A/N: 1412 is set around episode 500 of Detective Conan, so there are some spoilers for Detective Conan 's set about season 3, midway, in the Numb3rs time line.I've tried to make things accessible to any Nub3rs fans who haven't watched Conan, and vice versa.

Summary: Kaitou Kid has sent a note to the FBI. He's branching out; and if they don't find his target, time, and place fast enough, then he'll just work his magic without an audience. Numb3rs and Magic Kaitou/Case Closed crossover.


Chapter 1:

"My sweet maiden,

Too long have you been trapped

within the dark halls of the ancients

As the day turns to night

I will fly to your side

'Til the full moon arrives

And I must see you back to your father

Let the flush of your cheeks

As I kiss you farewell

Be enough for us both

This night

Kaitou Kid"

Don had been having a good day. He and his team had managed to solve a case, with minimal assistance from Charlie, and now, for a moment, Don could take a break, drink some coffee, and enjoy that the world was as it should be. That was when the assignment came.

It was delivered by a somewhat nervous man, who seemed to understand that Agent Epps would not appreciate being interrupted, but was forced to do so anyway. Don accepted the assignment reluctantly, pulling open the files to begin to understand the investigation.

The top piece of evidence was a note. And it wasn't in English. Squinting at it, Don decided it was Japanese, or Chinese, or something. A translated copy was beneath it. And it made no sense. Some sort of riddle, about coming to take a girl out? Signed…Kaitou Kid? What did this even mean?

As he continued to read, he could feel a headache forming. Great. Just great.

When the news announced that Kaitou Kid was making a heist in America around Golden Week, Conan blinked. Then, disappearing from the Mouri household momentarily, he headed to a phone booth. Some quick negotiating had his mother calling up Ran and her father, and saying how it'd be good for Conan to visit her on the break, and how she could pay for their airline tickets.

Ran and Mouri jumped at the chance to visit America for free; Conan was pleased. Then, on the day they were to go, Conan's "mother" (the odd part was, she really was his mother, it was just that "Conan" didn't exist), called with apologies, saying she and her husband had caught the flu; Conan could stay with them, but they'd just pay for a hotel room for the Mouri family, so they didn't get sick, of course. Ran volunteered to take care of Conan so the sick woman wouldn't have to, but Conan's mother demurred; he was such a good boy, he wouldn't be any trouble, and she really wanted to see him.

Thus, Conan was very satisfied with his new found freedom for a week. So long as he didn't run into Ran or her father, he could wander America as a kid, look into the Kaitou Kid heist, and not have to worry too much about the Black Organization or the fact that he was sixteen in an eight-year-old's body.

Then, the doorbell rang.

Conan quickly called out "Coming!" and trotted over to the door, irritated by having to reach up to grasp the door knob. He was even more irritated when he saw who was behind the door.

Don Eppes had provided his brother with some of the data they had about this Kaitou Kid, but Charlie had warned that he couldn't necessarily figure out the riddle; it wasn't a number code. He could, however, try and find similarities in the previous heists that could help them narrow down the possible target.

Megan was looking on getting a profile on this strange character, while David, Don, and the rest were simply trying to get an understanding of the previous cases and interpret the riddle.

It should have been good news, at least to some extent, when Don learned they would be receiving some help from the first of the Japanese team of Kaitou Kid experts. But when he went to the door and saw a blonde haired boy, probably a teenager, around seventeen years old, with what looked to be an eight-year-old boy in tow, he couldn't quite convince himself.

He stepped out to meet them. "You're the help from the Japanese police department?" He couldn't help the skepticism in his voice. Then he wondered if he needed a translator.

The boy smiled (though it was slightly forced), and answered, "Yes. My name is Saguru Hakuba. I've assisted the police on many occasions to attempt to catch Kaitou Kid. Nakamori-keibu thought it best to send me first, as I'm half English."

Don did admit the lack of an accent (well, except the British one) and a translator would be helpful, but glanced pointedly down at the young boy. Who was looking up, not confusedly, but with a bit of irritation. Not typical. Usually, a young boy would be excited to meet an FBI agent, or a police officer. But this one seemed to be weighing Don against something.

Hakuba looked towards the little boy as well. "Ah, right. This is Conan Edogawa. He's able to speak English too. I thought…he could be of use."

Don looked at Hakuba askance. "I've heard more of your…task force will come once the date of the thievery is determined, but we have translators. This isn't really a place for little kids to wander around."

Hakuba nodded. "I know. But Conan isn't… He's Kogoro Mouri's assistant. He's…able to think like Kid does. I thought it would be helpful for your men to hear from a witness who's faced Kid on equal ground."

