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Auditoriums blasted with the sound of 60's music echoing through them eerily. Except for the dull reverberations of the old music throughout the rooms, and the occasional leaky pipe, all was quiet. A spider splicer- one of the last of his kind- quietly dragged his glowing orange hooks across the linolieum floor of the twenty-third auditorium. It was a lonely life for him- he hadn't seen any other splicer in what must have been months. Normally, a feeling of what he used to know as depression would come over him at this time, and his speed would slow then, and-


The splicer lifted his head as the high-pitched sound stung sharply in his sensitiv eardrums, he raised his hooks, poised for attack, before lowering them after the sound subsided. He walked forward slowly, tense body relaxing with each step.


The sound was much closer, he could feel it. But being on the ground was no use to him- his specialty moves had no use on the ground- and so he began running forward, aiming for the wall in front of him. His fingers were just brushing the wall, ready to scale, oh, he could feel the flesh of his next victim inbetween his hands already-


Hale blasted through the wall, spraying blood everywhere on him as he crashed into the opposing wall.

He stood there for a moment, panting.

"That...was...fucking...AWE..SOME" he managed to pant out.

Dean walked through the door first, followed closely by Ruby, and a little later by Zane being dragged by an extremely angry-looking Serena.

"I can't...believe...I..never...learned to...do..that" Hale replied, his breathing still in the process of slowing down.

Dean chewed on the inside of his cheek, nervously looking around as he did so. "Yeah..." he tried sounding as calm as possible on the outside, as his insides were squirming. "...it's pretty fun to do, don't know why they never t-taught you to do IT.

The red glowing eyes drifted through Dean's eyes again, passing in front of his eyes and startling him. No, those weren't the lights of an very aggressive, very much bigger big daddy out for a blood thirst...maybe...maybe it was just a wayward bot affecting his eyesight with its red blinking lights as he had picked up Ruby while they were running...

His insides squirmed a little less as Hale let out another woop of joy. Good. He didn't see through his shaky fake courage- Dean didn't want anyone worrying about hi-

"What's..eating you..by the...way?" Hale's breath began to slow down as he looked over at Dean, who shook with his words.

"NOTHING." Dean replied a little too loud and sudden. Fuck. It echoed throughout the leaky auditorium, and seemed to cover even the loud leak of the large pipes from the ceiling.

This time, even the girls and Zane looked up at him in slight shock. Dean turned around to them, masking his fear in a slight friendlier tone.

"It's nothing." he replied, softer and much quieter. "I'm fine."

He could sense their eyebrows raise up in disbelief, but none of them asked further questions.

After panting for an extremely awkward, silent minute, Hale began leading the group through the doorways, with Dean in the back and Zane and the girls protected in the middle.

*cue the monotonic Spongebob cutscene narrator* 2 hours later...

Loud groans of gratitude were heard as the group came across an abandoned food court. Dean and Hale broke through the chains with their drills and kicked down the doors after Dean had short-circuited the alarm with his Electro Bolt 2. The group had this routine worked out for every food place they came across. Dean and Hale sat down in the largest booth, taking their helmets off and relaxing as the rest did the rest of the work. Zane and Serena jumped over the counter, and Zane went to work with the large fridge as Serena helped Ruby over the counter. Ruby checked the lower cupboards and Serena checked the higher cupboards in a routine they had worked out. Meanwhile, Zane's eyes glowed as bright as his hands as he unfurled the large padlock on the fridge with his Telekinesis. After they had raided all the rather fresher food they found, they brought it back over the counter on some of the cleaner platters and set it down at their booth. After sitting down, Dean heated up the food with a snap of his fingers. God, he could never understood how he even ate without his Incinerate! 2...

The warm thought of his plasmid almost blocked the sensation of dread he began to feel as he lifted the warm burger to his mouth, staring intensely at it, brooding. Looking around the table as the others chatted and laughed, Dean realized that maybe he didn't want to leave here. Before, the only thing he wanted to do was get Anna and maybe convince Violet to come up to the surface with them, before blasting straight up in the bathysphere back home. But really, he wasn't anybody back home. Neither him nor Anna had made a lot of friends up on the surface, and really, although it was nice to feel the Sun on their backs, it was a little lonely. Down here though...Dean was never lonely or bored. Sure, it was scary down here, but there wasn't a thing he regretted ever doing. Up there, it was all worry worry worry about looks, interests, clothes, friends, school, etc...down here, though it was a fight for survival, find the right people, and you'll have a much better time. It was at that moment, Dean decided, he wouldn't get all sappy and shit to them like in the movies, no. He would do something much better-he would take them up to the surface with him.

The thoughts swirling in Dean's mind clouded any bad thoughts of the other big daddy, and he walked around as though a physical weight had been lifted from him. He listened in on the other's conversations only partly, imagining just how happy they'd be on the surface.

It wasn't until the very ground shook under his feet that Dean's mind snapped out of the nice thoughts and became aware of his surroundings. A loud, whale-like screech screamed through the auditorium as the above balcony was blown through by the drill of an extremely spliced-looking big daddy. It seemed to the helmet and tanks of a Bouncer, but had the build of an Alpha and the suit of a Rosie. But Dean knew he didn't have time to work out how it got so fucked up, and instead revved up his drill, which instinctively turned the lights on his helmet red.

