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One year later…

Naruto was chilling out in a pair of pants; on a pool chair; catching the morning sea breeze and sun. He was looking through a journal whilst wearing a pair of black sunglasses, reading up on the latest work of the great Doctor Vegapunk; the leading scientist under the employment of the Marines.

Naruto had acquired this journal via speaking an order through a talking snail; which was then delivered by a pelican.

"This place is weird; and that means a lot coming from me," Cana said before guzzling down an entire barrel of beer; ignorant of the goggling eyes of a young Robin.

'And she thinks that's normal?' Robin rolled her eyes; it seems that people were truly blind to their own faults.

"This Vegapunk reminds me of my late master Gast; only even more brilliant." Naruto flipped through a few more pages until he found Vegapunk's homeland.

"Karakuri Island huh; that's our in," Naruto began to plot.

"What do you mean love?" Ifaina asked her husband as she leaned over his shoulder; looking at the aforementioned page.

Naruto just smiled at her before closing the journal and standing up. He began creating a Buu Clone; which surprised those who had never witnessed the technique before. But what surprised them more was the quick transformation of the clone; its skin flowing like water.

It took the appearance of a young bespectacled man with silver hair. A hooded cloak was quickly formed around him to complete the clone.

"Ladies, meet Kabuto BT; that is Before Transformation; one of the many enemies that I have absorbed and a skilled medic and scientist. He is going to journey to Karakuri Island and get us an in; into the Research Division of the Marines."

Kabuto nodded and disappeared in a flash, using Instant Transmission.

"What are you looking for, Captain?" Sephiroth was having way too much fun with this.

"Medical plants, techniques and anatomy books on the different species. From what I got from the Vice-Admiral; their medical knowledge is far behind our own; yet they have learnt to make do with exotic plants and ingredients for their medicine."

"Sounds boring," Cana said before reaching for her third barrel.

Naruto laughed, "Hahahaha… don't underestimate a medic with a brain; the Navy Science Division need someone like Kabuto; who's qualified to treat chemical burns and the like. He'll get us our information."

'But what I am really interested in is the Fishmen and Devil Fruits. Vegapunk has already maxed out the research in the fruits and I am quite happy to just read up on everything he has accomplished at the R&D location. But the Fishmen, that is something new. I wonder if I can recreate Kisame and Samehada… I need more information…'

"Captain! They caught the Pirate King! Gold Rodger has been captured!" Aerith ran out of her small clinic inside the ship and out onto the deck. She was brandishing a newspaper at the entire crew.

"WHAT!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and piled around Aerith.

"Monkey D. Garp? What a retarded surname," Naruto grinned as he saw the name of the 'Hero of the Marines'.

"Are you sure that you should leave such Vice-Admiral alive, Captain?" The young, six-year-old Robin asked. "He may pose a threat to all pirates."

Naruto shook his head and laughed, "Calm down Robin. We are going to Loguetown to witness the execution! Azuma, Onwards!"

"Oh yeah; where is Loguetown?"


Naruto decided to take Robin, Erza, Cana, Ifaina, Raven and their little daughter Shura to witness the execution of the Pirate King. Erza wanted to see an Admiral to judge her strength against them. Cana was the most 'piratey' of their crew and wanted to witness the death of her 'liege'. Ifaina and Robin were there to witness history in the making.

Shura had to whine, a lot, at her mother before Raven finally gave in. Both of them were there to get Shura's feet wet: her first taste of violence and the dangers of being a pirate. Raven hoped that this would finally put her daughter off being a pirate for good.

Naruto felt that this was going to backfire horribly on Raven.

They watched as Gold Rodger was led up to the execution platform.

The crowd watched as he knelt down.

Finally Cana cracked and asked the most important question of her life:

"Hey Pirate King!" Cana yelled out; and Robin almost fainted from all the glances turning their way.

Gold Rodger turned and nodded at Cana; showing that he was listening.

"What did you do with all your treasures?" Cana stayed fearless in the face of all that scrutiny.

"My treasures?" Rodger grinned.

"If you want them, they are yours!

Look for them!

I left it all at that place."

