TRUE STORY: There is cat sitting on my back, kneading away. I am annoyed with her, because now she's standing on the computer keyboard and her nail is in my face.


Kagome does not know what to do with the strange cat.

Even now, five minutes later, it is still purring with a sort of wild contentment that confuses her. Does it think it knows her? Is it a dumb cat? She has it up in her arms, hoisted to her chest, trying to think even as its sleek head pushes under her chin, rubs against her cheeks.

"You can't follow me to school," she tells it. In response, a rough, scratchy tongue runs the length of her cheek. Kagome almost drops the creature in shock.

But the silly thing is still purring up a storm, and when she puts it down she can hardly walk for the way it loops around her ankles. Besides, it might get ran over if she just leaves it. She should bring it home but she doesn't have the time, and being late for school is not an option in Kagome's mind, and the school is safely removed from any major roads, and -

Decisions reached, Kagome scoops the cat up adjusts her grip on the furry body before continuing on her way.

"I guess I'm bringing you to school," she says.

The cat just keeps purring. Kagome gets the feeling that even if it could understand her, it was too busy being happy about… something… to pay attention.

The cat is at the window.


Kagome gapes in shock.

It is at the window.

It is staring at her like it can see her. Like it knows who she is. Like it has been looking for her.

She's on the third floor. How did it get up here? Why?

The cat is stupid. There is no other explanation. Stupid and convinced she looks like someone it knows.

Her fellow students are staring, too. The teacher turns around to a class that is watching a white cat pace back and forth along the outside of the window. On the window ledge. The very narrow, third story window ledge.

"What in the world?" The teacher stares too. "Who's cat -?"

Kagome's indecision lasts only as long as it takes her responsible, caring side to overrule the small, logical voice in her mind.

"Mine," she whispers, raising her hand.

Inuyasha has always been very, very bad at being reasonable.

Rationality is also an issue. And now that he is back with Kagome, even simple brain function seems but a distant dream.

It is later in the afternoon and she is carrying him once more. He is not yet over the fact that he is here, that she is holding him, that even with the misfortune of being a cat she doesn't recognize he feels like the luckiest being to ever walk the planet. And so he is rubbing his face against her chin, purring and purring to the chant in his brain of I missed you I missed you I missed you I missed you. Kagome's admonitions are a background to his joy.

"You are a crazy cat. I cannot believe you. Do you know how much school I have missed already? And to go home for a stupid cat that – that – "

Inuyasha licks her nose and purrs as he rubs his cheek to hers.

Kagome melts.

Her grip tightens and she cuddles him closer. "Awww. But you're so cute, aren't you?"

"- And I didn't know what to do!" Kagome tells her mother, hoisting the cat (still purring and cuddling up against her) for emphasis. "They told me to take him home and I couldn't think of anything else and –"

"Kagome," her mother says, "it's ok."

Kagome sighs and sets the cat down. It sits on her foot and rubs its cheek against her tight-clad leg. She smiles despite herself and says, "It really likes me."

"I can see that."

"I think… I think I better put up some posters."

"That would be good, darling." Kagome's mother watches the way her daughter crouches down to the cat, giggles when it butts its head against her fingers, the continues purr a small motor. The sadness that haunted her face that morning is gone, replaced with that smaller, lighter look of loss that hasn't faded in a year. "If no one claims him," she tells her daughter, "I am sure Buyo wouldn't mind a friend."

The purr stops suddenly, and the cat looks away from Kagome and up at Mrs. Higurashi with a focus that is startling. Then the purring stops and the white body winds itself around her ankles once before returning to Kagome, whose shocked laughter fills the kitchen.

end note: Totally not pertaining to the story but humor me, lovelies: What's a great/intelligent/adventure-filled/anime-esque(if that makes sense)/awesome/romance book? (Also, the more magic and fantasy the better.) Because I have a surplus of free time and a bookstore with coffee and comfy chairs calling my name