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Merlin was in his room packing his travel bag when Gaius walked in. "Going somewhere Merlin?"

"Arthur has been told by Uther that he is to go on patrol, across the border to check all is ok."

"How many knights will be going?"

"None. It's just me and Arthur. Uther said that we should be away for about a week, so Arthur said if we are gone for more than a week, he will send word. So, either way, Uther will expect to hear from us in nine days."

"Merlin, You need to be careful, sometimes there are renegades that camp on the borders."

"I'm taking my magic book. It's right at the bottom of my bag so Arthur won't see it."

"Whilst you finish packing, I'll sort out some potions and salves and bandages, just in case you need them."

"Thank you Gaius." Merlin said as Gaius left the room.

Merlin went to the stables and readied his and Arthur's horse for the trip, he had food, water, bandages, salves, potions, blankets, and his bag on his horse. And on Arthur's horse were blankets, Arthur's bag and his hunting gear. Once sorted Merlin made his way to Arthur's chambers.

He walked in without knocking. "Right then Arthur, I've packed the horses-"


"And I've packed some food as well, because I know what you are like when you go so long without food. Miserable-"

"Merlin." Arthur tried again, but Merlin continued to talk whilst clearing his table.

"I know you said that you are going to hunt for I food, but you don't make a catch everytime and the prat that you are, you will just moan and sulk because you haven't got any food so, I'm taking some with us."

"Merlin." Arthur yelled.

"What?" Merlin turned around and was horrified to see Uther stood next to Arthur. Straight away, Merlin bowed his head. "My lord."

"You know Merlin, if you were just a normal servant I would have you in the stocks all day every day for a month whilst you spent your nights in jail. But because it's you, who has not only saved Arthur's life so many times as well as mine, and you have been a great friend to Arthur, so, I'll let it go."

"What?" Arthur said looking at his father. Uther looked at him. "Well it's true Arthur. You do get mardy when you go so long without food. If I was the one who was to be alone with you, I'd take food as well, just in case."


"Safe trip boys." Merlin bowed once again, only this time with a smile on his face, as Uther left the room. The smile was soon wiped off his face though because Arthur walked up to Merlin and smacked him round the back of the head as soon as his father left his chambers.

Later that day, Arthur and Merlin set off. Arthur decided that they would head east and start there. After a couple of hours riding, Merlin went quiet and started to look everywhere.

Arthur noticed that Merlin jumped at the slightest noise. "What's up Merlin?"

"Gaius says to be careful because you get renegades that camp on the borders."

"I would hardly call them renegades Merlin, yes there are rumours that some were camped on the borders, which is why father has sent me to check, but it's only a couple of people Merlin." Arthur stopped his horse and lifted his hand to signal Merlin to do the same. Arthur took his crossbow and aimed it towards the bush and fired. "That's another one Merlin. Get it." Merlin sighed and jumped off his horse and retrieved the now dead rabbit and put it in the bag on his horse with the rest. "That's four we've got. What's that? Three for you and one for me?"

"Shut up Merlin."

A couple of hours later, Merlin stopped his horse when he came to a lake, he got off his horse and patted it whilst it took a drink from the lake. "Good girl." he said soothingly. "Merlin why have you stopped? We need to carry on?"

"She needs rest Arthur. She's carrying a lot of weight."

"Yeah. All of your crap."

"All of my crap. It's mostly food that I have had to bring with us because if you're not sleeping, you're eating."

Arthur looked around. "We're near the border here. We'll camp here for the night." Arthur got off his horse and sat down on a nearby log. Merlin took his horse and walked it over to his, he tied them up near the lake where they could rest and drink.

Seeing how far Arthur was away from Merlin, he decided to make as few journeys as possible by carrying as much as he could. He slung the water containers, food he brought from Camelot, the bag with the rabbits that Arthur caught and a bag with some flints and pots and pans in over his shoulders and made his way over to Arthur. As he got close to Arthur, he felt something whizz past his head. Looking what it was, he saw an arrow in a tree trunk near him. Merlin turned around and Arthur stood up and drew his sword to get ready for an attack, but moved forward and grabbed Merlin when twenty men came into view. "Run Merlin."

Merlin started to run with Arthur running at his side. After five minutes of running he came to an open cave. "Inside Merlin." Merlin ran straight into the caves with Arthur following.

The group of men that were chasing Merlin and Arthur came to a stop when they saw the cave and looked at their leader as to what to do next. Their leader looked up, above the caves entrance and saw some boulders. "Get up there and use them boulders to block their entrance. Let them die in there." Men laughed as they climbed the cave and together they pushed the boulders, which fell and blocked the caves entrance.

Arthur and Merlin jumped when they felt a rumble. They both looked towards the entrance. "Merlin, go and see what it was."

"Why me?"

"Because I told you to. And get my stuff that you left outside."

"I only left it outside because you told me to run, besides what if that gang of men are still out there."

"I don't care Merlin. I can't lose my stuff."

"You can't lose your stuff that can be replaced but I don't matter."

Arthur sighed. "I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was-"

"Save it sire. I know what you meant." Merlin said before turning and walking away, leaving Arthur stood there. Arthur kicked the cave wall. "Way to go stupid." he mumbled to his self.

Melin walked back the way he came and fell backwards when he felt himself walk into something solid. Merlin stood back up and created a ball of light in his hands so he could see what he walked into. He looked up to see dozens of rocks, all joined together, blocking his path. He moved the ball of light about to have a look on the floor. He found a long thick stick and picked it up.

Arthur decided to go after Merlin and apologise. He didn't mean it to come out that way. He cared a lot for Merlin and didn't want him to be angry with him, which he knew he was because Merlin only called Arthur 'sire' when they were either in company or when he was angry with him. And seeing it was just the two of them told Arthur that he had upset Merlin. He walked off in the direction that Merlin went and saw a light up ahead, thinking he was near the entrance, he drew his sword just in case the men were still out there. In the light, Arthur saw Merlin's outline bending down before the light suddenly went out.

Merlin distinguished the ball of light in his hand and picked the stick up. He held it in his left hand and outstretched his right hand. "Burne." The end of the stick caught fire which helped Merlin see a lot clearer. Merlin was about to look at the blockage of the caves entrance again when he heard someone gasp. He turned around and saw Arthur stood there. "You're a sorcerer."

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