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The next day at school was normal. Of course, Xavier was making my life hell, but hey. What can you do? I talked and talked with Richard, Terra, and Rachel, and life was normal, but I couldn't give them a real smile, no matter how hard Terra and Rachel tried to coax me into it. It hurt, especially when I thought about Xavier. No matter how hard Terra made me laugh, it hurt.

Richard noticed.

"Kori, what about your salad? Aren't you hungry?" demanded Rachel one day at lunch. I made a face at her and pushed away my tray. "Not really," I murmured. He glanced at me, for a fraction of a second, but it felt like hours as I was subjected to his intense gaze. Then he looked away. And so on the next day, the day after that, until...


His voice caught me. I whirled around, then smiled. "Oh, hey, Richard. What's up?" He frowned, then put both hands next to my head and pushed me against my locker. "R-Richard?" I stuttered. "Kori, your're not eating." I stuck out my tongue at him. "So what? I'm not hungry. And you can't force me to eat."

I said this with upmost confidence.

I wouldn't sound so confident a few minutes.

"Kori," he said again, his face coming closer. I leaned my head away. I wasn't... I couldn't... and my heart hurt so much...

"Ah!" I suddenly cried, pressing my hand to my chest. Richard moved away, head in his hands."You're getting skinnier, Kori. Really skinny. And I may not know if it's cool or something to girls, but it's not cool to me. Kori, please eat. For me."

I nodded mutely.

"Korianna! You... you took a pizza! And! And its in your mouth! Are... are you sick? Kori, speak to me! Spit- it-out!" Terra shrieked.

While this last part was said she thumped me on the back for each word. I choked out a bite of pizza. "WHAT?" I demanded. She grabbed my shoulders and shook me a little, making me feel nasuous. "YOU'RE EATING THE SCHOOL FOOD!" she yelled, and Raven smacked her. "Snap out of it." I smiled, relieved/ annoyed. "Shut up, Terra," I mumbled around another bite of the cheesy pizza. Terra glared. "Exuse me, do you know what is in that?" she paused, waiting for an answer, and when she didn't get one, said, "Yeah. Thought so." This got me and Rachel to sick out our tongues at her while Richard watched, amused. I knew what he was thinking, and it made me glow a little. I smirked.

"Hey guys, have you heard of the Robin dude?" questioned Garfeild. He had been quiet until now. Richard jumped a little and stared at Garfeild. "What Robin dude?" I asked, putting down my pizza and avoiding Richard's stare. Terra turned to me, hand on her heart. "Only the hottest guy in spandex," she gushed. I had a feeling that she was about to shake me again, and I was right. When my head stopped shaking, Raven filled in for her. "He's Jump City's newest hero. Apperantly Batman didn't need help in Gotham, or something." Here Richard went pale, then he looked at me and offered me a small smile.

Hmm. Something's going on here.

I pressed my lips together and nodded mutely. "But right now, he's doing little stuff- thieves, rapists, and... so on..." Garfeild said. I nodded, absorbing this. Just then the bell rang, and we headed to class.

Oh, I wish I hadn't stayed so long at Terra's house. Instead of sleeping over, I had decided to go home and do homework. Stupid.

It was dark outside, and I walked home quickly, ignoring the chilly wind that was blowing around. Behind me, the loud and racuos laughter of the drunks floated toward me. "Oi!" one yelled, and I merely walked faster, praying he wasn't talking to me. "Hey!" he yelled louder, and I made the mistake of turning around to look at him. Satisfied that he knew that I heard him, he yelled again. "Yeah, you! Hottie! Red hair! C'mon here!" One of his friends noticed, and began to follow me. I began to run. He grasped my arm, and I slipped and fell. "I just wanna some fun. You want some fun, don't you? Come on?" the guy persuaded. I yanked my arm free. Now pissed off, he pulled me back again. I could smell his beer breath."Look-"

"HELP! HELP!" I shrieked. "HELP! Someone help me!" I began to run again, but fell again. The drunk guy approached.I started to flail, trying to get to my feet in time. I remembered Garfeild's words : "...little stuff- theives, rapists, and so on..."

Robin, please help me...


And then he did.

