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Nessie's POV

I've been driving since 5:00 this morning, its 3:00 and I still have an hour to go before I arrive at Forks. I'm driving from Eureka California. I've lived there with my mom Rene and step dad Phil since I was 8 years old. I've just finished studying for my teaching credential and was offered a job at Forks High School, thanks to my older sister Bella. I would have tried finding a job closer to home but I just needed to get away from it all, these last few years have been pretty hard on me, I needed to start fresh. Plus Bella's been begging for me to move closer to her. We haven't really seen each other in a little over two years. It would be great to see her and the rest of the family up in Forks. My dad, Bella's Husband Edward and all his adoring family members. But I have to be honest I'm also doing this so I can forget about him, completely.


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