And then the executors stabbed down with their spears; and the King of Pirates died.

The crowd broke down into cheers; with Shura cheering with them. Raven sighed, recognising a lost cause; before they all retreated out of the crowd.

"Right guys let's get out of here before the Marines crack down on our ship!" Naruto created a wooden path from the docks to their ship with Mokuton. The group quickly boarded the ship and Naruto yelled, "Set sail Azuma!"

"Ai Ai Captain! Where to?" Azuma used his Great Tree Arc to grow a helm and matching rudder out of the ship; before taking the wheel.

"Some uninhabited islands are fine; so long as there are no Marines. Pirates are about to be up shit creek in Marines after that announcement." Naruto grew thousands of oars from the hull of the ship using Mokuton to pick up their speed.

Naruto had decided to name his ship the Shinju; or God Tree. It was to be the flagship of the Ohara Pirates; much to Robin's incredulity.


"What the hell are you thinking? Naming this ship after Ohara! Do you want to fight an Admiral?" Robin looked almost mad with fear.

"Of course!" Naruto answered plainly…

"…Whoops, looks like Robin fainted again."

End Flashback

Their Jolly Rodger was a white skull with a tree growing out of its cracked cranium; similar to the Tree of Knowledge. Naruto had painted the main sails black and put giant versions of their Jolly Rodger over them; giving it a black background.

Onto the ship itself: the Shinju. Naruto had summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to show to Azuma; as inspiration for the ship's design. When asked how he expected the ship to sail, Naruto told Azuma not to worry about it.

So Azuma created a limbless Demonic Statue of the Outer Path as a base for the design; using his Great Tree Arc magic. He then smoothed out the sides into a classic ship double-arc; and turned the face into a massive figurehead. He switched the spikes on the back design into masts and sails. He finally hollowed out the massive body, turning it into the crew quarters.

The outside hull of the ship was completely uniform; aside from the figurehead; a terrible design usually. It didn't even have a rudder or helm to steer the ship.

This is usually a horrific design, no better than a child's idea of what a ship should be; until you realised that three members (Naruto, Aerith and Azuma) were capable of wood manipulation. There weren't any rudders or oars; because they made them. The Shinju was utterly un-sailable without one of its three human steering wheels; making it un-stealable too.

A genius idea on Naruto's part…

It would be the goal of the Ohara Pirates to turn the world on its head and destroy the World Government.

After all, who knew what the 'Demon of Ohara' Nico Robin had found out in her evil research; maybe this was the thing that would destroy the world? You could almost see the idiotic sheep making up most of this world drawing the same conclusions.

It didn't help that this was the cover-up/excuse that the World Government had given for destroying Ohara...

As far as Naruto was concerned; they were just making the threat legitimate…

Robin obviously didn't trust them yet; but she wasn't nearly as bad as she could have been. No one had betrayed her yet and the crew seemed to be a lot of fun. Crazy, maybe even destructive, malicious, evil…ok maybe they were pretty bad.

But hell Robin was a part of them and they definitely weren't boring. The complete and utter fearlessness of the crew was also something Robin had never seen before. It inspired her.

Of course Robin did get indignant whenever they all asked if she could cook; as they wanted to sample the local cuisine.

She was a genius (Six year old) archaeologist damn it! So what if she recently ate the Bloom Bloom Fruit; which allowed her to grow many limbs and cook everything in a fraction of the time?!

It was meant for spying damn it! Spying and strangleholds! Not the mass production of pancakes and waffles!

Ok so she may love the compliments; the chef's hat, the head rubs and being called Little Chef by Naruto; but damn it she was an archaeologist!

Robin was suffering from the same case of denial as her Captain…


Three days later…

"Land ho Captain! Weigh anchor!" Erza yelled out commands from the crow's nest. She had a comically large spyglass jammed against her false eye, held by her hands, despite the eye's visual prowess.

"WE DON'T HAVE ANY ANCHOURS!" Half the crew yelled out.

"One moment please," Naruto grinned before rapidly growing out roots from the bottom hull of the ship; which reached all the way to the seafloor.

"How many islands Erza?" He called up to her.

