Aquarius is tired of Lucy not having any boyfriend, constantly going on missions and calling her at the most inconvenient times (her date with Scorpio). If she is in a relationship the possibility of her going on missions will diminish, with that thought in mind she called her fellow Celestial spirits for a matchmaking session.


Celestial Matchmaking

The Plan



The sun shined throughout Magnolia. Its pretty yellow gentle light illuminated the lovely city. The birds chipped and people are strolled along the quiet city.


"What the hell Gray you ice bastard!" Salamander called out nursed his sore cheek.

"Come and get me fire-brain numbskull!" Gray's triumphed was short lived when his face immediately collided with Natsu's fist and that threw him to the other side of the building. "That's all you got? It didn't even hurt." He countered as he wiped blood from his mouth.

Natsu grumbled. "You could've have fooled me."

The black-haired mage tackled his rival, giving him all he got and soon after clouds form around them.

"Erza's back!"

Natsu and Gray quickly burned and sculpted all the evidence of their brawl. Their two female teammates and a blue cat entered and scanned the area.

Erza glared. "Gray…Natsu…"

"Yeah?" They replied in unison, acting all buddy-buddy.

"You better not be fighting again." She asked pissed. "What's all that blood?"

Gray coughed dryly and explained. "Its paint…We thought, that fake blood can be a nice prank. But looks like its not…You easily saw through it." His pink-haired companion nodded his head in agreement anxiously.

Lucy giggled. 'Obviously it's a lie.'

"Yes, you could have fooled me with all that make-up." She pulled Natsu's arm to inspect violets, blues, and greens on his skin. "Nicely done…but I do not recommend you to do it again. People will get worried."

'What?' Lucy eyed her friend with disbelief.

"Natsu can you teach me that make-up thing?" Happy said as he landed on his best friend's head.

They both sighed thankful that lady luck is on their side today.

Levy whispered to the blonde's ear. "Lu-chan, can I talk to you?"

"Sure Levy-chan." She smiled at her friend. Levy hesitantly pulled an envelope from her pocket carefully, so nobody else can see, and hand it to her. 'Not another one.'

"Lu-chan you need to set things straight."

She breathed slowly, not liking it. "I know…thanks Levy-chan."



Celestial Plane


"That brat needs to get laid." Their leader slammed her hands on the table. Her aura matched the place where their having their meeting, a dark, a very dark room just like her facial expression.

Grandpa Crux beamed. "Not part of the contract."

"Ummmm….Lucy-san can find her own boyfriend." Aries insisted. The blue-haired mermaid glared at them, feeling that soon she will be a sheep soup, quickly apologized. "I'm sorry."

"Aquarius, stop bullying Aries, she does got a point!" Loke said and pointed at himself with dignity. "Why need a boyfriend when Lucy already has me."


Tidal wave swept him off outside the conference room unconscious.

Aquarius cleared her throat. "Now that's settled are there anymore objections?" She stared at each and every one of them. They gulped dryly and shook their heads except Scorpio. She smiled deviously. "Who are our prospects?"

He grinned at his over confident girlfriend. "We have that fire breather Natsu, ice sculptor Gray, and archive mage Hibiki."

"Kyaah! My Scorpio is so smart!"

"I Taurus will not go with this plan, I'm enough to protect Lucy's awesome body!" The half-cow and half-human exclaimed, displaying his muscles.

Cancer whispered beside him. "I think that's not a good idea-"


In a flash two Celestial spirits are out of commission. The others shrugged it off not their problem.

"I." Horologium attempted, but withdrew upon seeing two golden keys knocked out. He cannot take the risk. "…have nothing to say."

"Gray already admits that he thinks Lucy is cute." Gemi hopped at the center then moved his hands up and down.

Mini joined him and added. "Yeah, Hibiki is in Blue Pegasus so is kind of out, but Salamander is okay, he has a comfortable relationship with Lucy."

"Lucy should call me when she wants to relax or have a romantic afternoon. I can play love inspired music to her." Lyra dreamily said.


Virgo raised her hand. "But Hime already has a boyfriend."

"Really?" Celestial spirits dumbfounded but asked. "Who?"

She tilted her head not getting why they were shocked. "Natsu-sama."

Cancer informed. "She even asked me to cut her hair once just to meet him ebi. She was wearing a cute dress too ebi."

"Really." Aquarius massaged her chin in deep thought. "He is not half bad."

Crux scuffed. "He has a childhood sweetheart named Lisanna. She is back at the guild with them from Edolas."

"Lucy needs a knight ebi but not Erza ebi…" Cancer babbled while he snipped heart shaped papers.

"Hello, hello, even so he is still with Lucy-san. Hello, hello. " Sagittarius saluted.

"I don't care who as long as she has one!" Aquarius said in a tantrum. "She needs a life. A BOYFRIEND!" She sighed before continuing. "We will vote on whom and majority wins."




"Now we have an understanding, the Salamander wins but if his not what were looking for, we still have the other two. No closing doors we'll see…it has to be a stable relationship if he fails not our problem."

"PUN" Plue not confident with the idea and moved frantic.

The mermaid did not backed down and answered. "No, we are going with this. If we wait God knows how long those two will hook-up."

Plue defended. "PUN PUN…pun."

"We will do everything we can for this to work." She replied, loosing her cool.

Plue stopped his questions.

Aquarius grabbed Loke by the collar with devilishly grin. He groggily awoke to find blue evil eyes near his face. He swallowed hard.

"Good you're awake." She moved closer with malicious glint.


She tightened her grip on his suit and explained. "You will initiate the plan."

Loke surrendered. "Aye!"

He would rather do what she says than experience a cold blue hell and a dislocated face.



So the plan starts.



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