Hale knew the drill(lol no pun intended), and proceeded to start up his drill too, lights turning the same blood red color as Dean's. Zane's icy colored eyes seemed to melt out of his iris, blending with his scleras and turning his entire eye socket a glowing ice blue as his hand became immersed in icicles. His Winter Blast 3 seemed to overtake his entire body as he moved into a offensive stance and his jaw set, ready to fight. Serena smirked as she raised her machine gun over her shoulder. Ruby scrambled up onto Dean's back- tough as she was, she didn't mess with an angry big daddy.

The big daddy, unfazed by it being outnumbered, let out another roar before charging straight toward Dean. Zane hit it quickly, causing it to freeze in place and giving Serena and Dean enough time to let loose on it with their guns before it broke free, unscathed. Hale ran up from behind it, slamming the back of its head with his drill and drilling into the back of his helmet, spraying blood on his lights. The big daddy groaned as he swung at Hale, hitting him just below the helmet, near his stomach, and sending him half flying. The group could only gawk as Hale slid about 3 feet from the battle. Using its time, the big daddy roared once more, this time centering its attack on Zane. Caught slightly off guard, Zane jumped. Landing on top of his helmet, he began blasting it with one Winter Freeze after another. Jumping off, Dean and Serena opened fire on him again. It didn't take much time for him to be up and attacking again. As soon as it was up, Dean lit it into flames with his Incinerate! as Serena kept shooting. Serena kneeled down as she began shoving bullets into her precious machine gun. Lucky enough for her, the big daddy seemed to have absolutely no interest in the teenager, as he instead charged for Zane. Zane, distracted by Serena's reloading, looked up in time to jump up, out of the way of a heavy drill coming straight toward his face. Unfortunately for him, he jumped out of the way of the drill, but let out a loud gasp as a strong fist connected with his side, sending him flying right with an audible cracking sound. He fell to the ground like a rag doll, but slowly curled up, holding his ribs and whimpering. Dean, slightly fazed by Zane, turned around, swinging his drill, and hit the big daddy head on. Hale was just getting up as a wayward pipe falling from the ceiling hit him on the head, knocking him out again with a slight moan. Dean kept fighting hand-on-hand combat with the big daddy as Serena struggled not to laugh at Hale.

Zane was spitting up blood by now, and it pooled with a metallic taste in his mouth.

"Let's end this.." Zane muttered, causing blood to spill from between his teeth. His eyes glowed a weak purple color as his hand pointed to a propane barrel about 6 feet away. Gritting his blood-soaked teeth, Zane used the last of his energy with his Telekinesis to mentally shove the barrel straight toward the enemy big daddy. It blasted it away, exploding on impact.

Zane produced a small smile before his world became black.

Hours later, Zane found himself waking up on Dean's back. Slowly blinking the sleep away from his eyes, he attempted to slide off.

"Woah, slow down there, Zane. You took a rough beating, don't try walking just yet." Zane felt Dean's heavily armored glove push him back up onto his back.

Zane groaned, but allowed himself to stay on Dean's back for the remainder of the day.

The loudspeaker startled the group awake as it rang shrilly through the auditorium they had been sleeping in. A light, mechanical lady's voice filled the speakers as it echoed all around them.


Serena looked up, confused. "Father Lamb? I've heard of Mother Lamb, but she left the city years ago..."

"He was the head of her cult following, and now with her gone, he's taken over."

Everybody looked over to Zane, who sat with his arms crossed, staring intently at the ground.

"He's disgusting with his...'religion'." Zane spat. "He even tried turning his own son to follow his bullshit teachings, the bastard."

"Really?" Serena's eyes lit up, and a smile came across her face. "He has a son? Is he cute?"

Zane rolled his eyes, but shifted uncomfortably. "I don't know...I've never actually met his son."

Serena's smile dropped as she looked away and crossed her arms. "Useless..." she muttered.

"Well," Dean interrupted both of them. "it doesn't matter who he is- wherever everybody's going, Violet and Anna are sure to be there, so we need to go."

Dean began standing up quickly, but slowed down and turned back around to them. "Does, um...anybody actually know where Father Lamb's office is...?"

Everybody looked at each other as they stood up slowly. Finally, Zane snorted as he finally got up, quicker than the rest.

"I know where it is." He replied rather angrily.

Dean smiled. "Good. Then guys, no time to waste- we need to go there, and fast."

The rest of the group nodded, falling into line behind Dean, an angry Zane bringing up the back.


Anyway guys, on a more serious note, there is seriously a LOT of shit going on with my family and other stuff right now, so updates will be REALLY sporadic. And to say the truth, Return really only has about 2-3 chapters left, so after this, Hoods, and MAYBE Ninja is done, I'm going on hiatus for I don't know how long. I realize that I kinda disappeared without warning, and I apologize for that, and I know you guys got worried...blah blah blah. But again I will NEVER. NEVER EVER abandon a story, because fans mean a lot to me. Really. I love you guys. Don't think I ever told that straight out, but I really do love you guys- you're awesome and I can't thank enough of you. Anyways, on a final note, I think I actually got better at typing, I dunno- you guys tell me. Well, that is about it, so I will update this shit hopefully soon, and I will see you later...


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