"Three Captain!" Erza yelled out before putting down the spyglass. She then used a quick Requip to change her outfit to Heaven's Wheel before jumping off and quietly floated down. In another flash of magic, Soul Calibur appeared across her back.

'Excellent. Rosso has also been training herself and her two subordinates hard this past year. They all know the basics of the two Haki that they can do. Rosso even has the Conqueror's Haki.'

Not that he was surprised; Rosso always was looking to rule. 'It was just the absence of actual threats in Earthland that held her back. But now with the start of a new Pirate Age it's the perfect time for her to go active.'

But then, where was the base of Akatsuki? Where was the land he promised Raven and Shura? And where was he going to put the Temple of the Ancients permanently? Well Naruto was dealing with those problems right now…

Concentrating on his chakra, Naruto let loose with a fraction of his aura. Instantly both Aerith and Ifaina, whom both had an immense connection to the Planet and Nature Chakra, shivered. This was the first time they had really felt the extent of his power. Although using the word 'extent' to an infinite number was an exercise in futility.

"Chibaku Tensei!"

Robin watched as her captain clasped his hands together as if in prayer. Opening up his hands; he revealed a tiny black hole.

Nico Robin had no idea what a black hole was; and looked almost disappointed at the effort her Captain seemed to be going through in order to conjure such a small thing.

Naruto grinned at Robin's disbelief and threw the black hole up into the sky. He assumed a standing prayer position and began boasting about the technique.

"The Sage of the Six Paths created the Moon with this technique. As the second one I feel that I must equal such a marvel."

Robin had never heard of the Sage; but she did remember that her crewmates were from another dimension anyway. Suddenly she blinked as she registered her Captain's sentence. She spun around to witness this power.


The entire ocean around them shook as she saw the three islands disappear into a black maw in the sky. She collapsed, kneeling in awe at such a power. The islands compressed themselves into a ball of stone; showing no mercy for the local plant and animal life that had been mercilessly crushed.

Naruto grinned and nodded as he observed his work.

"That's not nearly big enough to be a moon, Naruto," Sephiroth grinned as he needled his dad.

Naruto scoffed, "Well I don't want to screw up this world's tides; it is a sea-based society after all. I made it big enough and attractive enough that it will draw in a local tide towards itself. I'm going to put it in front of our ship; so that the tides are always with us!" Naruto smiled at his genius.

Sephiroth just sighed and face-palmed; "You couldn't just make an invisible wind to blow us along? It had to be a fucking moon to affect the tides."

Naruto just scoffed, "Of course, where else are we going to put the Temple of the Ancients?" His own son just couldn't appreciate his genius…

"What! We're going to live there?" Half the crew exclaimed, before Raven remembered her husband's previous statement; almost a year ago.

"This is what you meant when you said you would 'get us some land directly'; isn't it?"

Naruto just laughed and nodded, looking up at his work, "Of course! Now we obviously need to keep this connection to our ship hidden."

Naruto focused on the clouds that had gathered around the Chibaku Tensei; concentrating on his Water affinity. The clouds began swirling and grew heavier; turning grey and heavy with rain.

Grunting; Naruto moved the whole thing closer to them; until it seemed that they were constantly sailing towards a brewing storm; whilst still remaining in the sunlight.

Robin, Erza and Cana were speechless at this point.

Shura seemed happy enough that her daddy had gotten her the moon….

"So this is your Gravity Magic, Naruto." Erza smiled and looked mildly concerned at the effort her boyfriend was putting into this technique. Naruto just grunted and finally slumped over as he finished the positioning.

"Wew; all done. In battle or conflict we will 'move closer' to the 'storm'. Depending on the circumstances I will either make it rain or utilise the Hidden Mist Jutsu to give us the ghost ship vibe. Also; the Chibaku Tensei is completely enveloped by the clouds; it's impossible to see at any elevation."

Naruto grinned at his accomplishments before Ifaina spoke up.

"A perfect hiding place, Naruto. So do you mind teleporting us there to get set up? I take it you're going to use Mokuton to create our homes?" Ifaina was looking keen to set everything up and create a base.

