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AU - The truce wasn't made with the Cullen's, but with all vampires. The vampires broke the truce when they felt strong enough. Jacob never met the Cullen's. There are also other groups of werewolves across the world, many of which have been taken at this point.

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CH 1

Jacob Black stood on the auction block, clothed only in a pair of loose black slacks his trainers had given him. His hands were tied behind his back, his head raised defiantly, and he had a wicked snarl on his face. It was bad enough that the bloodsuckers had broken years of truce and killed the majority of his pack and family. But he had been knocked out and taken while still in human form, taken as a slave.

The vampire that had been his trainer the last few months backhanded him with a growl, "Keep your head down dog."

Jacob's snarl didn't fade, but he did lower his head, it wasn't worth more scars to bother. Besides, he had already shown he was defiant, hopefully lowering his price considerably. Any small revenge he could take on these leaches without losing any more skin was a pleasure he wouldn't pass up.

This slave ring was unlike anything Jacob had experienced in his prior life. He had caught bits and pieces of its history from other slaves that were in training with him. It had apparently been around for ages, selling slaves to wealthy vampires. Of course a vampire could buy a human on the black market in any number of third world countries, but those bought here were specially trained and often willing participants, many hoping that one day they could earn the "honor" of becoming vampires themselves. The majority of those sold were human, though he had heard of others of his kind being sold throughout the ages whenever the leeches could get a hold of one.

As the bidding started, Jacob wished he felt the nerve to look around the hall. Not knowing who may be his future owner was creating painful knots in his stomach. He expected no compassion from whoever bought him, and his show of bravado was just that... a show. He was honestly beyond terrified. The majority of the last few months had been spent in pain and horrible forms of subjugation. He had been beaten, tortured for amusement, and used in any manner his captors could think to use to break him. And without his ability to shift he couldn't do anything about it. The damn silver collar they had welded around his neck caused him to suffocate himself whenever a shift started. He had gotten angry enough to shift many times, but every time he did he couldn't finish the shift and passed out before he could do any damage. After that, his anger had turned to fear each time he saw the fanged visage of another vampire coming to train him. But this was no time to remember such things, he shook the thoughts from his memory, replacing them only with a silent plea - Please let someone save me from this nightmare.

The bidding climbed well over what the other slaves had said people typically went for. He figured it was his wolf blood that made him interesting. But he didn't know if it was going to be a good thing or not. The voices went back and forth, and then narrowed to a few distinctive people in the crowd until it finally slowed to two. "One million." A loud brash voice called from a side of the room. "One million, One hundred thousand." Came from the opposite side of the room, from a voice that was smooth as silk and confident. Jacob couldn't see who was bidding with his head lowered, but he silently hoped for the second one as the bidding continued to climb. The bidding finally ended at 1.5 million, the silky and confident voice being the winner.

"Sold for 1.5 million!" The auctioneer called out.

Without warning he was pushed toward the stairs of the platform. Without a chance to catch his balance he tripped off the first step, falling forward towards the ground with no way to catch himself. But his fall was stopped short. He looked up briefly trying to figure out what had happened. And met the gaze of the most handsome vampire he had ever seen. This creature caught him? To what end? The man's confident stare caught Jacob's for only a brief moment before he lifted him and set him down carefully on his feet.

Cold as steel, and with a hint of venom, the smooth voice he had heard bidding on him in the crowd - addressed Jacob's previous trainer, "Watch how you treat another man's property, I won't have the boy damaged before I even sign the release papers."

A look of annoyance flashed across the trainer's face for only an instant before he twisted his expression into one of civility, "My apologies, Mr. Cullen. I would hate to earn the ire of you or your father, your business is most appreciated."

This was his new owner? Jacob looked on with interest as he took the forms and signed them, discussing payment with the auctioneer. "He is worth the price." The auctioneer said, leering eagerly at Jacob.

"Best keep your less respectable thoughts to yourself Alfred." Jacob's new owner hissed.

"Aw, come on, Edward. You know how I am about a firm body." Al laughed lightly. Jacob wondered what in the hell was going on but was soon further distracted by the conversation.

Handing Edward a folder Alfred smiled, "That should be everything, Glad you came by, I'm sure you'll enjoy him."

"Yes, thank you, Alfred." His new owner - Edward - stepped closer to him, placing a cold hand on his back. "Come on then boy, let's go." The cold hand resting on his back carefully directed Jacob through the crowd and out of the secluded country manor that was the action house.

Jacob wished he could see his new Owner. Being directed in front of him as he was, he could only consider the brief flash of sight he had had a moment before. He must come from a wealthy family. Being able to spend 1.5 million on him and wearing the classic and well cut suit were good signs. Jacob silently hoped they were anyway, though money and class didn't necessarily mean well mannered.

The silence that settled between them in the hallway as Edward pushed Jacob through the manor didn't help to lessen that edge. In fact it served to tighten the knots that had formed in his stomach during the auction. As did the fact that Edward's cold hand didn't leave his back when they got through the crowd.

When they reached the outside of the manor a driver pulled up in a limo, opening the door with a smile, "Found something you liked I see Mr. Cullen? You're plane is ready for you at the air strip, we should get going."

"Thank you." He said. Then turning to Jacob, he motioned him inside.

