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Warning 1: Contains spoilers from series two, episode 5.

Warning 2: This chapter is nothing but malexmale.

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Arthur woke up and stretched his arm out to hold Merlin, only to feel nothing there. After having sex, Arthur just wanted to cuddle up to Merlin and sleep, but knowing sleeping naked in a cave wasn't a wise thing to do, Arthur reluctantly dressed before falling asleep with Merlin in his arms. It was now a couple of hours later that Arthur awoke to find Merlin nowhere in sight.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stood up. If Merlin wasn't where he was there was only one other place he could be. He decided to leave Merlin be for a while, that was until he heard Merlin shout. Getting his sword, out of habit as he always did when he heard someone yell, he took off after Merlin.

Arthur came up behind Merlin and saw that he had his back to Arthur whilst his arm was stretched out towards the caves blocked entrance. "Oh come on."

"Merlin? What's wrong?"

Merlin turned and saw Arthur. "I'm trying to get us out of here."

"Want to get out of here and away now we've had sex?"

Merlin smiled. "Don't be stupid. It's like you said. The sooner we get out of here the better. Plus, there is only so many times you can have sex on a cave floor. I want to test how springy your bed is." Arthur smirked and walked up to Merlin, wrapping his arms around him. "There's only one way for us to find out Merlin."

Merlin smiled and turned to face the caves entrance again with Arthur's arms still wrapped around him. He outstretched his arm once again and shouted. "Ic abietee paet stanhol." Merlin and Arthur stood and watched as the blocked entrance rumbled and a couple of rocks came loose. "You're doing it Merlin." Arthur said as he tightened his grip around Merlin's waist. "Try doing it again Merlin."

"Ic abietee paet stanhol." More rubble fell away.

"Again Merlin." Arthur purred in his ear.

"Ic abietee paet stanhol." A lot more rubble fell away and they both saw the smallest gap which had light shining through. "Again Merlin. Do it again." Arthur said huskily. Merlin looked over his shoulder at Arthur. "'Again Merlin. Do it again Merlin?' I'm trying to unblock a cave entrance, not shove my cock up your arse until I find the spot that tips you over the edge." Arthur kissed Merlin. "I know that. Who'd have thought that you using magic in front of me and saying words I don't understand makes me like this." he said and ground his erection against Merlin's arse to emphasise his point. Merlin smiled and shook his head and turned back to the caves entrance once more.

"Ic abietee paet stanhol!" Merlin shouted. The blocked entrance rumbled and all the rocks fell apart, falling and rolling to the ground. Arthur laughed. "You did it." He spun Merlin around and crushed his lips upon Merlin's. Merlin was about to respond to the kiss when Arthur pulled away. "Come on, let's get back to the horses, if they are still there, and get back to Camelot." Merlin only had the chance to pick up his magic book that was laying by his feet before Arthur dragged him out of the cave.

Surprisingly enough when they got to where they left the horses, Arthur's horse was still there. Arthur got up on his horse and frowned at Merlin who started to walk in front of him. "Merlin, what are you doing?"

"Walking. What does it look like."

"You are not walking. Get on my horse in front of me." Merlin walked back to Arthur, and with his help, got on the horse and sat himself in front of Arthur. He wrapped his arms around Merlin and took hold of the reins as the horse started to trot slowly back towards Camelot.

After a few minutes, Arthur stopped the horse, he was still hard from when Merlin got them out of the cave, and Merlin rocking against him didn't help any. "Arthur? Are you alright?"

"No Merlin. Swing your leg over so your sitting sideways." Merlin did as he was told and watched Arthur get the blankets that were in the bag, still attached to the horse, out and unfolded them. "What are you doing Arthur?"

"Trousers off Merlin."


"You heard. Trousers off. Now."

Merlin took his boots off and gave them Arthur, who put them in the bag that the blankets came out of, then took his trousers off, he folded them up and placed them in front of his groin to cover himself.

Arthur took the trousers from Merlin and put them in the bags along with his boots. "Swing your leg back over." Merlin did and Arthur drapped the blanket over the horse covering Merlin's private area and legs. Once covered, Arthur undone his trousers and gasped when he felt the cold air hit his hardened member. He grabbed hold of Merlin's hips and raised him up before lowering him onto his hard cock. Merlin groaned. "Oh god Arthur."

The horse set off again making Arthur chuckle. "What's funny Arthur?"

"I'm riding a horse whilst you're riding me." Merlin started to laugh that turned into a long moan as Arthur hit that sweet spot inside of him. "Merlin. What happens to you when you're riding a horse that picks up speed?"

"You bounce."

"Merlin. Make the horse go faster." Merlin did and felt himself bouncing harder on Arthur's cock. "Gods Merlin you're tight."

If anyone would have seen this scene from a distance, they would have thought to be looking at two blokes sharing a horse instead of one walking with a blanket arond them with it being cold. But with Merlin's head thrown back, biting his lip to prevent screaming whilst Arthur sucked on his neck, would have gave them away. Lucky for them they were the only people around.

Merlin couldn't hold it in any longer, he yelled out as he reached his climax with Arthur following not long after. Merlin stopped the horse and leaned back against Arthur to get his breath back. "That was different." he panted.

