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Chapter 12: Grandpa Crux's Premonition



At 5am in the morning Natsu had a feeling something wrong was going to happen. He slowly sat up from his bed walked straight to the balcony. It doesn't make any sense. Why was he feeling agitated for no reason? It was only a dream.

It was completely ridiculous, him who fought and won dangerous battles was afraid? Since when had Natsu Dragneel been scared of anything? He got dressed, ran down the stairs, and was instantly surrounded as soon as he stepped into the dining hall. Almost everyone was there; this made him feel at ease and continued to look around for his team.

Happy jumped into his arms, saying "Natsu, Lucy is bullying me."

She choked, "What?"

Gray interrupted, saying "Well the ghost you were hunting last night is nowhere to be found and there is no person we can think of that fit those descriptions."

Before anyone could speak, Happy informed triumphantly. "Maybe it's Lucy's spirits!"


Their laugh was silenced by salamander's glare.

Lucy massaged her forehead and replied. "Why would they scare Wendy and cause this trouble?" She needed to defend her friends and why would they—what is their motive?

Natsu shrugged it off and took a chicken from his blond celestial mage.

Lucy was trembling. She spent a lot of time rethinking her meal and she had just sat down when her partner had the nerve to take her food. The blonde glare at him, trying to scare him but to her dismay he dipped the chicken at her sauce again. Her sweat dropped.

Erza asked, "Lucy, do you have spirits that can help?"

"Well . . . I have Grand Pa Crux but I can only call him tonight."

"That's more than enough." The red-head replied and added with a blush "I have to go somewhere."

Lucy teased. "Is it with—"

". . ."

Lucy stood up, no longer waited for her friend's comeback because she was already as red as her hair, and marched to the buffet table. As soon as she returned her team was gone. Looking around, she found them outside bickering. Gray and Natsu were arguing who should fight Erza.

Gray shouted. "You had your second fight dumbass."

"Not my fault you suck."

"What?" a vein popped. "You're not arguing properly carpet-burner"

Erza spoke. "Silence"


"It would be fun to play volleyball with both of yo-"

"Hell No!" Both yelled back aggressively.

She gave them a death glare, the two shivered and acted buddy-buddy again. She continued, "The rules stated that it is played with opposite genders. Natsu you already have your second game. Gray will be my opponent—where's your partner?"

"Where is Juvia?" Gray mumbled while scratching his head.

The truth was Juvia had been missing since last night, searching for their so called ghost again. Gray wanted to have this contest with Erza even if the game ended a few days ago. His real intention was to see the friendship Erza had with Gerard. He wanted to see it for himself. He was not as stupid as the dragon-slayer pouting at his side. "Lucy!"

The said girl was about to leave because she wanted to avoiding this situation. She had played the same game with Levy and Juvia. The water mage will not be happy when she found out about this so she said. "I'll pass"


Natsu was about to laugh when Gray ice-maked Lucy to his side. He placed his arms around her shoulder and announced with a smirk. "Now I have a partner right Lucy?"

Natsu was about to retort. "Get your own par—"

"Fine." Lucy smiled a little and moved his arm, trying to mask her fear.

Salamander silently crossed his arms and followed them to their battle field.

Mirajane placed the net and a referee chair for her. She was not expecting to see Gray and Lucy as partners. She was not totally against it but Natsu was weirdly quiet, turning to him she immediately frowned. Soon was replaced with a grin, her friend was slowly being consumed by a demon called jealousy. She started imagining baby Lucy and baby Natsu running around the guild. She inwardly screamed. 'So cute! A little more!'

Gray was holding the ball. He did not think this through but he had faith in Lucy's abilities. He eyed her and asked. "Are you ok with this?"

Lucy gave a puzzled look and smiled. "Why wouldn't I? We're teammate after all."

He smirked. "Ok Gerard, show me what you've got?"

Gerard nodded. He was wearing a red and blue colored shorts and his partner was also wearing the same color. Their opponent wear opposite color, Gray had black and blue shorts, while Lucy had her pink and white 2-piece bikini which was very similar to her mate, and that partner was at the corner pouting like a child. His sweat dropped, thinking. 'Something is wrong with this picture.'

Their guild mates paid their corresponding bets with a total of 95% bets are on Erza and Gerard.

Levy was disappointed with the result and placed hers in Lucy, she also forced Gajeel to bet on her friend too. She turned to the fire dragon-slayer. "Natsu , what about you?"

Natsu did not face her yet replied. "Lucy of course."

Gajeel looked at Levy with a that's a stupid question but she waved it off and paid their bets.

