Losing Kurt

Standing in his pajamas, he looked at the uniform on the hanger. Sighing, he took the charcoal gray slacks and began to dress. It was followed by the crisp white cotton shirt and the red and blue striped tie. The fabric was light enough, but each time he put the uniform on, it was like a piece of himself was being sucked away.

Sitting down on the bed, he pulled on his gray dress socks and tied up the shiny new black oxfords. Finally he faced the mirror and adjusted his tie. It was almost as if a stranger was looking back at him. Some cardboard cut out that had no soul. Unable to look at his reflection any longer, he took the dark blue blazer from the hanger and slipped his arms into the sleeve. He fastened the two buttons and smoothed the front lapels.

Taking one more look at his closet full of designer clothes that more often than not went unworn these days, he took a deep breath before closing the door. As he turned to go upstairs, he wondered if the safety he had so long desired was worth losing himself.

A/N - The split episodes since Kurt left McKinley are really getting annoying. It's like they're throwing in a warblers song that has no bearing on the story. Anyway, I feel like Dalton is sucking the Kurt out of Kurt and we're losing what was a great character.