"We are going to do that again sometime." Arthur said as he lifted Merlin off of him.

Merlin swung his leg over the horse and took his trousers from Arthur who got them out of the bag for him, and put them on, followed by his boots, then swung his leg back over.

Merlin looked over his shoulder and kissed Arthur who kissed him back. "It's a good job you wear them scarfs Merlin because I've marked your neck." Merlin chuckled and kissed Arthur one more time before getting the horse to set off once again.

After a few hours riding, Merlin saw the castle, he stopped the horse and got off. "Merlin?"

"A servant shouldn't share a horse with the prince."

"I hate this."

"I as well. But it's only a ten minute walk. It's alright."

When they reached the stables, Arthur got off the horse and Merlin sorted the horse out whilst Arthur reported to his father.

Merlin went to see Gaius after he sorted things out and told him all that happened, except what Merlin and Arthur have been doing, all he told Gaius was that they got trapped in the cave and that Merlin used his magic so that they could escape only to be caught by Arthur. Gaius started to worry for Merlin, but Merlin assured him that Arthur was fine with it and that he wouldn't tell Uther.

For the rest of the day, Merlin had people looking at him questionly because he had one of the biggest smiles on his face but he didn't care. "You know, people will start to question you if you carry on walking around with that grin on your face."

Merlin looked up from clearing Arthur's table and saw Arthur walking towards him with a smile on his face. "Well it's your fault."

"Is it now?"

"Yes. It might as well be your fault if everything else that happens is my fault."

Arthur chuckled. "Are you planning on sleeping tonight?"

Merlin frowned. "Why?"

"Becuase I want you in my bed and you said yourself that you want to see how springy it is."

"I'll tell Gaius I am to spend the night in the servants quarters. I'll be right back." with that. Merlin rushed from Arthur's chambers.

When Merlin got back to Arthur's chambers, he locked the door behind him and turned around to see a very naked Arthur sitting up in bed. Merlin wasted no time in shedding his clothes and joining Arthur on the bed. "Time to test just how springy this bed is." Arthur said before capturing Merlin's lips in a searing kiss. Arthur got Merlin on his hands and knees and positioned himself behind him. Arthur grabbed hold of Merlin's hips and gently eased his way inside of Merlin. "Oh Arthur." Arthur started thrusting whilst Merlin scrunched the bed sheets in his fists. "Faster Arthur. Harder." Arthur picked up the pace and started slamming into Merlin.

When Merlin felt himself coming, Arthur pulled out of him making him moan in disappointment but then moaned in pleasure when Arthur flipped him onto his back and entered him once again. Merlin brought Arthur's head down to his and kissed him, wrapping his legs around Arthur's back as Arthur continued to slam in and out of him. "Ah-ah-ah-Arthur. Oh yes Arthur. More." Arthur rolled them over and sat up with his back against the headboard and held on to Merlin who grabbed his shoulders and started to bounce up and down on Arthur.

Merlin threw his head back and came, spilling all on both of their chests. Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and moved forward, whilst still inside Merlin Arthur laid him diagonally on the bed with their feet where Arthur was just sat and their heads at the opposite corner at the bottom of the bed. He started to thrust into Merlin who gasped and moaned, feeling spent with coming hard on both of their chests moments ago, but Arthur was yet to come. He leaned down and gently kissed Merlin and started stroking him in time with his thrusts. Merlin felt himself become hard once again. "Harder Arthur." Arthur drove into Merlin harder and Merlin reached up behind him and grabbed the post at the bottom corner of Arthur's bed with both hands, knuckles turning white from gripping it too hard. Arthur started to get faster which caused the bed to rock along with them.

"Ah Merlin. I'm coming." No sooner had he said it, did he come with Merlin coming straight after for the second time that night. Arthur collapsed and dropped on top of Merlin who let go of the bed post and wrapped his arms around Arthur. "Wow." Merlin gasped placing a gentle kiss on Arthur's earlobe. Arthur lifted his head up and looked at Merlin. "What a way to find out if the bed is springy." Merlin chuckled and brought Arthur's head to his and kissed him, coaxing his mouth open to delve his tongue into the warm cavern that is Arthur's mouth.

Somtime later found Merlin wrapped in Arthur's arms whilst his head was resting on Arthur's chest. "I'm there." Arthur suddenly said.

Merlin lifted his head to look at him. "Where?"

"I said wasn't in love with you but I can feel myself getting there. And I'm there. I love you Merlin."

Merlin smiled. "Thank you." he said before resting his head back on Arthur's chest. Merlin silently counted backwards from three and as soon as he reached one, he smiled as Arthur spoke. "What do you mean 'thank you'?"

"You said that you loved me so I said thank you, as in thank you for telling me that you do."

"Aren't you going to say it back?"

"Why? You already know that I love you."

"It would be nice to hear it back."

"I just said it."


Merlin lifted his head up once more and smiled at Arthur. "I love you Arthur Pendragon."

"And I love you Merlin Emrys."

Merlin's smile, if possible, got bigger, as he moved towards Arthur and kissed him full on the mouth, he silently thanked the heavens that he and Arthur got trapped in that cave.

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