The volleyball game started when Gray threw the ball straight into the air, made a large cannon and fired at them.

Gerard with meteor speed to stop the ball and gave it to his childhood friend.

Erzar reequipped her giant armor and gave it back.

Lucy ordered, "Gray push me up there!" She ran to him and elevated herself using his hands, and as soon as she was in the air she used her Fleuved'étoiles to prevent the ball from reaching the end line with her weight. As she pulled the ball down, Gray ice-make a large hammer, and slammed the ball to the other side.

Erza smirked like a child. "Great teamwork but you have to do better than that."

The other members of Fairy Tail was speechless they never saw Lucy with anybody else besides Natsu. They thought Lucy can only be paired with Natsu and Cana, and the strongest team was separated by two pairs that work well together.

Levy was standing there and roared. "Go Lu-chan!"

The beach game continued having both team score of zero. The two decided this attack will determine the winner of the game Erza and Gerard moved for a combo, both are placed half part of the ball and used their magic to trash it to a downward trajectory.

"Oh my you'll ruin the landscape." Mira commented.

Other members of the guild answered wearily. "We don't want to hear that from you!" The last game was ErzaXGerard and MiraXFreed and the outcome was not very appealing. There was a huge sink hole at the far end for this place.


He grinned as he threw the newly made canon to her, because Lucy anticipated this attack. It was also the reason why he made ice slides to all over their side.

Lucy glided to the center, used the ice canon tilted to a certain angle, fired to the air. While Gray used his ice make to make a 3 dozen small canon. He saluted and waited for her signal.

After landing safely she pointed to the other team and roared. "Fire!" Her teammate did as he was told and soon many cannon balls came falling to the RenXBlue team.

Gerard and Erza were taken back, hastily formed their defences, and reequipped her swords.



Falling. . .

Erza threatened. "We're not done yet."


The ball landed a few inches away from their end line while the two slowly turned to confirm their defeat. The couple's jaw dropped.


"Put some clothes on!" Lucy demanded.

Ignored her friends Mira announced happily, swinging her hand to their side. "Gray and Lucy Won!"

"Wow great fight!" Fellow members cheered.

The ice mage moved close to Lucy and utter words to her ear.

In disbelief so she smacked his head, and retorted. "Don't be silly!"

Happy saw her blush and was not pleased.

Lucy smiled as she went to her favorite teammates. Natsu looked up at her and mirror her emotion. He can't help but be proud of her. They both smacked their hands together as if forming a team again.

Natsu spoke still holding her hand. "I'm proud of you Luce! Gray managed to win because of you." He yelled louder so that his rival can hear.

"Want a piece of me pink-hound!"

"I know you don't have the brains to outsmart Erza."

"WHAT? You want a piece of me? Bring it on flame brain."



Erza shaked her hand, saying. "Great fight Lucy. . . You have grown stronger." She turned to Gray and congratulated him too. Gerard also did the same.

Lucy stretched, "Glad this is ov—"

She was cut-off by Natsu and the said person placed her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Where are we going?" she asked frantic.

"Let's go fishing!"

She froze. They were in a resort full of exciting sites and tons of activities and all he can think of is fishing?

Gray, Erza, and Gerard stared at the pair, shrugged it off, and continued their conversation. Without them noticing a water mage was standing by their side and as soon as they saw her.

"Gray-sama, Juvia is happy." She wailed with barely understandable words and tears on her eyes. "You . . . won but—why didn't Gray-sama waited for Juvia."

He smiled at her, trying to lighten the mood.



Several minutes later, they were in a secluded forest at the top of a cliff near the beach it was a good 30 feet above the shore line.

Lucy wanted to cry her stomach was in chaos because she used all her energy in the game and the fact that her breakfast was not enough. While her teammate had the sudden urged to fish. 'Why must I be dragged to this?' She thought bitterly.


Natsu looked at her and asked. "Are you hungry Luce?"

Her eyes twitched.

"Sorry Luce I haven't caught any fish yet." He reasoned out while scratching his head and added"If you want you can eat the bait."

A vein popped as she exclaimed. "Do I look like I eat worms!?"

"Why? There are people who eat worms . . . its protein."


The blonde princess was dumb founded and soon cried, she was supposed to be happy that her partner had just spoken an educated phrase but, why about worms.

Natsu was about to leave to look for something Lucy can eat. He paused and caught a glimpsed of something dark in branches of the old tree.


Natsu stared at him bored.

"What's with that look?" Gajeel asked, making a fist. "Want a fight?" He had a score to settle with salamander because he called him a lizard unintentionally but still the temptation is so great.




