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Chapter Six – Just Friends

Saturday, May 22, 2010 – Second Semester of Freshman Year.

Olette's already aching heart dropped instantly. Did she hear correctly? Was Christian Hayner Richardson, the boy of her dizzy daydreams, gay? The brunette shook her head in severe disbelief. Olette figured that the poor boy was just looking for an easy way out of the broken relationship of theirs.

"I'm so sorry, Olette!" Hayner sobbed. "I never meant to lead you on like this! I just didn't understand! Olette, I am so sorry!"

Olette couldn't believe it…

"I'm so sorry!" Hayner repeated as Olette continued to hug him.

She just couldn't

But she knew that she had to. There was just something in the way that Hayner was weeping that told Olette everything he said was true. After all, who was she to assume that he was lying about something as serious as that?"

"Why are you sorry?" Olette sighed, releasing the tension in her shoulders. "If anything, I should be the sorry one. I forced you to tell me something you probably weren't even ready to tell. I forced you into a relationship when you probably wanted nothing to do with one. I forced you to have feelings where they didn't necessarily belong."

"Olette!" Hayner rasped. "No! None of this is your fault; I've had these weird thoughts lately. They're not sexual, but they made me question my sexuality… to make matters worse, with you around all the time, it was hard to process anything… Olette, you can't tell anyone!"

Olette stared at Hayner as tears subtly began to form in her eyes. "Why would I tell anyone…?" Olette cooed, trying to blink the tears away.

No, Olette willed herself not to cry. This wasn't her time to cry; it was her birthday for Pete's sake! She refused to cry. Besides, it was Hayner's time to unleash all the emotions he had been forced to push down since the beginning of their friendship. She felt that she owed him that much.

"You're not mad?" Hayner wondered, still allowing Olette to hold him there.

Was she mad? Olette honestly did not know how to feel at that point. Her mind was telling her to rip Hayner apart limb by limb, but her heart was telling her otherwise. Her whole being was just lost and confused, more than it ever had been to say the very least.

"No…" Olette breathed, holding Hayner even tighter. "I lov- I care too much about you and I understand how hard it was to even come out the way you did."

"Oh God, Olette! If Aelita and my parents ever found out-!" Hayner stopped himself as a fresh tear of sets flooded his brown eyes. "If any of my family finds out about this, Olette, do you know how ostracized I would be?"

Olette released Hayner from her embrace as she watched helplessly. She sighed as her best friend continued to cry, allowing him to sink lower to the ground than before. Shutting her eyes, Olette reminded herself how right Hayner was; it any of the Richardsons found out, word would eventually get to the rest of his family and soon, the whole family would be on his case. Granted, Aelita Mae – to Olette's knowledge – had a number of friends who liked members of the same gender. Hell, Olette knew for a fact that Aelita went through the 'bicurious' phase during her first few years of college. But Olette also knew that Aelita would be devastated if she ever found out that Hayner was gay.

"… Hayner, that's nonsense. Your family loves you for who you are, being gay doesn't-."

"Olette, my family is the most respected family in the congregation! They all expect me to become a priest or deacon!" Hayner screamed, angrier with himself. "I'm the last of the legacy! If they ever found out my dirty, little secret, I'll have 'doomed' the Richardson name!"

Olette shook her head violently as she hugged Hayner once more. "Christian Hayner Richardson, are you even listening to yourself? You know that everything you just said is a bunch of crap."

"Olette!" Hayner shouted, pushing away from the brunette. "Take a look at my family! They're perfect! They wouldn't stand for this! Even my more open-minded cousins, like Katherine and Drew, wouldn't stand for this…! My own sister wouldn't stand for this! I was the last hope for the family name to go on! Drew's gay, too! The rest of my cousins are girls! Olette, my family would disown me!"

Olette shook her head in disbelief. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson would never disown their only son just because of one little thing like this. It just wasn't in them to do so… right?

"Are you kidding me?" Olette did her best to calm Hayner down. "Aelita would support you and so would the rest of your cousins… if not the rest of your family. If Drew can be gay, why can't you? Your sister had a couple serious relationships during her first few years in college! Your parents knew about that; however, they didn't disown your sister. You just have to-."

"Are you kidding me? Olette, my parents… my entire family," Hayner stammered, still sobbing. "They're completely old-fashioned! Even if Katherine, Drew, and Aelita found out, they'd undoubtedly make a big deal about it! Olette, don't you remember the talk Aelita had with us when we first got together? Just please, promise me you don't say anything!"

"Who am I going to tell?" Olette sighed. "You're the only person I really talk to lately. Pence is still suffering from his own heartbreak; why would I burden him with mine? And Roxas… Roxas is still trying to free himself of his obsessive ex girlfriend. You really are the only one that I really talk to anyways… even if it hasn't been all that civil lately."

Hayner smiled through the tears before attacking Olette with a bear hug. "You're the best friend anyone could ever have, Olette! Thank you so much!"

Olete winced as Hayner tackled her to the ground. She let his tears stain her light blue t-shirt as she recalled the moment of their breakup. The green-eyed girl still did not know how to feel. The only feeling that seemed to linger in her thoughts was confusion. She did not know what to do. Olette couldn't be mad at Hayner because of who he was. It wasn't his fault that he felt the way he did. The birthday girl refused to feel sad, but she also refused to smile.

"What are friends for, Hayner?" Olette chirped lowly. "Besides… I've always wanted a gay best friend…?"

The brunette hoped that Hayner had not heard the questioning tone in her voice. At the moment, much like her feelings, she wasn't sure what she wanted.

Hayner laughed to himself darkly. "What happens if my family does find out about this secret?"

"Then you tell them about your oh-so-amazing girlfriend, Olette Marie Anderson," Olette chuckled. "If not me, then I'm sure precious Princess Belinda Drake would love to be your cover girl."

"GROSS!" Hayner hissed. "Never, never, never, never! I'm sorry about that, too, Olette. I've been such a jerk lately, but that's why I was distancing myself. When Belinda started to make a move on me, I didn't want you to find out… NOTHING HAPPENED THOUGH!"

"Wow," Olette groaned. "You're such an amazing person."

"I'm sorry!" Hayner said, still hugging Olette tightly. "I never meant to hurt you the way I did."

"I never menat to push you this far into confessing to me," Olette sighed. "I'm just really confused now."

Hayner pulled away from the hug, allowing Olette to sit beside him. Carefully, he draped his arm around her. Sighing, Hayner smiled, "Olette, you're not alone."

"With you," Olette went on, resting her head on Hayner's shoulder, "I'm never alone… Hayner, you're the best friend I could ever ask for."

Just friends… Olette knew in her heart that that was all she and Hayner would ever be.

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