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Chapter One – Only the Beginning

Thursday, May 20, 2010 – Second Semester of Freshman Year.

In the far back corner of Classroom 93, Christian Hayner Richardson was seated between Belinda Drake and Ella Gutierrez as Ms. Morales, the only female Spanish teacher on campus, droned on about the final project for her Spanish 1 class. Lazily, Hayner's head slumped into his folded arms; the blond-haired boy knew that the last thing he needed to focus on was some stupid project he was probably going to end up failing anyways. Turning his attention away from the back of Belinda's head, Hayner caught the unmistakable emerald eyes of the last person he wanted to see. In the very front of the class, the brown-haired girl in the orange sundress and the white leggings – from what Hayner could make out of her appearance – was just as troubled as he had been for the past few weeks. And almost as instantly as the two distressed teenagers had made eye contact, Ms. Morales had stepped between the two of them, breaking whatever connection the couple had made with each other.

"However," the platinum blonde teacher instructed her class, "unlike assignments in the past, I will let you all choose your partners. No me hagas arrepiento de mi decisión. You may start now."

As Ms. Morales walked to the very back of the room to be seated at her desk, the majority of the Spanish 1 students buzzed about the classroom. Many of the students already had an idea as to whom they wished their partners to be; Hayner, however, was at a loss. Naturally, he would have found it appropriate to pair himself with his girlfriend, Olette Marie Anderson. Unfortunately for him, he and Olette were not on the best terms. Sighing to himself, he lifted his head from his arms, focusing his attention back onto Olette, who was presently being bothered by Belinda.

"Anderson, get up!" whined the auburn haired snob. "Ashley and I are working together on this project and you're making it, like, four thousand times harder to start this! Go work with Hayner or something!"

Wide eyed, Olette instantly directed her attention to the bony girl in front of her. When – in the name of Twilight Town – did Belinda Faye Drake, her archenemy, start calling Hayner by his middle name, a name that only his closest friends called him? Changing her expression from surprised to angry in a moment, Olette watched as Belinda's lips curled into a satisfied smirk. Furiously, Olette slammed her hand onto the desk as she gathered her belongings.

"That's right, Princess Anderson," Belinda's high-pitched voice snarled. "Go over to your lost cause of a boyfriend so that the two of you can figure out how to completely wreck your already damaged relationship."

Continuing to glare at the rich daughter of Edward Drake, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Twilight Town Records, Olette controlled her raging temper as best she could; she knew that Belinda was trying to bring out the worst in her and the last thing Olette really needed was a trip to the school psychologist's office because of her "uncontrollable rage". She shoved her way past Belinda and made her way to the very back of the classroom, taking the only open seat left.

Hayner, in confusion, stared at Olette, who was doing her best not to make direct eye contact with him. Why she had actually given into Belinda's pleas was beyond Hayner, but now it was obvious that something was wrong. He continued staring at Olette, hoping that some type of conversation would spark between the two of them; he was dying to say something to his girlfriend at this point. Anything would have been nice.

"Ah, Miss Anderson and Mr. Richardson," Ms. Morales chirped, attempting to get the attention of the duo, "are the two of your going to be working together for this project? Lo que necesito saber ahora."

Hayner watched as Olette fidgeted in her seat the moment Ms. Morales had begun speaking Spanish to the two of them; he knew that she struggled with the language, just as she did with any other language that wasn't English. Maybe – just maybe – if he swooped in to answer the question for the both of them Olette would start talking to him again, he told himself.

"Actually Ms. Morales," Hayner began, avoiding the stare Olette was now giving him, "I haven't asked yet… so yeah."

Ms. Morales nodded as she began to scribble down notes onto her pink clipboard. Not bothering to look at Olette or Hayner, she sighed, "Pregunte ahora sí. Es posible que se quede sin opciones más tarde. Unless, of course, there is a problem with the two of you working together."

"There's no problem, ma'am," Hayner assured, shaking his head. "No problem at all."

"Bueno," Ms. Morales said before moving along the row of students. "I'll check with the two of you later, Mr. Richardson."

Hayner exhaled in relief as he watched the tall language teacher stalk away. He looked toward Olette, who had turned her gaze to the dry erase board in the front of the classroom. Sighing to himself, he looked around the classroom for his possible options; how hard could it be to find someone in the class? In the front of the classroom, Hayner noticed the tall strawberry blond-haired boy; it was his godbrother, Sean Horton. Hayner knew that he could always count on Sean for anything he needed so long as Mary, Sean's girlfriend of two years, was okay with it.


Hayner stopped himself when he saw that Sean was conversing with Ella, the curly-haired girl of Sean's height. Rolling his eyes, Hayner reminded himself that even though Sean would do practically anything for a friend… Mary Carbone and her posse always came first, regardless of the rest of the world. Turning his attention to the wiry sophomore with the red hair, Hayner considered his options with the soon-to-be Drum Major of the Twilight Town Marching Band, Daniel Duke. He smirked to himself, knowing that with Daniel Duke he would score an A easily.