Jacob slid into the limousine sliding across the seat to the far side, not sure where he was supposed to go, but deciding he didn't want to tick off his new master prematurely. Edward slid inside as well, making himself comfortable before closing the door and addressing Jacob.

"Kneel," Edward said simply - motioning to the floor of the limo.

Jacob looked at the floor, but hesitated only a moment before moving from his seated position to the floor as he was told. It was a customary command, to kneel, and he didn't figure that disobeying the second thing he was told would be the best idea he'd had today. He kept his eyes down, noticing the pair of very nice, and likely very expensive shoes in front of his eyes.

The limo started and pulled out of the drive onto the road. After a few moments passed, Jacob began to wonder if perhaps his new master cared only for a quiet trip to wherever they were going, and so, barely managed to keep himself from flinching as a pair of cold hands rested gently on his shoulders - then slid down his chest and bare stomach before tracing around to his hips. Edward pulled him forward, making him scoot closer to the seat he was occupying then thumbed the protruding bone on Jacob's hips making small goosebumps raise all over Jacobs skin.

Jacob kept his eyes carefully down at the ground throughout his short time, careful of his training to keep from making eye contact. However, Edward had other plans. He released Jacob's hips to gently cup Jacob's chin in his hand. Applying a small amount of pressure upward he said, "Look at me boy." his voice was light, not at all the harsh command Jacob had come to expect from vampires.

He obediently raised his eyes, looking at his Owner full on for the first time and Jacob hated to admit it, but his new owner was fucking beautiful. He quickly berated himself for thinking something like that about a God-damned bloodsucker. But the thought was cemented as the corner of Edward's mouth quirked up in something of a half smile. "What is your name werewolf? I believe we'd both prefer it if I had something to call you other than boy."

Jacob steeled himself to give a strong firm voice to go against the weak statement he had been trained to give, "My name is Jacob, if it pleases you, Master." He spit out the last word like a curse, though the knot in his stomach tightened to an iron ball with fear as he realized his own tone.

The vampire only sat back with another quirked half smile, "It is very good to meet you, Jacob."

The car ride was a bit bumpy, and Jacob did his best to hide his discomfort as it continued. The leech was watching the scenery and didn't seem to have thought of the possibility of his discomfort. Damn, could he have picked a more uncomfortable position to have me in for this trip? Jacob tried to shift slightly, but it didn't relieve the discomfort in his knees or his still tied arms.

Edward looked at him calmly as he shifted, "Here, turn around and sit with your back against the bottom of the seat here, I'm sure that position can't be comfortable."

Jacob did so with a small grunt. When he was finished and settled Edward untied his wrists, then again rested his cold hands on Jacob's shoulders for a moment. He let his long fingers glide up Jacob's dark skin up to his neck. His fingers pressed gently into the sensitive skin there, causing him to shiver. Jacob silently cursed his skin for betraying him, damn if he couldn't help it feeling good.

"Mmm, I love how you respond to my touch Jacob." The leech cooed down at him, obviously enjoying Jacob's reactions.

Jacob gulped, and took a breath trying to get the nervous nausea to stop and trying to think about something other then this Vampire's hands gently massaging him. Jacob let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, and forced himself to relax. As long as he couldn't shift, struggling wouldn't help.

His master spoke behind him, "I'm Edward Cullen." God that fucking voice, it sent shivers down his spine all on its own, and he already had shivers from his touch. "And I am certain we are going to get along very well."

Jacob huffed silently in his own mind, You can be as certain as you want bloodsucker, but fuck if I'm ever going to "get along" with you.

The hands in his hair stopped and Jacob tensed, wondering what had caused the change in interest. "You may speak if you have anything to say," Edward said simply. "I can read your thoughts Jacob, I will know your intentions whether you speak them aloud or not."

Jacob only hissed under his breath, "I have nothing to say, Master." but thought to himself, If you can read my mind, Then what am I thinking now bloodsucker?

"You're thinking, 'what am I thinking now?'" Edward responded with a bored tone.

That was an easy guess, Jacob continued in his own thoughts, trying to think of something extremely obscure to think about. But as Edwards hands returned to his shoulders, strongly kneading the muscle there this thoughts strayed to the hands of his new Master. Damn that feels good, I hope he doesn't stop.

"Oh, I have no intention of stopping dear Jacob, I quite enjoy touching you." Edward said with a droll smile.

Jacob's breath hitched in his throat and he tensed. "So, you heard everything I've thought during this trip?" He asked quietly, carefully.

"I have," was Edward's neutral reply.

Jacob shook fearfully at the response, not moving, waiting for the inescapable torture to begin, "I'm sorry, Master. I didn't mean anything by it; I will try to contr-"

Edward grabbed the back of Jacob's neck gently, stopping him in mid sentence with his own reply, "It's alright Jacob, as I said, I enjoy your slight attitude. Relax now, your fear is palpable. I'm not going to punish you for your thoughts, few can control them well." He began kneading his neck again, attempting to sooth Jacob's nervous tension.

"Yes sir, thank you." He replied, not believing a word of it, but trying as best he could to relax.

Edward just sighed and leaned back in his seat, again watching the scenery and leaving Jacob to himself.

Jacob only tried desperately to think of nothing as the ride continued.