Naruto turned to Rosso. "That is also the secret headquarters of the Akatsuki, even if it's in name only. It is an organisation that is made of only you three for now: Genesis, Rosso and Flare."

Rosso grinned, "So what's our mission dad?"

Naruto smiled at his daughter. "Well, publically you are going to be the most an elite bounty hunter organisation in this world; you have all leant basics of Haki over the year. There honestly aren't any memories, which I have seen, of a bounty hunting organisation that comes even close to our power in this world."

Rosso looked happy at her dream coming true for this world. Then she got the hidden message.

"And secretly?"

Naruto smirked, "There are 'dark rumours' floating around the world about this organisation. There are whispers of forbidden knowledge that could end the Age of Pirates; and start the Age of Bounty Hunters. Of course how these rumours will be created is up to you; I just wonder who will come out of the woodwork?"

Rosso grinned, "That sounds interesting. I could make it our goal to cash in on one of the big cheese pirates."

Naruto chuckled, "Go after one of the Yonko. They are the biggest cheeses in the sea. Lofty goals and hidden darkness will always attract the strong when coupled with massive amounts of money."

Rosso nodded and took the offered uniforms.

"Got it, drop us off at the nearest port by the Red Line, close to Marineford. I'll navigate the Grand Line myself and search for the real pro bounty hunters in those waters."

Naruto grinned mischievously, "Don't you love the cellular knowledge transfer from Jenova cells? How does the rest of the world live?"

Rosso grinned and was about to say more when Ifaina interrupted them with a, "Don't push it honey. Or you'll be sleeping on the couch."

Naruto sighed and nodded to his wife.

"To the Red Line!"

Kabuto first made a trip to Drum Island; a famous place of doctors in the Grand Line. It was under the rule of a kind yet elderly World Noble; one of the rare few. Kabuto simply activated his Sharingan and snuck through the entire place; memorising their books. He was astonished that they hadn't even created Blood Replenishing Pills; and felt that this could be his fortune.

It would take time to falsify the documents and hypnotise everyone; including the World Nobel; but it would be well worth it. In about six months' time; one Kabuto Yakushi would be a sixteen-year old genius doctor; who would move to Karakuri Island; then publish and patent Blood Replenishing Pills.

He had no doubt that eventually he would draw Vegapunk's attention and get an in. Kabuto was as an expert at being an assistant and spy.

Robin was busy recording all her knowledge on the language of the Poneglyphs in the Temple of the Ancients; under Ifaina's supervision. Ifaina had almost gotten the Archive Magic to sync up with the 'Knowledge of the Ancients' and effectively modernise the Temple's data storage system.

As it was; the knowledge was encrypted, via the Lifestream, so only an Ancient could access it. And you could forget about remote access…

Robin's knowledge was far from perfect; she still had to decode the said Poneglyphs; as they were written in code anyway. Not only that, but the Poneglyphs had to be read sequentially and then the final one would reveal the said code; telling you the true history of the world.

"So what is Captain Buu going to do next, Nurse Ifaina?" Robin had picked up her needling habit from Sephiroth.

Ifaina smiled at the cheeky six-year-old. She had raised Rosso; she could handle the 'Demon of Ohara'.

"Don't worry Little Chef; my husband will do whatever he feels like. It's my job to record it and any new knowledge we acquire. That said; have you been studying your cook books?"

Robin just huffed, "Yes Aunty. Now can we get out of here? You know living on a moon inside a storm is unnerving. I can't see the sun."

Ifaina nodded and they both left the archives deep inside the temple. Rising up on the water elevators, the pair activated a seal on the floor and vanished.

At the Red Line, near Marineford…

Naruto waved off Rosso, Genesis and Flare as they got onto a small, seal reinforced lifeboat. He then replaced himself with a Buu Clones and teleported out to the middle of the ocean.

After acquiring every scrap of knowledge from the Vice-Admiral he absorbed; Naruto used Kabuto's and Madara's knowledge to recreate the Magma Magma Devil Fruit.

Naruto had stood on top of the ocean and created the fruit of the Shinju. Making damn sure that there weren't any other fruits close by; Naruto spat out and drowned Sakazuki.

