Where has the milk gone? It was here when I went out. What have you done now?

Mere experiment. It's of no real consequence. Careful of the fridge..

Goddamn it Sherlock, I just cleaned the fridge today. Where did you get that!

John, don't be stupid, got it from Molly of course. Now I need a saw

She and I must talk. You broke the bone-saw last week, not buying you one.

An accident, John. You're a doctor, think you could get a hold of some-

I don't care what, NO. Now the tea has gotten cold. I'm off to Sarah's

If you leave you know I might just blow up our flat. Careful John Watson.

Threats, that's hardly on. Not like it hasn't before; try to keep it small

In comparison to what? I'll take my tea now and come send a text.

The last time it blew. The tea is still by your hand, the one that can text

I wanted warm tea and besides the phone is in your coat and not mine

Why is it in there! Let me toss it at your head. Antagonizing.

Good place at the time. I like it when you send them… concentration- cute.

Were you wearing- Wait... Is- Was that a compliment? What the hell. Who to?

I needed your coat. Don't be dense, the compliment was for you, now text.

Why mine, what with your billowy monstrosity? I'd need your phone back.

I have my reasons. Here take it and follow this very carefully..

Okay, it is done. See what being nice gets you? I'll go make some tea.

Thank you very much. Something caffeinated please, stimulates the thoughts.

Yes, yes, but only if you are wearing less than five patches right now.

Wasn't a five patch problem. Hardly a one patch -thinking on colors...

Caffeine it is then. Thank you for asking with please. Any conclusions?

Mm, dishwater, yes. It's still not good enough though... They change constantly.

The only dishes not done right now are teacups. Transmogrifying?

Idiot, your eyes. I'm talking about your eyes. Good word choice, Doctor

Just flabbergasted. You're quantifying my eyes. That's very near sweet.

It is a blank stare and not talking for a week complete with a sulk.

If I say you're a horrible human being, would that placate you?

That's ridiculous, just fetch me my violin. I'll play a request.

Glad to hear your voice. I think anything would do. Here it is, play on