talk to him after class."

"That's the spirit!" Terra cried, thumping me on the back and effectively breaking something. I winced and tried to give her a thumb up, but for some (Terra) strange reason, my hands weren't working. I glared at the world. "You mean you will talk to him," muttered Rachel, "we'll be watching."

Stalker, I thought. They're like stalkers.

Cause they were my best friends, that's why.

I tried to give them a fake smile. "Why? Can't you come please?" I considered getting on my knees and begging, but we were in class. Maybe in a few minutes. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I steeled myself and turned around.

It was Richard. He wasn't smiling (what would that look like?). "I don't like being talked about," he said disapprovingly. "I do have ears you know."

I could've turned into mud.

"We weren't talking about you," purred Terra, batting her eyelashes, "we were talking about Robin. Kori's smitten." I gaped at her, horrified. Robin was a pimply kid in our class. NO, I was certainly not smitten. But I plastered a smile onto my face and nodded. "Is Robin's name also Richard?" he said. His voice was hard, not at all like Xavier's soft voice… I shook myself. "No," I answered in the same hard voice. "We're not. Can we continue talking?" He turned his eyes on me. And I felt afraid for the first time in two years. Suddenly the bell rang, and I felt guilty. I knew he had problems. Why add another one? I would talk to him in the hall, without Terra or Rachel there. And with that, I grabbed my books and breezed out.

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