Don tilted his head skeptically, but got them both visitors' badges. Opening the door of one of the empty interrogation rooms, he ushered the young boy inside, telling him a member of his team would be there shortly. "Okay," he said, turning to Hakuba. "What do you make of this?" He handed the boy the warning letter.

Conan had had much better plans for Golden Week than being hauled around by Hakuba and pretending to be a little kid. The FBI was unlikely to take him seriously; they had a problem with Hakuba, and at least he was a teenager. There was little chance they'd believe anything Conan had to say. Then again, it wasn't like there was much likelihood of information on him getting back to Japan; he could act like himself, not worrying about appearances; even if they didn't believe him.

So, as the female member of the FBI agent's team entered, Conan glanced over her. Neat hair and nails, pressed clothing, little wariness; probably the psychologist, with the way she was studying him.

"So, Conan—" she started in a cheerful tone, and he quickly cut her off.

"You probably won't believe me, but I'm not as dumb as most little kids; and I'd rather not be patronized. I've worked with the police for a while, and I've been at murders. I don't want to be coddled. I'll tell you all I can about Kaitou Kid, but please, drop the fake friendliness."

She blinked at him twice, then nodded. "Okay," she said seriously, "Tell me what you know."

A faint smile crossed his face. "Huh. You're nothing like Jodie-sensei." He paused for a moment. "And I hope you don't give me a dumb name like Cool Kid. Anyway," he said before she could question his comments, "The first time I really met Kaitou Kid was on a cruise, when he impersonated Ran-nee-chan."

"Who's Ron?" Megan asked, scribbling a quick note. "I mean, what kind of build does he have?"

Conan flinched. "Ran-nee-chan's a teenage girl. She and her father take care of me."

"Wait…so Kaitou Kid's a girl?"

Conan sighed. "No, but he can impersonate them. He's able to mimic almost any voice he's heard; as far as I can tell, he does it completely naturally, without any special devices. He fooled me for an hour or two, and I know Ran-nee-chan. If you're trying to figure out what types of people he can impersonate, you're better off assuming everyone is him; he's impersonated old ladies, old men, young women, young men…. The only thing he can't do is be a little kid, like me; he's too tall. He likes to infiltrate as a police officer; and he's good at hacking into radios. He likes to use his hang glider to escape, so he often heads up to the rooftops. I've seen him cover himself with doves and disappear. He likes smoke bombs and sleeping gas; he has a card gun. He has a policy of 'No one will get hurt.' He's actively risked himself to save police officers and civilians if they get in the line of fire."

"Wait- line of fire? I thought you said he was non-violent."

"Kid is," Conan said darkly. "But some of the people after him aren't."

"Who's after him?"

Conan pursed his lips slightly, reluctant. "The police have been unable to find any traces of the snipers at the scene, despite multiple eye witness reports that he's been shot."

"No suspects?"

Conan smiled. "A good detective cannot release information like that. It would get…complicated if the suspects learned they were found out before the evidence could be gathered."

Megan looked at him for a long moment; Conan decided his un-childlike demeanor was unnerving her. It didn't matter much, though. "If you're going to catch Kid, you'll need a lot of luck, and you have to think on his level. Even then, he always has an ace up his sleeve." Conan paused for a moment. "One more thing. If you meet Shinichi Kudo…if he shows up, claiming to want to help catch Kid…he's Kid."

"So, Shinichi is your top suspect for being Kid?" Megan stated, surprised to receive a name.

Conan's mouth dropped open, shocked. "NO! Shinichi's not Kid, he's my cousin. Shinichi's a detective, but he's on an undercover case; he's not going to come to the FBI asking to help them catch a common criminal."

"Then why are you warning us that he's Kid?" Megan replied, confused an irritated.

Conan looked frustrated. "Because whoever Kid is, he can pull off Shinichi without a mask or a wig. And since Shinichi's a good detective, he's used it to get himself into a lot of places he shouldn't be able to get into."

She still looked very skeptical, and Conan let out an irritated huff.

Don turned as Megan called out to him, and he excused himself, leaving Hakuba to continue scribbling notes and analyze the warning letter.

"What's up, Megan? You're done with the kid already?"

"Pretty much. But…it makes me want to tear my hair out."

"What, he's that annoying?"

"Not at all. I'm mad that anyone's let a kid turn into that…I can't even explain."

"Just hold on, start at the beginning. What's gotten under your skin?"

"That kid is horribly scarred. He's like…a mini adult. He says he's 'worked with the police a while and been at murders.' Anyone who lets a child near a corpse-" she cut herself off there, frustrated.

"Okay, so probably not the best childhood. But, he doesn't seem to have turned into a psychotic mess…"

"That is a 'psychotic mess,' as you put it. Little kids are supposed to cry and be emotional. This kid is as guarded as an adult about what he feels. He's gotten to the point where talking about someone being shot has no affect on him; yeah, little kids may talk like that about video games, but he was talking about real-life."

