Escape From the Leviathan

Author's note: Just for clarification, I am just going to use Revan to remain clear. I won't make up some random name out of risk of confusing people. Happy reading

Revan, Carth, and Bastila were locked in torture chambers, awaiting their greeting party. Carth and Bastila were in their underwear. Revan was wearing tight shorts and no shirt.

"Carth, it has been far too long since we last spoke. I see the recent months have not been kind in your case. I barely recognized you" Karath said.

"Okay, fine, I'll tell you everything. Just stop hurting Bastila" Revan begged.

"No, don't tell him anything" Bastila snapped.

"I will tell you everything as long as you do something for me first" Revan said.

"You are in no position to be making demands" Karath told him.

"This is pretty simple. I just want you to turn around and kiss my Wookiee!" Revan said calmly.

"What?" Karath asked.

"Kiss my Wookiee!" Revan said again. When Karath turned around, he got smacked in the head by Zaalbar. Canderous walked up and let Revan, Carth, and Bastila out of their torture cells before everybody came into the room.

"Wow, Bastila, I can see why you fell for him. He is buff" Mission commented, looking at Revan. Bastila blushed noticeably.

"Yeah, I'll give you credit. You do have the look" Carth joked, punching Revan's arm. Noticing Bastila's blush, Canderous decided to have his own fun.

"Hey, why don't you show all of us the true muscles of a Jedi? I think some other people would enjoy it" Canderous said, gazing between Revan and Bastila. Bastila's blush intensified and Revan punched the Mandalorian's arm. Despite that, Revan smirked and flexed his biceps for everyone, showing Bastila specifically.

Everybody noticed how red her cheeks had become, but only Juhani had a comment to it.

"Bastila, are you alright? Cheeks are not supposed to be so red" Juhani joked. At that, Bastila had had enough.

"If you are all done with this childish display, I hope you will all realize that we need to move before Malak arrives" Bastila said.

"As fun as this party is, Bastila's right. We need to escape before Malak arrives" Revan agreed, putting on his armor. Though it was fun to tease Bastila, everyone got their gear on and they went on the way toward the hangar.

"Carth, Carth, come to me" Karath whispered from on the ground. Carth obliged. Karath then whispered something into Carth's ear before Carth went ballistic. He started screaming before Bastila calmed him down enough to get him to agree to wait until they got to the Ebon Hawk.

Revan, however, was extremely confused, but he led the gang to the Ebon Hawk nonetheless. They were able to defeat every enemy that they came against without any problem and they got to the Ebon Hawk without any difficulty.

After shooting six Sith fighters out of the sky, Revan returned to the main part of the Ebon Hawk to find out what was bothering Carth and Bastila so much…

Author's Note: I know this chapter was really short. The future chapters will not be so short. This was just an intro so prepare for longer chapters as I can get them posted.