[A/N: Technically, this is still in the HL universe. And also, it may seem bland and boring, and its okay; it's supposed to be that way. Bear with me please; the story gets more interesting as the plot unfolds. I promise.]

Tim led a fruitful life; or so he did from his standpoint. He was a technician in the nearby computer store called 'Pulsar Computers'. People liked Tim; they always teased him how he was such a fun and nice guy, and how there was nothing electronic that he couldn't fix. Of course, he always remained humble to himself; or as the people saw it as.

At the end of each day, Tim's boss, Michael, would always leave him the task of locking up. Michael trusted Tim. So much so, that he'd often give him the responsibility of running the shop when he wasn't around. In turn, Tim did his best job. He was in fact, Michael's best (and only) employee.

After making sure the shop was all safe and secure, Tim would come home to his apartment which was just within a few meters from the store. Tim took it as a hidden blessing; no more daily commutes for him. As Tim climbed up to his so called "Bachelor's Pad" (graciously dubbed by his best friend), he got thinking about what he would have for dinner. There was always some Microwave casserole left in the fridge. It would have to do.

Tim's place was little, but it provided. It was essentially a studio type apartment. The living room, the kitchen, the dining area was all fit together in a single space. The only separate places were the bathroom and the bedroom. Although the word 'bathroom' fairly fit the description, the word 'bedroom' was clearly an exaggeration. It was simply put, a single two person bed stationed in one corner of the room beside the window, one wooden dresser that was as tall as he was, and a nightstand with an alarm clock on top.

Tim didn't even bother undressing anymore; he was too tired. How could a single shift like that wear him out, when they only had like three customers the entire day? Tim pushed the thought aside and dragged himself off the couch. He snatched a small Tupperware container from the fridge and gobbled the entire morsel in a couple of mouthfuls. Dumping the empty container on the sink, he plopped down onto his bed and immediately entered a deep and haunted sleep.

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