"So what are you suggesting we do?"

"As far as I can tell, there's nothing we can do. That's why I'm angry. Letting a kid near a murder…."

"You're talking about Conan, I presume," Hakuba said as he walked up, notes in hand.

Megan nodded, and opened her mouth; Hakuba cut her off with a raised hand.

"Conan's not an ordinary kid; he could probably skip to high school if he wanted to. I know that's a bit unnerving, but he's good at what he does."

"Which is…" Don prompted.

"He helps Detective Kogoro Mouri. And ever since Conan came to his house, the detective has never failed to solve a murder."

"Do you have any idea how scarring it must be to that kid, seeing corpse after corpse?" Megan demanded angrily.

Hakuba shrugged. "I wasn't there to see the first time he found a corpse. But from the rumors around the police department, people just drop dead around him. If anyone tries to keep him away from the crime scene, he just sneaks in. It's disturbing, but it's not like anyone can actually be spared to keep him away."

Seeing that Hakuba and his psychologist were about to get in a fight, Don felt it would be prudent to intercede. "Hakuba, why don't you come with me; I'm going to see what our consultant has found in the way of a pattern of crime, and you can tell me what you think of the riddle in the meantime."

A/N: Conan is, in this story, physically 8 years old; when Detective Conan started, I believe Conan was supposed to be 6 years old. By episode 500, two years must have passed (and even saying only two years passed suggests they had a case almost every day those past two years).

As a quick note for those who've only watched Numb3rs: Conan Edogawa is the alias taken on by Shinichi/Jimmy Kudo (I'll be using the Japanese names). Shinichi Kudo was a famous high school detective until he witnessed a shady deal by two men in black. They knocked him on the head and gave him a pill that was supposed to make it seem like he just died mysteriously; however, instead, it shrunk him to the size of a little kid. With the help of his neighbor, the eccentric inventor Agasa, Conan gets a bunch of gadgets to help him track down criminals. He (rather unwillingly) is made to live with his childhood friend and crush, Ran Mouri/Rachel Moore, and her father, a rather bad detective named Kogoro Mouri/Richard Moore. Conan knocks Kogoro unconscious with his wristwatch stun gun almost every episode, and then solves the crime in his voice. Thus, Kogoro gets more fame, more cases, and more chances for Conan to hear clues about the mysterious Black Organization that shrunk him. In about season 5 (unfortunately not the part released by Funimation), Conan meets a girl named Ai Haibara/Vi Graythorn. As it turns out, her true identity is Shiho Miyano, codenamed Sherry, and she used to be a member of the Black Organization; in fact, she invented the pills which shrunk both her and Conan. She becomes his ally (as the Black Org. killed her sister and was going to kill her), and begins to try to develop a cure for the both of them. In season 9, the FBI comes into play, beginning with with Jodie Saintemillion/Starling. Though she works as Ran's English teacher, she is actually an FBI agent, looking for Vermouth, a member of the Black Org. She ends up working alongside Conan and Ai a good deal, though she doesn't truly seem to know their identities.

Magic Kaitou is by the same author as Detective Conan, and Kaitou Kid and Conan interact in Detective Conan. I've actually never read Magic Kaitou, but I've read a good deal about it; so here's my attempt at a summary. Kaitou Kid was originally a man named Toichi Kuroba. This man was a magician by day and a phantom thief by night. However, for some reason, I believe because he refused to join them, they murder him in his civilian identity, when his son was eight years old. Skip about 8 years in the future, and Kaito Kuroba is now 16. He's an ordinary high school student, though he is also a gifted magician, until he finds a secret room in his own house, and realizes his father was Kaitou Kid. He takes up his father's mantle, and eventually learns about the nefarious group who killed his father. They believe that they failed to kill his father (a lucky break for Kaito) and so they begin trying to kill him occasionally. At the same time as he learned the identity of his father's killers, he learned that this nefarious group is trying to become immortal using a gem called Pandora, which glows red under the light of the full moon and will cry tears of immortality (or an eternity of tears) in the light of a certain comet. He makes it his goal to find this gem before them, and begins stealing even more.

As for Numb3rs, it is a story about two brothers; one, Don Eppes, is an FBI agent; the other, Charlie Eppes, is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Cal-sci. Charlie was genius, and graduated at the same time as Don despite Don being the older brother. Charlie graduated Harvard at about 13. In the series, he is around 30, and begins to help his brother out with mathematical applications to crime cases. Though Don is at first reluctant to accept Charlie as a consultant, he eventually relies heavily on Charlie's assistance.