Despicable Two

Chapter 1

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4:00 a.m.

(Ring...ring...ring...) Was the sound that had awoken a sleeping woman, "Hello," she mumbled.

"Ah, Laura, your up," said the voice

Laura just rolled her eyes "No uncle, you woke me up."

"So sorry but what I have to say is really important," he said

"What is it?"

"I'm afraid I can not tell you over the phone," he explained "but I will tell you, if you come see me."

Shaking her head as she spoke "Fine, I'll be there."

"Wonderful, I shall see you later."

After hanging up the phone Laura drew a heavy sigh as she looked at the clock and it read 4:30 "What could uncle want with me?" she asked herself.


In just a few hours Laura was on her way to visit her uncle, "Boy this better be important," she said as she pulled up to his house. She walked up to the door and was about to knock when her uncle opened it.

"Laura!" he said happily as he hugged her.

Softly pulling away she smiled and said "Hi Uncle Fred, how have you been?"

"Oh fine, just fine," he replied "won't you come in?"

"So uncle," she asked stepping inside his house "what is so important that you called me up so early?"

She watched her uncle's smile fade "Well about that," he said giving a slight sigh "I need you to watch my dog Mr. Pickles."

"WHAT!" she snapped "You mean you called me up just so I could watch your dog?"

Rubbing the back of his head Fred was at a loss of words, "You know how I feel about dogs," she continued "their smelling and gross."

"I understand but you are my last hope," he explained "I need to go on this trip for my job and nobody else wants to look after him."

Laura could feel the guilt feeling start weigh in on her, "Fine," she said "I'll watch him."

"Oh, thank you Laura!" he said happily as the smile returned to his face "this really means a lot."

"Just one question, how come none of your neighbors wanted to watch Mr. Pickles?" she asked

"They all dislike him for leaving presents in their yards but the worst one is that guy," he said flashing his eyes towards a dark looking house with a dried up yard.

"Him, why?" Laura asked

Fred was about explain when a large tank like vehicle pulled up to the house, Laura watched as three little girls in pink ballarina outfits leaped out followed by a dark looking man wearing a black coat and a black and grey scarf.

"Hello Gru," Fred said giving him a short wave to get his attention.

"What ess eet Fred?" the man asked in a thick Russian accent.

"This is my niece Laura and she is going to be staying here to watch my dog," Fred replied

Gru just shook his head "Why would I care about sometheeng like dees?"

"Daddy are you coming?" a little girl in a pink hat asked

"Yes," he replied and without another word he turned and went towards the door. Once Gru was inside Laura turned to her uncle "Wow," was all she could say, Fred just nodded "Well any way I best be getting ready to leave," he said.


Laura helped load her uncle's last suitcase into his car while he was saying his goodbyes to Mr. Pickles "Bye, bye my baby," he cooed as he let the dog lick him all over his face, "Yuck!" Laura thought when she saw the dog lick him on the lips. Fred wiped a tear from his eye as he handed the leash over to Laura "Promise you'll take good care of him," he said.

"I promise," she replied walking with him to car.

"Now I left you a list of all his meals and..."

"UNCLE!" Laura shouted as she lost her patients "it's one dog I'm sure I can manage."

Fred just looked at her with a surprised look plastered his face "Yes I'm sure you will,"

Laura sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose "Look I'm sorry I yelled."

"That's okay," he replied "see you in two weeks."

"Bye," she said as the car backed out of the yard, drove up the road and out of sight. With her annoying uncle gone Laura was able to relax with a cup of tea and her trusty laptop but this no regular computer it was modified to the extreme. Laura was no good girl in fact she was far from it, she was a top undercover henchwomen for one of the most evil villains ever to walk the Earth, Sir Cleric Stone. Reading a message that her boss sent her telling her that she was to get in touch with as soon as possible, she quickly typed out a reply "This is Laverna,"

She sighed and waited until a return message popped, (Laverna, have you located the Sun Amulet yet?... (No not yet but I am so close I can promise you will have it with in a week.)

Meanwhile thousands of miles away a sinister man with wide set eyes the color of burnished iron and thick milk chocolate shoulder length hair smiled as he read her sentence "Perfect," he said in a low voice.


"Okay, dinner time Mr. Pickles!" Laura called as she placed a bowl of some sort of beef on the floor for Mr. Pickles, "speaking of which where is he?" she asked herself. "Mr. Pickles?" she called as she checked every room, (Oh God I lost my uncle's dumb dog in less then an hour) she thought as she scrambled to look for the misplaced mutt. Just as she was about to look up stairs for the fifth time there was a knock on the door, she rushed over to the door and opened it revealing a girl who looked around eleven years old holding Mr. Pickles.

"There you are Mr. Pickles," Laura said breathing a sigh of relief.

"Here you go," the girl said giving the dog to Laura "I'm Margo by the way."

"Hi Margo, I'm Laura," she replied "thanks for bring this little guy home."

Margo smiled "It was no problem,"


"I have to go," she said "it was nice meeting you Laura, bye."

"You,too," Laura called as she closed the front door, walked out into the kitchen, ate some dinner then went to bed. That night she had a strange dream, she was child again about five or six and in the dream she and a boy about her age were being picked on.

"You're fat!" one kid said to her

"Yeah and weird," another one laughed

"They are both weird,"

"Leave us alone!" she cried

Then the kids started to chant...

"Laura and Felonius sitting in a tree,"


"First comes love then marriage,"

"Then comes Laura pushing a baby carriage."

"SHUT UP!" she yelled as she smacked one of the kids, who started to cry.

With that Laura sat up in bed sweating she looked at the clock and saw that it was only twelve o'clock, she sighed and turned back over to fall back to sleep...

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