Hi guys, you must be wondering, what is he thinking? Well, I can only write what I enjoy and whatever takes my fancy. Do you know that I had a chap three times this length of a Naruto is Cell thing before I scrapped it. I just love Majin Buu. He is by far the most awsome character in DBZ and his regeneration ability kicks Cell's ass. And his obsession with candy makes him a fun character. Remember, odd ball things makes a fun write. I won't ever stop my other fics, but this plot bunny is driving me insane. I had to wirte it. So tell me what you think. I always liked the characters themselves more then the DBZ universe, which is why i wanted to write a crossover with something that wasn't DBZ even if it had Buu. I adore Terra and Raven as characters and I enjoy the Terra/Beastboy pairing. But not to read. Just to watch. And i always wondered what would happen if Naruto met Terra early. REALLY early, when she was running from one of her own disasters. it will be interesting. So without further ado, here is my first big future series. The Majin Naruto Buu Saga.

With a massive explosion, Goku's Spirit Bomb obliterated Kid Buu. But the pink psycho had one last trick. He used Goku's Instant Transmission to try and teleport away even as he was obliterated. As a result, a piece of skin the size of a walnut escaped to another dimension. But it was completely out of energy and if it didn't find a large source of energy fast, then even this piece of Kid Buu would perish. So it latched onto the largest source of energy it found, that of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It was then sealed along with the Kyuubi into an infant Naruto.

Five years later…

Naruto was crying alone in his wrecked bed. He was crying not because of any physical pain, but the emotional pain of being alone.

Meanwhile inside the seal…

Kid Buu had finally finished absorbing the Kyuubi and all its memories. Absorbing the mind of a near millennium old demon had done wonders for his intelligence and even helped him familiarize himself with where he was. And how to get out. Naruto's sadness had slightly weakened the seal, not nearly enough for the Kyuubi to even consider escaping, since the seal was only five years old. But more than enough for Kid Buu to try his luck.

Kid Buu concentrated before firing a massive pink blast at the seal. The gates groaned and cracked, but held for now. Suddenly Kid Buu sensed someone behind him.

"What are you doing here?" A red-haired woman asked the pink monster. Kid Buu turned round and said, "Me Buu. Kill you." Deep down in Buu's mind he recognized the woman who had sealed him before. So he changed his mind, instead he was going to eat her. Buu disappeared in a show of speed far beyond anything Kushina could comprehend. Once he was behind her a pink bit of his skin expanded into a cocoon that enveloped Kushina. It shrunk down into the size of a soccer ball before splashing against Buu's chest. Buu quickly absorbed her. He was now grinning evilly. 'I know how to escape!'

Buu smashed his hand against the gated. The only thing separating the paper seal and Buu's hand was the gate itself. Buu began channeling this world's power, chakra, into his hand before twisting the metal clockwise. This caused much more damage to the gates then Buu's previous blast. He then jumped back and powered up a Kamehameha.

Back in the real world…

Naruto felt something wet coming from his stomach. He took off his shirt and gasped. His seal had turned completely black and was leaking out ink into his bed and shirt. Suddenly the world went dark for Naruto as he was sucked into the seal.

Inside the seal…

'Freedom at last!' Buu thought as he stepped out of the wrecked gates. Absorbing the woman had made him into Buff Buu again, instead of Kid Buu. He grinned evilly as he saw the Yondaime Hokage appear standing in front of him.

"What kind of monster are you and what have you done with the Kyuubi?"

Buff Buu knew from Kushina's memories the power of the Yondaime and his techniques. He wanted it all. Without saying a word Buff Buu roared and smashed into the Yondaime, pile driving him into a wall. Minato was almost 'dead' from the single blow. 'What is he?' was all Minato was allowed to think before he was absorbed by Buu, turning him back into Super Buu. "Ahh, much better. I may be weaker, but the insanity is gone. I am me again. And these techniques will come in handy. Hahahaha!"

Super Buu frowned as he looked around. He may be out of the seal, but not out of Naruto's body. Memories of Goku and Vegeta playing havoc inside of him despite not being sealed gave him a theory. 'This kid is similar to Vegeta. His darkness is hidden deep within him. A Majin spell should work. But I don't know the magic that created me. Wait; I could fuse with him. Yes, I do know how to create a permanent fusion. That would bring out his inner darkness and free me at the same time.' Super Buu closed his eyes. 'Found you!' Before using an Instant Transmission to teleport to Naruto's location.

Naruto opened his eyes and found himself in a sewer. Before he could familiarize himself further with the scenery a terrifying; pink monster appeared.

"Ahhh! Who are you?" Naruto fell on his ass and crab-walked backwards.

The pink monster laughed and whatever amusement one would feel about the pink skin quickly drained away once he heard the laugh. It sounded, evil. And harsh. Like a monster. And those black sclerae with red irises were very scary for the five-year-old Naruto.

"I am Super Buu. I am the power deep inside you. The monster that demands to be awakened. You cannot free me, so instead fuse with me!"

"What!" Was this the reason that the villagers hated him? This pink monster inside of him. Was this the demon inside of him?

"NO! I won't become what they hate!" Naruto was filled with a righteous anger.

"You already are! You've done nothing to them since you were born to make them think that you were anything other than a child. And look where that has gotten you! No friends, no decent place to live after the orphanage threw you out! Fuse with me and nothing on this pathetic planet will be able to stop us! We will be one being! FUSE WITH ME!" Super Buu was creating an earthquke in his mindscape with his roar.

"I won't hurt my precious people!"

"Then leave! With my power you will be able to leave when you want. There are only a few things you will need to absorb before you can leave forever."

