Waking in the morning was a lazy after. Nether boy couldn't remember sleeping so well in a long time. Not only was there no nightmare interruption, but both boys woke feeling truly safe with arms and legs twisted around each other. Emerald green met silver blue with the trust and understanding that this was home.

Words were not needed. In silence, each got up and changed into fresh clothes provided by the room. At the door a long kiss was shared full of promises before they headed back to their houses.

The state of being back to their houses could only be described as dreamy. As Harry lounged on a couch waiting for the others to wake, he hummed a happy tune. It was a while before anyone came down, and Ginny was the first to arrive in the lounge. Harry would not put it past her putting up a spell to say when he came in. she purposefully sat down on the couch waiting for him to start talking. Ginny had never seen him so sappily happy. He lay relaxed on the chair blissfully in his own head.

Enjoying that it was she who got to him first, Ginny poked his arm to get his attention. With a slight turn of his head he registered Ginny looking at him pointedly with a smirk.

"Who?" Ginny said point blank, keeping her voice down.


"Who were you with last night?"

"Don't freak out?"




"Yeah." A smile broke out across her face.

"It is a good match."

"Thanks Gin."

"So now, I want details" and that is just what Harry gave her, his soul sister. A play by play starting with Luna's talk, the late night fly, the letter, and the kiss. Ginny sat happily listening to it all. Harry needed this and Draco seemed to be doing a good job. Talk died as more people came down to the lounge, not everyone would accept the development on point blank.

At breakfast Lavender got a letter disowning her from her family. She was now just Lavender. Hanna took her out of the hall afterwards. People's hearts sank at the sight. Most pureblood worried when the first one would be disowned. Their traditions did not take kindly to magical castles fixing up their children. What people didn't expect was the second Howler disowning Draco Malfoy, the only heir to the family. Someone in the dorm had sent a letter to the Lord Malfoy informing him of Draco's absence the night before.

Harry followed Hanna's example and stood up from the Gryffindor table. The hall, which had fallen silent at the howlers, remained so as Harry crossed the hall. Standing next to the Slytherin Prince, Harry held out his hand. Draco was trying really hard to hold in his emotions. He reached for Harry's hand and stood up. After being pulled into a hug Draco laid his hand on Harry's cheek. Harry took this sign and leaned into a kiss. Somewhere in the mist of comforting each other the hall broke out clapping. Ginny was standing on a Gryffindor bench smiling with tears as she clapped.

The road from here was not going to be easy, and most people would not agree with what they were. But much of Hogwarts students would back them up. With each other and all their friends, the new couples at Hogwarts were ready to face to world and anything it could think of to throw at them.