Chapter 2

The next day Laura decided to sit outback in the sun and relax while Mr. Pickles ran around on a long lead tied to her chair, she smiled at the thought of the dog driving it's self crazy trying to get away. Just as she got comfortable the dog leaped onto her "Ack!" she yelled and quickly shoved the dog off "you stupid dog." Yanking off her sunglasses to see what had made the dog do that she noticed a woman staring at her, (Geez, take a picture it will last longer) she thought as she got up and walked over "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Fred," the woman said

"He's out of town," Laura explained "who are you any way?"

"Oh, I sorry," the woman said with a giggle "where are my manners? I'm Tammy and you are?"

"Laura, I'm Fred's niece,"

"Well nice to meet you Laura," Tammy said happily as she held out her hand for Laura to shake but Laura just ignored it "well," Tammy continued " your uncle was supposed to throw a backyard party tonight."


"It was a welcoming party for a newest member Paula," Tammy explained

"My uncle is not here and he will not be back for a couple of weeks."

Tammy raised her hand to her mouth "Oh my," she gasped "why that's terrible."

"Really? I don't see why it is," Laura said giving her a forced smile

"Because dear your uncle will kicked out of The Garden Club if he does not throw this party," Tammy replied

Laura scratched her head she knew her uncle would be very upset if she did not do this for him, so with a heavy sigh she agreed to have the party. When Tammy left Laura ran inside as fast as she could to get ready to go to the store.


She walked up and down the isles not knowing what to buy "This is stupid," she said in aggravated tone "I really don't have time for this." Without paying attention to where she was going her cart slammed into another person's

"I'm so sorry, I was not," she started to say but stopped when she saw whose cart she had hit.

"Vatch vhere you are goeeng,"

Laura felt herself blush "I'm sorry, Gru? That was your name right?"

"Dat ees correct," he said before starting to walk away

"Wait!" Laura found herself yelling as she followed him

"Vhat ees eet?" he asked

"You live in that neighborhood, do you think you could help me with this party thing,"

Without even turning around he said "No,"

Laura pursed her lips "Well then your not invited," she said crossing her arms.

"I theenk I vill live," Gru replied "Now eef you don't mind I vould like to geet back to my shopping."


Looking up Laura saw the small girl she had seen yesterday skipping over with a big stuffed unicorn in one hand and a box of cereal in the other and not to far behind her was the other two girls.

Gru turned to the girl "Vhat ees eet Agnes?"

"Could we get this," the girl replied handing her father the box and stepping back giving him a smile, Gru read the name "Sugor Pops?"

"Yeah can we dad?" asked the girl with a pink hat on

"PLEASEEEEEE!" all three said at once

"Fine," he sighed

"Yes!" Agnes said happily

Margo smiled at her younger sister then she noticed Laura standing there, "Oh, hi," she said giving her a wave.

"Hello Margo," Laura replied thinking fast at what to say next "do you think you could help me pick out stuff for a party,"

"Let me just ask my dad first,"

"Okay, take your time sweetie," Laura said with a smile.

Margo walked over to her father "Um, dad?,"

"Vhat ees eet Margo?"

"Do you think I could help Laura with her party?" she asked placing her hand behind her back

"PARTY!" Agnes exclaimed "WHERE'S A PARTY!"

Gru opened his mouth to protest when Edith moved closer "Well if their helping can I?"

Watching from a few feet away Laura couldn't help but to get a smile on her face as the three girls begged their father. "So what do you say daddy," she said finally walking towards them "can they help?"

Glaring at Laura Gru sighed "Fine, we vill help,"

A smile quickly spread across Laura's face "Okay," she said "now what kind of party should it be?"

The girls started thinking really hard "I got!," Margo said happily "how about a tea party?"

"Tea party huh?" Laura repeated rubbing her chin "I like it."

"Yeah!," said Edith "with video games."

"With lots of unicorns!" Agnes said bouncing up and down happily.

Laura smiled "Okay, let's see what we can find,"


After a couple hours of shopping they were finally done and Laura had just finished packing her stuff in the trunk of her car, sitting in the friver's seat she shoved the key into the ignition and turned it but nothing happened. "Great!" she yelled slamming her fist on the steering wheel "stupid junk of a car." She stepped back outside and gave the tire a kick,

"Ees sometheeng de mattor?"

(Great what does he want?) she thought turning towards the voice "No everything is fine," she lied "now go back to whatever it was you were doing before you saw me."

"Come gurls leet's geet goeeng theen,"

Laura sighed (I can't believe I'm gonna say this,) "Wait, Gru could you help me again?"


Back at Fred's house Laura and the girls set up for the party while their father just watched from a distance "So your really going to stand over there and not help with anything?" Laura asked.

"Yes dat ees correct," he replied

"Fine," Laura said rolling her eyes as she continued to set up the garden. With the table set up with a single pink cupcake at each spot Laura turned to the girls and said with a big smile "Thanks for all your help."

"Sure it was nothing," Margo replied

"It was fun," Agnes said smiling

"Yeah it was," Laura said taking one more look at the garden "say how would you girls like to come to the party," she paused to look over at Gru before continuing "but only if it's okay with your father."

The girls turned to face their father "Dad, can we?" they pleaded

Gru hated being forced on the spot "Gurls I don't theenk dat ees such a good idea,"

"Why?" Agnes asked looking up at ther father with her big brown eyes

"Fine," he sighed "but not until aftor deener."


Laura held her breath as the first guests were about to arrive "Okay," she told herself "it's not what you sighed up for but hey, I'm sure it will be fine." Much to her surprise her first was Tammy followed by a couple families and few more single people.

"So," Tammy said "what is our theme?"

"I thought Garden Tea Party," Laura quickly replied

"I think a wine and cheese party would have been more appropriate," Tammy said looking around at all the pink stuff "but that's just me."

Laura forced herself to smile "Would you please excuse me for a second,"

Tammy nodded as she continued to look around, "I think a wine and cheese party would be more appropriate," Laura mocked as she made her way into the house "who does she think she is? I mean she just springs this onto me and inspected me to know what she thinks is "appropriate"."

"Tea anyone?" Laura asked carrying a tray, after she poured everyone tea it was her turn to relax and pour herself a cup. The party was boring all they did was talk about their stupid gardens or who was dating who. Laura sighed glancing down at her tea thinking about her mission and how on earth was she going to pull it off when she had no idea where to look for the object. She continued to sit there in deep thought until she heard Tammy ask "Who invited you?" looking up Laura saw Gru and his three girls.

"I did," she said

"You?" Tammy said looking shocked "but you have to be a member of The Garden Club to come to our parties."

"I understand that but seeing that I am not a member myself, I thought it would be nice to invite the people who helped me set this up,"

"You had to right," Tammy started to say but Laura cut her off "well if you don't like it leave," she said crossing her arms.

Margo, Edith and Agnes sat down nicely ate their cupcakes slowly and sipped their tea, "Can we play games now?" Edith asked.

A PlayStation was set up for the children to enjoy while the grown ups talked, Laura looked down at her watch it read 7:30 (Thank goodness it's almost over).


Laura breathed a sigh of relief as she walked back from saying goodnight to the last guest "I clean the mess up in the morning," she told herself as she went inside...

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