Once again, someone had beat Hayner to the punch; Daniel was surrounded by three of the band freshman. Mentally slapping himself, Hayner wondered how he could have possibly forgotten that Daniel Duke was a chick magnet. Looking around once more, Hayner noticed that Olette was still sitting beside him in silence. Shaking his head, the young teen boy did not know what to do. While working with his girlfriend was something he wanted to do, Hayner knew that working with Olette was a major impossibility at the moment.

"Sean," Hayner tried his luck again as Ella and her partner passed by. "Hey, Sean!"

The tall strawberry blond-haired boy turned his head in Hayner's direction with a bewildered look; he and Hayner had not really spoken to each other in quite some time. He tilted his head to the left a little as he squinted his eyes a smidge. Sean would have loved to help Hayner, but he did not know what his godbrother was asking from him.

"What?" Sean inquired, scratching the back of his head.

Hayner gulped before responding. Saying the wrong thing could potentially upset Olette more than he already had. Inhaling sharply, Hayner replied, "Is it cool if the two of us work together? I don't think I'll get a passing grade with this one…"

As if she wasn't mad enough, Olette quickly stood from her seat and marched to the front of the classroom. Her eyes scanned the bookshelf beside Daniel Duke's flaming red hair, looking for something that might shut Hayner up. How was it even possible for him to think that Olette Marie Anderson – the soon-to-be Valedictorian of 2013 – wouldn't be a satisfactory partner? The green eyed girl had never gotten anything lower than a B minus; Hayner, on the other hand, was practically fine with getting at least a D on projects. Olette's eyes continued to check the bookshelf thoroughly; maybe it was her inability to understand the language or maybe it was because all the books she could possibly use were probably being used at the moment, but Olette could not find a single book on foreign foods.

Hayner watched as Olette's eyes traveled from shelf, looking for something obviously. He knew that his word choice was far from what he truly meant; Hayner just meant that, with the way things currently were, a passing grade would be hard to achieve – mainly because Olette refused to speak to him. Running a hand through his spiky, blond hair, Hayner watched as Olette hastily grabbed a book from the bottom shelf and stormed over to his desk.

As Hayner placed his right hand onto the desk in boredom, Olette carelessly plopped the giant book of food onto her boyfriend's dominant hand, painfully squashing his piano fingers. Olette began to glare at Hayner, watching as the boy winced; it was axiomatic to see that the book had done some form of damage to her boyfriend. She crossed her arms in front of her with a smirk on her face.

"What the hell is your problem?" Hayner shouted, cradling his right hand. "That hurt!"

Still smirking, Olette leaned over Hayner's desk as she flipped to a random page in the book. "Simple," she hissed. "I don't think I'll get a passing grade with this one, but unlike some of us, I have to make the most with what I've got."

Hayner looked down at his throbbing hand with a look of guilt; he hadn't meant what he said like that… but how was he supposed to explain that to her? He knew that she wouldn't even let him open his mouth. Looking up at the girl dressed in orange, Hayner saw the spark in her eyes; he knew that Olette was not going to give up the fight anytime soon. Hayner figured that giving her what she wanted would be easy, but where would the challenge in that be? Forfeiting the battle between the once dynamic duo was something Hayner never did; he would have to fight to the end until either he or Olette won…

"Look," Hayner muttered, "this is complete bullshit. Why don't the two of us just take the fail and get on with our lives? It's as simple as that."

Surprised at Hayner's comment, Olette's eyes narrowed. What was he even suggesting? Did he really want to just fail the project, knowing that Olette's grade was on the line? Did Hayner completely forget that if she were to get so much as B on her report card Belinda Drake was second in line for the spot of 2013's Valedictorian? Olette's mind was racing with questions; she knew that Hayner wasn't going to give up the fight that easily. Clenching her fists in anger, Olette let Hayner's words sink into her mind.

"Oh," she sneered. "So you think that this is something that we should just 'get over with', something that the two of us should completely forget about, huh? You know what, Christian Hayner? No! This is not something we can just screw over and move on with… but coming from you, it makes perfect sense."

Hayner listened to Olette as the dull roar of the classroom increased slightly, drowning Olette out to others' ears. He knew exactly what she was talking about, but he couldn't believe that she was still hooked on that subject. Rolling his eyes, Hayner shook his head.

"It's easy to see that you're still not over what happened last month," Hayner responded with a grunt. "C'mon… it happened a month ago; let it go."

Her green eyes engulfed in irritation and rage, Olette slammed her hand onto Hayner's desk, the way she had with her own only ten to twenty minutes ago. How could he say that?

"How dare you!" she drawled.

Just then, the school bell tolled, ending the period and the day. Quickly, Olettle gathered her belongings and raced out of the classroom. Her fists still clenched in fury and her gaze focused only on the view ahead of her. In her eyes, this fight was far from over.

Hayner, however, sat in his seat with the book still opened before him. He shook his head, knowing that he had to do a lot of work before completely fixing his relationship with Olette again. His brown eyes widened at the thought of his losing the fight between himself and Olette; if he lost, he knew that nothing would end well. He also knew that this war had just begun.

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