I watched, shocked, as he appeared (and he did wear spandex), and knocked the drunk guy to last night. Then he held out his hand to me, and I stood up. "Thanks," I said, gratefully. He nodded mutely, and I scrutinized him. He had spikey hair, that looked a bit like night itself, and a mask. And he was pale, like the brooding vampire in that movie... Twidark, or something. I couldn't remember it for my life. The drunk guy lifted his head up, and with a groan, dropped it back down again. Robin glared at him with disgust. "I hate guys like that," he muttered. "Drunk guys or rapist guys?" I asked. He looked at me, startled, and then laughed a little. "Both, I guess," he said, shrugging. I chuckeled. "Drunk guys annoy me, but rapists freakin' piss me off," I elaborated. Robin laughed. "I better get home," I said anxiously. "The only reason I left my friend's house was cuz' I had homework." Robin stared, aghast. "At this time you're gonna do homework?" he demanded. I shrugged. "Miss Smith's class is like the militray. Better do it now then have her catch me while I copy it." He smiled. "I better walk you home then," he said.

I shrugged at him.

He walked me to my door, i waved, and he left. About five seconds after he did, I dialed Terra on speed dial and told her the whole thing. "You were saved by spandex boy!" she exclaimed. I could imagine her throttling me. "Yeah, spandex boy," I murmured. Terra giggled. "I think I'd wanna be attacked if Robin came for me," she said. I imagined her batting her eyes. I laughed with her, but inside I was thinking, "No. You wouldn't!" But I said, "Listen, I gotta get to bed. See you tomorrow," and hung up.

I took a loooooonnnngggg shower, dressed in my pj's, and went to bed.

When I remembered I left my iPod outside on the balcony, and it was due to rain tonight. Shrieking and hoping that it didn't rain yet and cursing like a feind, I threw off my covers and darted outside, praying no one say me in my pink lamb pajamas*...


"CRAP!" I shrieked, then covered my mouth, ashamed that I'd said a curse word so loud. Angry, I whirled around, about to beat the stuffing out of Terra. Then I gasped, even more ashamed. "Oh, um...sorry," I got out. Robin laughed. "Um, I came back...because,um... do you want to go out on Friday?" he gasped. I stared, shcoked. Well, the guy had just saved my...and I couldn't exactly say no. I mean, he did me a favor. So the answer, whether I liked it or not, was a yes. "Sure," I said. "Thanks," he said, then jumped**.

Gasping, I ran to the edge just in time to watch him swing himself onto a building and vaulting over phone lines and the such. Wow, but he was cool. Smiling, I waved until he was a speck in my sight, then turned and went to bed.

Normal POV (No one's veiw)

Almost. Almost ready.

The plan was going perfect, and Slade liked that. He knew that Bruce was too weak to resist trying to train a little protegee, and Richard came along and set the plan into motion. It was perfect, great, fantastic, amazing, cool...

And then that would be when he would strike. Cut them all down in one fell swoop. Perfecct. And finally he could get Bruce back.

What was revenge without laughter?

So Slade laughed.



Did I really just ask her out on a date? I didn't think so. In fact, I pinched myself twice on the way to the restuarant where I was due to meet up with a couple of my friends. I'd have to change first, but still. I asked her out. If I was normal me, I would have never been able to ask her out. I had self-esteem at least, but still... It wasn't all time low, but it wasn't high. It wasn't even in the middle. It was just...there. I suppose it was a bit shred lower than normal people's. But sill, it wasn't a lot.

So me asking a girl out was out of the question.

Even now, I was still in awe of myself. I was feeling good, soaring like a bird, when something snatched me from the air.

Kori (the next day)

Richard wasn't at school the next day.

"Heard he's sick," announced Terra, plopping next to me at lunch and staring at me expectantly. I took a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Satisfied, she continued on. "Beast Boy," she started. I interrupted her. "You nicknamed Garfeild...Beast Boy. Kindly tell us why." "Yeah, yeah! Tell us!" chimed in Rachel, and Terra and Beast Boy simontanuely started to blush. "Um, guys," said Rachel. "We used-"started Garfield.

Please. Say protection.

"-protection," finished Terra. Rachel gaped at them. "You guys did IT?" she shrieked, horrified. "A new revelation," shrugged Terra. Rachel clapped her hands to her face and opened and closed her mouth, not finding the strenght to say what she was thinking. "So you call him Beast Boy, becuase, when you were passiontaly making-"

Terra clapped her hands over my mouth, blushing. "Why are we even having this conversation?" she asked. I shrugged. "It started when you called Garfeild Beast Boy." "I can only shudder of what that means in sex," said Rachel faintly. Garfeild stared at her, shocked. "One of us had to have the balls to say it," I shrugged again. "Today is getting pretty wacky." Terra said. I admit, I had to agree.

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