Naruto blinked. That was a very compelling argument. 'Fuck the villagers. Most will hate me anyway.'

"Ok, let's do it. What do I need to do?" Naruto looked back at Super Buu who grinned evilly. "Just keep your hand touching my chest and I'll do the rest." Naruto nodded and waited for Super Buu to lie down before putting his right hand on Buu's chest. Suddenly there was a massive explosion of pink energy as the fusion process began.

Back in the real world…

Sarutobi's shinobi senses were going crazy as he rushed towards Naruto's house, leading a group of ANBU behind him. All his shinobi had felt a release of the full power of Kyuubi's chakra for a second before it disappeared. One of his ANBU member's was a Hyuuga branch member and had informed Sarutobi what had gone on right after the Kyuubi's chakra had been felt.


"Report!" Sarutobi demanded his ANBU members, paying particular interest to Falcon.

"Sir, twenty seconds ago Kyuubi…" At this the ANBU member trailed off and looked pleadingly at Sarutobi through his mask. Sarutobi waved his hand, "I'll wave the law for now; just tell me what happened."

"Yes sir. The Kyuubi jinchuuriki's seal seamed to fail for about a second. All of the Kyuubi's chakra flooded the boy's system and I was sure his coils would burst and release the Kyuubi. But after a second it stabilized and I realized that the Kyuubi must have made a bid to escape but the Yondaime's seal held. That was until the Kyuubi's chakra in the boy's system didn't fade away. It fused with the boy's and became pink.

"You mean to tell me that Naruto's chakra is pink? What does it mean?"

"I don't know sir; I am still monitoring the situation even as we speak. His chakra appears to be darkening now. Not in colour, but in feel. Naruto, for the lack of a better description, is becoming darker as we speak."

End Flashback

'Naruto, what is happening to you?'

Back at Naruto's apartment…

"RHAAAA!" The animalistic roar of Naruto was never-ending. As his roars and yells grew louder the entire apartment block begins shaking. Suddenly his roar became completely inhuman, screeching like a harpy. (Think the same scream that Super Buu lets out when he is first formed)

The Sandaime Hokage and his ANBU bodyguards arrived too late. Naruto was already shaking up the entire village. And his monstrous and evil power just kept on growing. Red lightning started arching around Naruto's body as he started slowly rising up. The shaking got worse and worse until finally Naruto screamed and unleashed a massive column of purple energy that vaporized a block of houses. When the dust finally cleared Naruto was long gone.

In the air…

"Wahoo I am free!" Majin Naruto yelled out as he smashed through a mountain head first, causing it to crumble. Suddenly he stopped and began to think out loud. "Kyuubi says that there are nine bijuu. Hmmm." Naruto put his hand underneath his chin as he thought whilst hovering. "I'LL JUST EAT THEM ALL!"


Using Super Buu's ability to sense power levels, Majin Naruto flew straight to his first victims. A dark-skinned male and a blonde haired female.

Killer Bee and Yugito were busy training to harness their bijuu when an odd and, somewhat terrifying person appeared in front of them. This person looked to be a twelve-year-old kid and was dressed in strange clothes. His body was completely naked from the waist up, save for some black with gold outline vambraces that also covered the top of his hands. On his waist was a black belt that came down slightly in the middle due to the gold badge or buckle in the front of the belt. A stylized black M was printed on the gold buckle. Lose white pants that came all the way down and tucked into his black with gold outline boots. The boy had yellow spiky hair. But what really got the pair unnerved were the boy's eyes and laugh. His sclerae were pitch-black with red irises. And his quite laugh was pure evil.

"Who are you?" Killer Bee asked. 'RUN BEE RUN!' The Hachibi said to his partner. The same thing was occurring with the Nibi and Yugito. 'RUN KIT RUN!'

"Hahahaha. My name is Naruto. Majin Naruto Buu. And I am going to eat you." Naruto's long tongue licked his lips. "I'll make you into dark chocolate." Naruto pointed at Killer Bee. "Yes, very very dark." Before Bee could react a pink beam was fired from Naruto's right index finger. Killer Bee screamed before in a puff of smoke, he was turned into a dark chocolate bar. Yugito was in shock. She didn't even react when Naruto appeared next to her and picked up the chocolate bar that used to be her sensei and fellow jinchuuriki. He tossed the whole bar into his mouth and munched on it right in front of Yugito's eyes before swallowing. "Yes, you will now be milk chocolate."

Pure unadulterated terror was all Yugito felt before she was eaten.

Two days later…

"Well this is boring. It took me one day to eat the rest of the jinchuuriki. And another to digest their bijuu. Now to spit out the trash and leave. Again, Majin Naruto was relying on memories of the old Buu. Keeping people you don't need alive inside of you will cause you all sorts of problems. So after digesting the bijuu of the jinchuuriki, Naruto decided to spit the jinchuuriki out again before they affected his mentality. Taking a deep breath, Naruto spat out seven people. The Sanbi didn't have a jinchuuriki so that saved time. With seven puffs of smoke, seven unconscious former jinchuuriki appeared.

Now it was time for Naruto to think. And he hated thinking. 'Well I could jump around a guess. Go to other worlds with Instant Transmition. But the Buu in me likes candy and the Naruto in me likes humans, just not these humans. So, dimension jump it is.' Narut powered up. The veins in his ripped body stood out before he roared. "LET ME OUT!"

An almost invisible blast was fired from his mouth, charged up with crimson lightning. It impacted against what seemed to be an invisible wall. In reality though, it was ripping a hole in the dimension. The result was a hole about the size of Naruto's head, which was no problem for him. Naruto turned himself into a liquid and stretched until he was thin enough before going through the hole which closed up soon after.