As he suspected; the fruit in his hand turned into the Magma Magma Devil Fruit.

Of course; thanks to Kabuto's knowledge on bloodlines; Naruto had extracted multiple samples of Sakazuki's blood before killing him; and sealed the sample in storage stasis seals. They were the same ones used to store cadavers.

It was a good thing he did; as the moment Sakazuki died his blood turned inert. Naruto used Nero the Sable's power and retreated into his Inner World of Darkness; before unsealing a single sample. As he suspected; the blood was still active.

'This isn't just some bloodline acquired from eating a Fruit; like the Sage's mother; no, something wanted a reset every time the old user died. But its reach isn't universal; meaning it wasn't some natural process; otherwise the blood would go inert no matter the location.'

The Madara in him wondered if he could create Magma Zetsus, rather than Plant Zetsus, with this blood. But he would hold off until he acquired more information from Kabuto. Naruto quickly replaced and dispelled the Buu Clone with no one knowing the difference...

As he waved off the trio of crimson bounty hunters; Naruto suddenly had an amazing idea. He quickly activated Zeref's Arc of Time magic and froze time. He then used Instant Transmission and appeared in front of Flare.

Unfreezing her alone; he presented her with a gift; the Magma Magma Devil Fruit.

"You're giving this to me?! But why…Master Naruto?" Flare tilted her head to the side in a somewhat creepy manner.

Naruto was immune to such things.

"Your magic has already been affected by a Fire Dragon. I wonder what would happen if you became a Magma Human?"

Flare just huffed and took the offered Devil Fruit. "Are you sure you don't just want a Lava Girl girlfriend?"

'Damn it she figured it out!'

"N-no; whatever gave you that idea?"

Naruto teleported back and restarted time.

Turning back to the rest of his crew; Naruto paid special attention to those whom he had trained the past year.

Kagura had been taught solely Gravity Magic by himself; and was a genius when it came to magic. Naruto truly hoped that there was a Gravity-Gravity Fruit in this world; as he would love to see if he could push her to Madara's level.

He had trained both Sephiroth and Rosso in the basics of Armament and Observation Haki whilst they academically knew how to advance themselves further; due to the Jenova Cell's Knowledge Transfers. His two children would be fine.

'Speaking of which; I think this is the perfect time to spend time with Aerith and teach her Sage Mode.'

It was a pity that only Rosso had the Conqueror's Haki; and the fact that no one knew quite how to train it.

Ikaruga had been sparring with everyone she could; as her actual magic was Sword Magic and she was a swordsman. Although she had grown the least of Sephiroth's group; now that Sephiroth knew the two basic Haki he would probably leave the group with them and train her as specifically.

As far as Haki training went, Erza was by far the best; for obvious reasons. She loathed slavery and when she learnt that you couldn't stop the buyers; the Celestial Dragons; without an Admiral coming after you; well let's just say she had all the determination in the world to get stronger. As expected from the First Mate of the Ohara Pirates.

"Dad; have you heard of the Sky Islands? Apparently it's home to winged humans. Could you drop us off there? I would like to make it my territory and complete my group's training there." After seeing his dad nod, Sephiroth continued talking.

"Kagura is pretty much grounded with Gravity Magic and Ikaruga needs my personal attention."

The pink-haired swordsman blushed at Sephiroth's flirty faux pass.

"Very well son. We need a proper navigator soon though; as all we've been doing so far is following my power-level sensing abilities; to find life; and basic maps. Unfortunately storms don't have energy readings and whilst I can control the weather around our little secret base; unless you want me to sink our ship with us, the storms are going to be a bitch."

Three more days later...

The Ohara Pirates waved off Sephiroth and his two passengers as they took to the sky. Naruto had informed the trio of human life signs seven kilometres up: the obvious location of the Sky Islands.

Whilst watching Sephiroth fly up, carrying the two girls, the Ohara Pirates had their first encounter with the Marines; who were combing the seas for pirates after Gold Rodger's announcement of One Piece.

Naruto spun around and drew Kusanagi; pointing it at the Marines.

"This is it guys! Our first battle as a crew! Our opponent is…

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