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"RAH!" I roar like a dinosaur, throwing my hands into the air. Lizzy giggles and goes running down the dock laughing. I put my hands down and grin, then give chase to the little 12 year old. I catch up to her in no time, and I grab her from behind and swing her while she laughs.

"Stop it Zeke!" she screams happily. Grinning, I stop and set her down.

"C'mon Mom and Dad will be expecting us home soon." I tell her, still grinning.

"Aww..." she says, her smile drops, and eyes go to the floor. Then, she looks back up at me, a silly grin on her face and a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Bet I can beat you back!" she says.

I grin wider. "You're on." We run down the dock, both laughing. A quarter of the way home, screams start behind us. We skid to a stop and turn. People are going crazy, and some start to push roughly past us. We stand like rocks, trying to see what's causing the river of people to run wildly.

Then, we see it.

It's huge. It looks like some type of robot thing. It has at least 8 red lights on its helmet. They look like eyes. As I look, it throws it's head back and lets out a loud moan-like cry. Izzy and I cover our ears and squint as it raises it's hand-wait, is that a drill?- to the sky, then charges. I grab Lizzy by the arm and drag her through the crowd of people. I push on through, until I feel something pulling me back. I tug hard on Lizzy's arm.

"Zeke! My dress is caught!" she yells over the all the noise around us. I look back to see that she's on her knees, and the end of her dress is caught between the slats of the dock. I get down on my knees too, and tug at her dress, but it stays put.

"Shit." I mutter under my breath.

"Zeke!" Lizzy screams, and I look up to see the robot charging straight towards us. It turns sideways slightly, and it pretty much flies towards us. I duck just in time, bringing Lizzy's head down with mine. It passes smoothly over us. It lands with a crash a few feet away, and I take that time to rip Lizzy up from the boards, tearing off the end of her dress. I pick her up and hold her close to me as I sprint down the dock in the opposite direction. I don't know where I'm going, but where ever it is, it's away from that. I feel Lizzy cry into my shoulder, and I do my best to outrun that thing. Even though it looks heavy, it can run pretty fast. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not even a robot.

I hear it give another cry. I keep running, only for it to fly-charge right behind me. It's drill hits the deck right behind me, and I trip. I sprawl out on the deck, and Izzy goes tumbling. My eyesight is blurry for a moment or two, and in that time, the robot gets in front of Izzy.

She crawls back, her hands bleeding from the rough wood splinters that stick out of the crude dock wood. The robot reaches out and grabs her. She struggles in its grip, but is no match for the thick steel on its gloves.

"Zeke!" she screams as it drops her in a cage on its back.

"Lizzy!" I hoarsely scream, my voice straining from the effort. The robot looks at me, then continues walking down the deck, right towards the ocean.

I scramble to my feet as it gets closer to the end of the dock. I run after it. I'm almost 10 feet away.










Splash. The robot jumps into the water, spraying me with murky salt water. I jump too, ready to follow it.

All is calm as I swim through the murky water. The fish calm, the coral colorful. My breath is running low, but the strangely familiar blood and lights seems promising. Then, I find what I'm looking for.

It's both the saddest and most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The lights and neon signs on the outside have long since short-circuited, but the potential beauty of the trashed city captivates me long enough for the strain on my lungs to start hurting. I tear my eyes away, and look for a way in. It takes only seconds for me to find a broken tube, just large enough for me to fit through. I swim as fast as I can towards it, and squeeze through just in time as my lungs give way. I gulp in air and fall straight into what seems like a small pool. A spark in my brain tells me that this definently isn't a swimming pool, though. I swim weakly over to the concrete shore, and flop onto the ground.

I'm tired and I'm weak, but I have a job to do. I struggle to my feet and get a look around. There's dried blood everywhere-in the plants too...-and a broken, large metal pipe lay by the huge door. Something in my brain itches again, and this time, two names come to mind.

Violet and Anna.

I don't know who they are, but they sound strangely familiar.

As I rack my tired brain for more information, the door opens up.

"There he is! I told you he had come back!" a lady's voice shrieks. "Get him!"

At least 8 people in masks come pouring out of the door, all blood-covered and weilding weapons like wrenches and crowbars.

As they get closer, the door opens up again, and a girl about my age appears. She's very pretty, with her long black hair and light purple eyes. She seems oddly familiar, but before I can figure out who she is, she points at the people in masks-who had stopped to turn and watch-.

"Get them!" she says-her voice is familiar too...-and at least 20 little flying machines-of course, nothing like that thing at the dock-come flying out from behind her, and start shooting at the people. In minutes, the people are dead, and fresh blood stains the floor. The girl then turns to me, gives me a warm smile, and walks over to me, her high heels clicking on the concrete.

"Hello Dean. she says, her eyes twinkling.

I look around, then back at her, "Who?"

Her smile drops. "Dean. Your name is Dean."

I shake my head. "No. My name isn't Dean. It's Zeke."

She shakes her head. "Well then I have a lot of explaining to do."

She turns. "Follow me."

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