Levy used her solid script and wrote barrier in the middle of the two slayers and broke the fight. They momentarily froze glaring at one another. It immediately became a glaring contest. She on the other hand scooted next to Lucy and asked "what's wrong?"

She whispered to her.

Levy glared at Salamander, and later handed her friend a sandwich. It was supposed to be for her companion, but if her best friend needed it, she won't think twice.

Salamander crossed his arms as he marched to his partner's side. "Luce let's go."The bad feeling from this morning rushed back to him. The anxiety, the fear and that something important to him will soon disappear or carried her the way he always did to move away from the couple.

The solid-script mage was about to open her mouth but Gajeel stopped her and muttered, "Let them go."



Back at the resort

The two made their way to the dining hall. Lucy was too hungry to move so Natsu laid her to the nearest chair with stern face he went ahead to the buffet table. He gathered Lucy's regular meal a barbecue chicken with Caesar salad.

Lucy ate everything, she was that hungry but with manners. When she was finished she wiped her face with a napkin not looking away from her partner. It was the first time she saw him concentrating while looking at nothingness. She eagerly placed her hand on his forehead and said "You don't have a fever." She closed her eyes and added. "What is bothering you Natsu?"

He sighed back, answering. "It's nothing…I had a bad dream"

She blinked at him with a stupid expression on her face.

'Natsu and a bad dream don't mix.'

"No matter what I know you can find a way Natsu." She smiled reminiscing about their past even in a pinch he can always find the light. "You're never alone you have me, Happy, and whole guild. No matter what you do I can guarantee I'm with you every step of the way!"

He smirked, going back to his original self. His partner always knows what to say. "We need a rematch with Gray."

"Um…." She was not ready to have a play or fight with them again.

Natsu ran towards the pool to look for Gray, Juvia, or Erza. Flames engulfed his body revealing to the world his will to fight.

Lucy smiled at his retreating back. She hated when her friend felt hopeless. So, she silently promised, 'Let me do the thinking Natsu.'



Later that night a celestial spirit magically appeared in her room.

Lucy asked all confused "Grandpa Crux why are you here?"

I'm here because of Aquarius. The old clock didn't say it but Lucy knew there is something bothering him. He raised his hand and said "I came here to tell you. In the not so far future you will have to decide where you want to be for the rest of your life." He took a pregnant pause trying to read the clip board.

Loke and Cancer was desperately hanging on to the terrace while trying not to look suspicions.

The celestial mage raised her eyebrow and wondered why her friend came all the way just to tell her that. 'It doesn't even make any sense.' She turned to head to the terrace.

They panicked.


Cancer's scissors managed to attach to railing and when their master/ friend turned to face the old compass again. Leo hurried to signal, we're done.

Grand Pa Crux sweat dropped, if they only gave his lines earlier. They were arguing about the premonition if only they trusted him. He could have thought of a more believable one. His master was staring at him. How can he just disappear? He did the next best idea.


Lucy gaped at him like a fish being bewildered because she was not yet finish. The whole scene was not making any sense. She glanced at her surroundings. The room was quiet now and the moonlight illuminates her four corned sanctuary. She shrugged it off and soon lay in her bed to sleep.



Celestial Plane

The conference room was now jam-packed with spirits.

An enraged Aquarius gave them each one a death glare, except the love of her life Scorpio. "Why can't you do anything right?"


Taurus with almost healed bruises exclaimed. "What did I do?" The poor pervert cow was yet again the center of her fury.

Leo face palmed, he wanted to get out without any injuries. It was their fault the words was just—a general premonition that anyone can assume.

Soon the room was filled with water and then a round rotation which placed them at the edge of the room. The gold celestial key thought of a new way to torture them.

Round…round they go xD

Scorpio zipped on his tea like it is the most normal thing in the world. "We can use the other guy."


The continuous cycle of a makeshift carousel stopped and dropped them to the floor.

Leo grasped for air. Why did you say that? He wanted to yell at the giant scorpion in front of him. The other guy he was referring to was the last guy he wanted to be her partner for life. "Why so hasty?"

"Do you have a better idea?" She crossed her arms.

The lion sign brushed his suit and erected with pride. "I still believe in Natsu."

"You handle the next spirit." She managed to smile at his determination. "I have a date with my darling!" With those words the two lovers left.

Leo pushed his glasses up and started planning their next assault.



Outside the corridor unknown to them Natsu heard the conversation between Lucy and the silver key. He did not understand the meaning but one thing is for sure. He did not like where things are going.

All he wanted was an alone time with his partner.


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